Sunday, 22 January 2012

Juiced! 22/01/2012

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Background to the Sandy Stec wonderful interview!


Adam Lambert @adamlambert

@ashleydzerigian happy birthday!!!


Compilation of all the Reviews by Song thanks to  Binkleywtf


Lots of Fun on twitter last night... too bad if you had RL plans on a Saturday night!  LOL! 

 #LambertsongswithJuice trended #1 worldwide for a while.  

My favorite #LambertsongswithJuice : Juiced!

Honorable mentions:  Better Than I Know My Juice, If I Had Juice, Whole Lotta Juice



 Hi Adam!! here's my 13th drawing of you (  photo ) - hope you like it! :)  xx

yuki3sl Heidy jemy
Finally Adam Lambert hit Egypt radio with better than I know my self as new song I am soooo HAPPY :')

dolusglitz @adamlambert#BTIKM is #1 again on Music Daily Chart - Top 25 Singles Hungary! for the 3rd time in a row !!!


 Liam McEwan 

Thanks for listening today! Tune in next week, two hours earlier, for a THREE hour Adam Special to celebrate his 30th birthday! :)

Link to listen to yesterday's show

On the 29th of January 2012, Adam Lambert will be turning 30! To celebrate, Liam McEwan will extend his weekly Adam Lambert show by 2 hours for the day! On the 29th, tune in to The Flea FM for THREE HOURS of Adam Lambert, starting at 9am (New Zealand Time).

Liam also wants listeners to record a birthday message for Adam, and it will be played on the show! Send your recorded message to:

Check your local time for the special here:

Tune in next weekend and join Liam McEwan in celebrating Adam's 30th birthday!

You can tune in online at:

Thanks to Listoff


Adam on ET Canada.... previously taped :((

Adam interviewed by @DishofSalt

This Week

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released 


Adam and Alisan (pregnant) out shopping and looking amazing.  I tweeted and asked him to share recipes so all Glamberts could look so healthy and gorgeous.  

He said in one of the interviews Kale, beets and celery... anything else in that drink? 

 Tomorrow, I'm starting, green or not!

That juice is Green!


Adam Lambert Goes Shopping at Whole Foods in Hollywood, Jan 21

Adam talks about Queen uploaded by @QueenRockBand!


Adam and Alisan were shopping above and this happened after.  Early birthday party for their godson Riff who will be one on January 29th (Adam's birthday).  Adam will be away performing on his birthday!

Riff Cherry being held by Adam and Sauli on the couch thanks to @alisanporter

Riff standing...Adam's fireplace!


New page with the best videos: 

Using this page to keep track of some of the best videos and easy reference.  Please let me know if there are others that need to be there!

99.7 Interview (for those having problems listening to the soundcloud version)

Adam Lambert Slays "Better Than I Know Myself" On Ellen And  LENO


February 2nd in London!

mrseyebalpaul @shoshannastone when will u b able to tell us Adams plans when here so we can show support. & arrange flights to the mainland

in reply to 

shoshannastone @mrseyebalpaul He'll be here feb 2nd


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Pictures of Ashley

thanks to ?
Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratiff thanks to @grrrrr-girl enhanced by @weelassie11

Mostly Adam with a bit of TJR too!

Adam Lambert the Universe always sends you wake-up calls

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.


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  1. Hey Gloria! Great week for Adam and the band:)
    You are going to be very busy now that he's promoting!! Thanks for all you do for us...xoxo

  2. Wow!! Juicing must be working for our boy. He looks absolutely radiant!

    Speaking of juicing, I never laughed so hard in my life as I did last night at my Twitter feed using juice in the place of Adam's lyrics! It was sooooooooo hilarious!! This fandom is just too cool!!

  3. Lisa: Not worried! Bring it on, Adam! Overwhelm me and and Glamberts.

    Mary S: Are you on twitter? Would love to add you to my friends list. Actually, all commenters, leave me your twitter name if you have one.



  4. Hey gloria great post Adam is looking amazing and allisan is glowing not to mention Riff is so adorable though i still can't wrap my head around him being one in a few days where does time go. hoping you have a wonderful week.


  5. I'd love to see more of the juice lyrics that were tweeted Gloria and Mary S!

    Also, Alisan's sweater looks a lot like the one Adam has on in the still shot from the BTIKM video.....?


  6. Gloria--
    When was Adam on Letterman?? It said above about seeing him on Ellen and Letterman--did whoever write mean to say Leno?? I never heard he was going to be on Letterman!!

    Robin (

  7. Robin: Definitely was LENO! Thanks for pointing that out.




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