Monday, 23 January 2012

Sparkling More than Glitter! 23/01/2012

Uncut ET Canada 

If you can't watch that one:  Download thanks to @mmadamimadamm


TV Version


lyndseyparker Lyndsey Parker
Okay, here's my preview of the 4 unreleased (and awesome) @AdamLambert album tracks I've heard so far! #timetogocuckoo

DishofSalt Laura Saltman
Just wrapped intv w/ @adamlambert such a sweetheart. Great way to start the week.

Thank you @adamlambert for a wonderful, info-crammed interview! I can't wait to share it with your fans. #trespassing


@ChewGovtHookah @JakeKills I heard his new album. It's going to destrooooy.

The passion of Adam Lambert's fan base, combined with the sheer perfectness of his new album will skyrocket it to #1 SO fast. Get ready.

 Jordan Meehan
Adam's song "Shady" from Trespassing makes me wanna take my clothes off. Sex playlist status. I'm just saying.....

Glambert_4_Life Steph
So does this mean Shady is like a strip song or like a slow, seductive, in the mood type thing? @JordanMeehan #importantquestion
in reply to ↑

@Glambert_4_Life It's more of a dirty dancing/grinding song. Sexy, sexy lyrics.

@JordanMeehan first thing that popped in your head when you heard "Cookoo"

in reply to ↑

@Kathryn17 Favorite song of 2012. Hands down.

jambajim jim cantiello
#FollowMonday Adam Lambert fans! @Marinodonnayall is my awesome LA co-hort talking to The One. Give her a follow & maybe she'll tweet deets!

Reminder: I'll be streaming ET Canada from 7:30pm-8:00pm EST webcam pointed at tv sry)

First up we have sexy singer Adam Lambert (Exhibit A), who can be seen wearing a nice knitted number in a still released from his forthcoming music video Better Than I Know Myself. We’re all so used to seeing Adam glammed-up to the eyes, but when he strips it down his gorgeousness sparkles even more than the glitter.

Adam, Sauli and Danielle at the ArcLight Movie Theatre last night

Renee Bargh 
Sitting down with Adam Lambert this morning, any fans with questions for him?

Today Adam will also be interviewed by @DishofSalt and will be on ET Canada (taped interview)

Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' First Listen!

Other highlights include heartfelt balladOutlaws Of Love. Described as the 'most personal song' on the record, the dark track tells the tale of a forbidden relationship - otherwise known as Lambert's 'coming out' song. It displays a softer side to the somewhat eccentric star, giving him a chance to show off his crazy vocals and believe us, this boy can sing! 

Adam Lambert On Working With Roger Taylor, Brian May: More Stuff Coming Up 



np Better Than I Know Myself - Radio NRJ Finland most requested #1 for four weeks running @adamlambert

Better Than I Know Myself Adds so far... let's hope for lots more tomorrow!
(so far one top 40 add in Lancaster this morning )

Looks Like BTIKM music video could be out by this weekend!

Byroncooke Byron Cooke
My @adamlambert interviews (video/audio) have just been approved for release from this Sunday Jan 29th. More deets soon.

Byroncooke Byron Cooke

Will post/broadcast it when #btikm video is released (at his labels request) RT @Kathryn17 when's that @adamlambert interview coming!?


Great Compilation of all the Reviews by Song 

thanks to  Binkleywtf


Sony_Music_DE Sony Music Germany

@adamlambert wird vom 30.01. bis zum 02.02. in Deutschland sein, um bundesweit die Radiostationen zu besuchen! Also Lauscher auf!

Adam will be in Germany from 30/01 to 02/02!


New page with the best videos: 

Using this page to keep track of some of the best videos and easy reference.  Please let me know if there are others that need to be there!

HansHaveron Hans Haveron

"how people REALLY look in hollywood*this my good friend Adam&roommate Roxy Contin in real life at Adam's hllywd crib:)

Happy Birthday, Ashley! (yesterday)

 Ashley Dzerigian 

You all sure know how to make a girl feel special. Thanks for all the bDay love. You're a fun bunch...crazy but fun! ;) I dig it.
Adam Lambert @adamlambert

New issue of Rolling Stone features an excellent in-depth article on David Bowie! Great read!


Adam Lambert shows off boyfriend

Sauli's Blog

Presidential Election
January 23rd, 2012

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on January 23rd, 2012

For pictures go to Sauli's original blog (link above). Please also, feel free to leave comments to Sauli on the site - use the text box at the bottom of the page. You can also write in English.


The first round of the Presidential election was held today in Finland, and the result was surprising and caused a lot of discussion. I’ve been all wound up as I’ve been following this exciting event from the other side of the big pond. It is funny that the new president who will be chosen in two weeks’ time will either be a man whose spouse is amanthat has immigrated to Finland, or the president will be a man calledSauli!!:DThis is almost like I was a presidential candidate myself! Hah!! Naw, just kidding. Politics and things related to the well-being of Finland must be taken seriously, because they affect us all. And when voting, you have to consider things that really matter which means that the political views of the candidates are what count, and not their names or personal relationships. It is still great though that in these results you can see also tolerance regarding relationships. You must also try to see some humor in these elections too, since I can’t deny that these things which hit pretty close to me make me smile. Politics is important but so is people’s good mood, which means joy and laughter. Both are needed.

Anyway, it’s great that for some strange reason many people in Finland have once again become interested in politics in only a short time… Now, up you go and vote in the second round, and then we can excitedly wait for the final result. I myself represent the entertainment business and not politics, and thus I am not going to comment on these political matters any further. For me however it is pretty clear which one I’m going to vote for, even though I’m going to keep that private. Based on this first round I am going to say though, that no matter which one of them wins in two weeks’ time - I think we are going to have a good president in Finland. Yay!!



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  1. Adam and Sauli look amazing - so relaxed and happy. :)

    Thank you for all the news Gloria.

  2. So much stuff happening - love that Canadian interview - two very handsome guys. And great breakdown by Lyndsey of four of the tracks - the waiting is getting really intense. Adam looks so young and healthy in all the vids and pics - all those green drinks? lol Hope the BTIKM vid comes out this week - the shot of Adam on the sofa wearing a cardigan is absolutely yummy. More interviews tomorrow? Hope so. Thanks for this great blog - always something new and great here. Luv, lee

  3. hugs thanks for all the great stuff sorry i'mnot writing more i'm exhausted from being at hospital all day. will check back again tomorrow.



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