Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Eye Lock Perfection! 24/01/2011

Adam's new Avi

My new Avi!

 Adam Lambert 


 Adam Lambert 

In addition to serving as Executive Producer of TRESPASSING, I'm also Creative Director.  is my Art Director and Photographer

 Adam Lambert 

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement! Can't wait for you all to hear it!!

Album cover Huge size , incredible quality
#Trespassing : O @adamlambert

ClaudeKelly ClaudeKelly

POW!!!! RT @adamlambert: MY ALBUM COVER!!! say.ly/dQf1jhV

Cool Gif thanks to  cocooyau

Cover Articles

"And The Eyes have it -  Hell yea! Admit it - they're the first thing you looked at (and probably still are).  It's the "I dare you to let me in," stare.  If the music is as intense and inviting as that luscious Lambert look, we're all in for a treat"


"Bit moody. Bit sexy. Pretty much how the album sounds."

"After staring at us from space on the intergalactic cover art for his debut album For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert once again locks eyes with us on the cover art for his sophomore release, Trespassing (out March 20)."

"Bam.  In Your Face Sexy.  Adam Lambert's upcoming March album's cover.
Check out the album artwork Adam Lambert just tweeted!  Isn't it great! Loving his eves, and the less glam-ish look!  Below the cut check out an album preview from MTV.uk!"

Vote here! Scroll to bottom of article


BTIKM Music Video almost done! (In time for a weekend release???!)

Ray Kay @Ray_Kay

“@TheSpindleshay: I wonder if @adamlambert and @ray_kay are almost done fussing over that Better Than I Know Myself vid.” Yes, almost done!


@AdamLambertBEBelgian Glamberts

Glamberts!! looks like we'll have a livestream sundayevening for the performance of @AdamLambert at the snowcase from @Qmusic_BE !! YAY

Stay tuned for more information ASAP


Access Hollywood Interview with Laura Saltman thanks to @GaleChester

DishofSalt Laura Saltman
Dont worry more of my @adamlambert intv to come later, including your fan questions answered.

Full Version of ET Canada Interview
(funny how Adam has made me love my country so much more!)

Upload of all these interviews:  http://terraj.livejournal.com/7720.html  Thanks to @terra_zephead

Another cool gif thanks to youmakemewannalistent0musicagain

TV Version of ET Canada

More coming:


 Talked to  today about his new album and The Hunger Games and also he's the nicest and the hottest. 

 About to interview  for. Not ashamed to be totally star struck. I crave his new album x 100
More here thanks to @lilybop2010


lyndseyparker Lyndsey Parker
Okay, here's my preview of the 4 unreleased (and awesome) @AdamLambert album tracks I've heard so far! #timetogocuckoo http://yhoo.it/AAe56t

"Trespassing" - Adam's ties to Queen go back to his jaw-dropping, pulse-stopping performance with them at the Season 8 "American Idol" finale (Best. Idol. Finale. Performance. Ever.), and his triumphant reunion with them at the MTV EMAs had to have had some influence on him. Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" and "We Will Rock You" are the obvious pop-culture touchstones here, considering "Trespassing's" bowel-rumbling disco bassline (so funky, I could've sworn this was the track with Nile Rodgers), syncopated handclaps, and gang-chanty intro. But other supercool drill-team favorites come to mind: I hear shades of Toni Basil's "Mickey," Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus," Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation," and even the Go! Team here. And there's a heavy-breathing breakdown in the middle that features some of the sexiest panting since Donna Summer's "Love To Love You Baby," or at least since Madonna's "Burning Up," Kinky's "Más," or the Faint's "Posed To Death." I imagine if I played this Adam/Pharrell co-write in my car, it'd fog up my windows...and Iknow if I crank it at my next party, it'll burn up my dance floor. 

Happy Birthday from Vietnam

Thanks to SoakedwithAL

If you love Adam, you must watch this... very emotional!


European Promo

Adam Lambert is off to Europe in a few days for radio promotion of his upcoming album,Trespassing. Various sources have indicated that he will be promoting his album in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. At this time, it is unknown if he will be hitting up other countries in Europe as well. So far, the earliest European promotional appearance that fans are aware of is the Q-Snowcase in Austria, which is January 28-30. Adam recently said in an interview that he will be singing in Europe on his birthday, so it's likely that he will perform there on January 29, his 30th birthday. Plus, we know he won't be performing in Austria on January 30th because according to a tweet today from Sony Music Germany, Adam will be visiting radio stations in Germany from January 30 through February 2. However, at this point, no further details have been revealed as to which radio stations, and whether or not fans can attend the appearances in Germany. Apparently Adam will be traveling directly to the UK from Germany, based on a tweet from his publicist, stating that he will arrive in the UK on February 2. But it seems he will not be staying in there for long, because he is set to perform at the Mix Megapol "Mix Unplugged" event in Stockholm Sweden on February 5. Swedish fans can sign up to win entry at the Mix Unplugged website.


GNL broadcast in the UK

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

Who's ready for our exclusive showing of @adamlambert 's Glam Nation tour? This Saturday morning at 11am!


Great Compilation of all the Reviews of 

Trespassing by Song 


Latest IS_Tutka 


new Video Tutka "Sauli came out of the closet" 

(11:10  Adam giggle?  thanks to ? for pointing this out)


 Glambert To Do List

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!

Everyone can do this!
Call Ryan and ask him to play Adam's BTIKM. 877-811-7926.

Sirius/XM Request on
Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits 

Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:http://www.siriusxm.com/20on20


Z100 (write BTIKM)

Thanks to @14Gelly for these... not sure I have seen them all but I will figure it out later!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

gladamfan asked: Now that you're playing lead for Adam, is there a song you would love to play live?
Hard to say… If you mean a cover? There are tons haha. I love playing all of his songs, especially the dance ones. I am having a lot more fun playing guitar though. I loved playing bass and I learned a lot doing it. But, I am mainly a guitar player. It’s always felt like home being in this band, and now it really does feels like home.



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  1. i still can't get over how stunning that album cover is simply gorgeous and it is so much fun listening to Tommy playing lead he is amazing

  2. Lee Cherry is a master at capturing Adam's soul on film. The Trespassing album cover takes my breath away. In fact, if anyone asked me how I feel about Adam Lambert, I would simply say..."he takes my breath away!"

    I'm sure the BTIKM video is going to be equally breathtaking.

  3. Yes love your new AVI. This album is going to be amazing.

  4. Gloria, you've once again made my day.You've provided a wonderful place to get all our Adam news and more. He's been an obvious inspiration all over the world. That video from Vietnam was very moving. Thanks for posting it and the new album cover and the interviews and the ....

  5. The new avi is AWESOME Gloria! :)

    I love the cover! Adam looks amazing!

    Thank you for the interviews, all those cover articles and MTV UK Live Sessions vids.

    And thanks very much for the Happy Birthday Vietmanese Fans video - it was so beautiful! Great job!

    It’s always felt like home being in this band, and now it really does feels like home.
    AWWWWWW Tommy - he is SO sweet! :)

  6. Where the hell have these MTV UK videos been all my life???!!! Thanks for posting! Never seen them before!

  7. Love HIS avi and had a great laugh over YOURS, those kissable lips!

  8. Have I told you lately how much I love you,Gloria? That video from his Vietnamese fans made me cry-so beautiful! And the album cover? He looks like he's Trespassing into our souls...*sigh*

    You'll never know how much I appreciate all your hard work...

  9. Wow! Great MTV videos!

  10. it seems as though Adam is attempting to re-invent himself to a different level now. In all of his interviews they always talk about the "gay" thing and I am so sick of it. Why can't they just leave that alone, get past it, and focus on his voice, talent, intelligence, sexy look and down to earth personality? Maybe Adam could put a stop to it and just not address it anymore other than his special relationship with Sauli.

  11. Always enjoy your blog, Gloria, but I have to say today was particularly great to be here! Love you new avi! :-) xx

  12. I have been away from twitter for a while so thank you for keeping me updated. The new album cover is gorgeous! Love it I cant wait to hear it.


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