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Tested, Tried and True! 25/01/2012

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IMPACT DAY January 30th... 

MUSIC Video Premiere on VEVO January 30th





Part 2 of Lyndsey Parker Interview

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My setup is's like better than it has ever 10X better than it was before, yeah 
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Adam on the Insider thanks to @GaleChester


More from @DishofSalt


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Part Two of this interview coming later today!



Adam on the Cover of Fault Magazine...Do you want one?

FAULT is pleased to announce a special offer to mark the launch of our 10th issue, to be released on March 31st. Although the issue will not be available for regular pre-orders until early March, we will be offering readers the chance to place a deposit for this issue from today. The link for for this deposit is available to all those who ‘like’ the  FAULT Facebook page.  

For every 500 fans who place a deposit on the issue, we will reduce its price by £1.50, up to a minimum order price of £4.50 (not including P&P). This offer will last until mid-March, thereafter everyone who placed a deposit will be notified of the final price of the issue (with a link to pay the outstanding balance) via email.
*Please note, this offer only applies to single online orders placed through our partners . All deposits are non-refundable. Please place 1 deposit per copy you wish to order. Subscribers are not affected by this offer.*
The theme for this Issue is LEGACY and will feature…well, we couldn’t possibly say…!


Proceed with caution. Adam Lambert‘s dreamy gaze on the newly-released album cover for his sophomore set, Trespassing, is dangerous. It’ll make you fall in love with the album before you even get to listen to it.

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Adam Lambert Reveals Dream 'Glee' Gig; Respects Show's 'Brave Agenda'

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Better Than I Know Myself Adds

Quite a few adds yesterday.  Don't know if it was as many as expected but glad to see more and more stations playing BTIKM and it was #38 on the top 40 HAC so it is moving up!

Adam's Schedule for This Month (or so)

January 28 - Special 3-Hour Adam Lambert Show with Liam McEwan (starts 3PM EST)

January 29 - Adam's 30th Birthday
(hope to hear about a charity Adam has chosen to support for this event soon)

January 29 - Adam performing in Austria at Q-Snowcase

January 29-  Byron Cooke interview will air in Australia

January 29 - Special Adam Lambert Birthday Program in UK, Sky TV

Jan 31-Feb 2  Adam in Germany visiting radio stations

Feb 2- Adam in the UK

February 5 -Mix Megapol "Mix Unplugged" event in Stockholm Sweden 
Adam Lambert talking about Sauli Koskinen in the ET canada interview thanks to ?

Translation of Yesterday's Is_Tutka

Transcript by Zinnia (@Tiiqqu), translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) & Zinnia
Posted on January 24th, 2012

S: Shall I come out right away? (Sauli's voice comes from the closet)
K: Yeah, yeah.
S: (comes out) Whoaah! (laughs)
K: (bursts into laugher with mouth full of coffee)
S: Look, I came out of the closet! If there was still someone not aware of that, here I came now. Really burst out from the bottom of the closet.
K: (claps her hands laughing) Absolutely great! Oh, oh! That was so good.
S: Wasn’t it… In my opinion, that’s the way everyone should come out of the closet…
K: Right!
S: …bravely, yeah… (laughs) So that’s a good tip for anyone, just find a good closet and shoot a video and put it on the internet.
K: Right! So this is the way how it should be done. Okay, this makes it easy for a lot of people who haven’t….
S: I’ve been thinking about why it is so difficult to many people, since it’s just like that… you can do it in this kind of a funny way.
K: You just open the doors and then go… BOO!
S: You just open the doors! BOO!
K: (with a low voice) Boo!
S: I feel much more free now! (laughs)
K: Oh my God… So, what’s going on over there?
S: (raises his Ellen mug exaggeratedly to take a sip from it)
K: Hey, Sauli!!! Noooo!!! Seriously, that is really such a bad way to tease... Look at that now!
S: (Shows the mug to the camera, says something but it’s unclear)
K: Yeah.
S. But you had there a nice… (mug).
K: Did you… did you take that one on purpose?
S: Yeah, I did, just to annoy you. (laughs)
K: (shows her tongue and grimaces)
S: I was just a minute ago thinking about if I should take this... I was thinking that well, I’ll take this Ellen mug now just in case Katri notices it. (shows to mug to the camera)
K: (laughs) What does it say in it, by the way? Ellen and what’s there under that?
S: Ellen
K: There’s something under it …Ellen and…
S: Well, it’s that show.
K: …DeGeneres show. Okay, yeah. By the way, I never know how to pronounce her last name. Every time it goes something like…
S: Me neither, that’s why I always skip it… It’s just Ellen.
K: … something like de de de Generes, in a really Finnish way! (pronounces the name in a Finnish way, laughs) Just awful!
S: It is really difficult, yeah. But it was nice to be there watching that show, and then Ellen started to… even from me… or she was asking… I was a bit scared because they brought one of those microphones in front of me after someone pointed out that I was there in the audience.
K: Yeah, I saw that part where they showed you.
S: Right, yeah, like that. But Ellen liked my hair a lot, and Ellen also has a birthday coming this month and she said that she would cut her hair just like mine, so I was really taken by that… (laughs)
K: Nooo!!! (laughs)
S: Naw, I think she was saying that as a joke.
K: I haven’t heard… I didn’t know that she spoke with you. So you’re now really like… (searches for words)
S: Right.
K: Oh wow!
S: Yeah.
K: Well, I actually don’t care now about Ellen that much, I mean she’s really great too, but that, that, that… You didn’t have Colin Firth there then, after all.
S: No, I didn’t. Yeah, I did say to you that I would have Colin Firth there…
K: Right.
S:… but I had this Rob Lowe.
K: Yeah, he’s just shit, just shit (she’s kidding, gestures and laughs)
S: Yeah, just… totally yuck! (imitates Katri, laughs) No, seriously…
K: I mean, he’s soooo wonderful! I can’t take it!
S: … yeah, right. I really like this Rob more than that Colin, and he was a really nice guest. And, well, he was explaining there that he’s into surfing and all, and he really doesn’t have many surfer buddies and all, so I was immediately thinking that… I’m going to be his new surfer buddy then, so I’m already on my way up to Malibu next week.
K: The day you are going, well… I was going to say skating… I mean surfing with Rob Lowe…
S: Surfing…
K: … I’ll be coming with you! I’ll fly from here even right in the middle of the bloody night! (energetically) Really, will fly in the middle of the night! (bursts into laughter)
S: You’re really into it! In the middle of the night! Really after twelve… after midnight!
K: But seriously, I will come! He’s so lovely! I mean, when we were there in the States, I even bought that Vanity Fair where he was on the cover without a shirt and with that skateboard… no skate, why am I talking all the time about skate…
S: … skate… surfboard.
K: … surfboard beside him. Oh dear God. He is so good looking! I mean, really! I almost lost my mind…
S: Yeah
K: … when I was looking at those pictures… And I only bought that magazine for those pictures, I never read the story.
S: Here’s to Rob! Here’s to Rob![Robille] (points the mug to the camera)
K: Yes! Here’s to Robin [Robinille], yes! No, not Robin… how do you say it… Robi… To Rob. To Rob. [Robille](NOTE: The discussion about Rob/Robin here and a bit further has to do with the declension of nouns in Finnish language. In Finnish, if you want to say “To Rob”, you say “Robille”, and “To Robin” is "Robinille”. “Rob’s” is in Finnish “Robin” and “Robin’s” is “Robinin”. As the words are pretty similar, Katri and Sauli are mixing them up here.) [Blue] = Finnish word)
S: To Rob. [Robille]
K: Not to Robin. [Robinille] Heyyy… have you heard that we have this Robin here in Finland…? This Justin… Justin Bieber the second.
S: Hey, I have… someone posted some link in Facebook and I saw it, I still haven’t opened it.
K: Heyy… he’s absolutely insane! Really totally super!
S: He is?
K: Yes, he is. Especially that music video of his, where he’s singing like… There are… there are skate… there are skaters in it. There is this skater girl.(NOTE: Link to the video:
S: Well that’s what you’ve been thinking about.
K: Well that… I was just thinking about Robin.
S: Robin’s [Robinin] skateboards and Robin’s [Robinin], Rob’s [Robin]…
K: Rob’s…[Robin]
S: How do you say it, if your name is Rob, how do you say it? Is it…
K: Rob… it is…
S: …then Rob’s [Robin]?
K: .. it is Rob’s [Robin], yes.
S: Rob… but then if you say it like that surfboard belongs to Robin [Robinin]
K: It’s Robin’s [Robinin] skateboard and Rob’s [Robin] surfboard.
S: Oh, Rob’s.[Robin]
K: Yes, Rob’s [Robin] because it’s Rob. Right.
S: (quiet, thinking) Yes. True. Help. Well, okay. (waves his hand)
K: (Laughs) Totally confusing!
S: Let’s not think about this, those names are too difficult. Why can’t everybody just have names like Katri or Sauli…
K: Right!
S: … they are so easy to decline.
K: Exactly! Well hey okay, but talking about Sauli - now we have to talk a little about our president candidates.
S: Oh no… Okay, yes.
K: Although I did say…
S: Well, I’m going to say here just that I did already write about this in my blog (NOTE:his blog) , and so… well, I’ve been saying that I don’t really follow politics that much and all, but now I sort of haven’t been able to avoid this… this presidential election, and I’m pretty sure that like everyone else has been following that now …
K: Yes, that’s true.
S: …so even I got interested in it, and I’ve been following it and all, but like I said I already wrote a funny blog about it so you can go and read from there…
K: Oh, I see. You really wrote a funny blog?
S: … what I think.
K: Yeah, right… (laughs)
S: I didn’t really, but I did have to include a little joke in there since because I was just thinking that it’s really like that as either our president will be a man who has a foreign boyfriend, or his name will be Sauli. So it’s pretty much like I was the candidate there!
K: (laughs, claps her hands) Wow yeah, you could really…
S: I sort of identified, I identified myself with that topic, but then…
K: Really… but now…
S: … I don’t really want to take too much a stand on this, so well.. And anyway, I don’t want to talk about who I’m going to vote for now, because in my opinion… in my opinion it’s good to just keep that to yourself.
K: Do you know that I was just… I was just really thinking about this, because this is really so unbelievable. Even during the first round I couldn’t tell who I’m going to vote for. Well, maybe it’s just like that when Lore was saying while we were watching Pekka Haavisto’s election returns, that even if he is now a radio reporter and all, he is still - even defying the reporter’s impartiality - telling everyone, really trying to get everyone to vote for Pekka. And I was just laughing there, but then I was thinking that I really just can’t, being a reporter - since I’m writing stories about all the candidates.
S: Yeah.
K: But it’s also because I just don’t want to tell because I already noticed from Facebook and Twitter, and from anywhere – people are always like… if I say something even slightly hinting to some direction, like “Paavo is wonderful” or “Pekka is wonderful” or “Sauli is wonderful”, then they are immediately like, “No way! You can’t be! How can you think like that?” Then I’m just all like…
S: Yes, exactly.
K: … like, “Hey guys, seriously, calm down!” That everyone can have their own opinions, there is no right or wrong one because it’s everyone’s OWN opinion…
S: Exactly.
K: … so that’s why I’ve decided the same thing as you, that I’m not going to say who I’m going to vote for, and because I noticed that today when there is Facebook and all, people seem much more eager to tell there about who they are voting for.
S: Mmmm, true.
K: People are sort of starting to campaign there. And everyone’s…
S: Right, right.
K: …adding even those bing tags about who they are voting for.
S: Yeah.
K: So this has turned a little bit into… since earlier everyone was like, “Well, I don’t think I’m going to tell you” or then they talked about it face to face at the most – now this is like sort of group mania, or that all the people…
S: Everybody’s posting in, say like in Facebook and all, there are so many of these… well, let’s say like your Facebook channel…
K: Yeah, yeah.
S: … is a pretty good one wherever you might… I think every person nowadays goes at least once a day to the Internet…
K: Right, yes.
S: … to update something on Twitter, Facebook, or …
K: Yes, yes.
S: …where ever. It has become this sort of mass phenomenon. But well yeah, I do think however, as I already wrote, that whether our next president is Haavisto or Niinistö, we are going to get a good president.
K: Yes, I agree.
S: I’m proud of both of these….
K: Yes!
S: … candidates, yes!
K: And then I was a little… (continues with talk about other candidates and after that about another Finnish program “Korkojen kera”)
S: I have to say that your nails look pretty.
K: Oh, thank you!
S: Yeah.
K: Thanks, I actually put nail polish on. I normally never have nail polish, but now as I was there at both of those Election returns watching events, Niinistö’s and Haavisto’s…
S: Right.
K: … I had to try and pretend and represent a bit.
S: (shows his right hand) I put this many rings on now so that no one has more to… you know, since that engagement ring thing caused such a fuss, I’m nowadays keeping rings on every finger.
K: (cracks up)
S: I can put this one here on my left ring finger (puts on a big black ring). It’s a real genuine diamond! A black diamond. (laughs)
K: (laughs) Oh dear… oh my god… hey… but yes, well… About Emma Gala… Yes, so I have to say that well now, well there are… now that they had Marja Hintikka and Arman Aliz…(NOTE: Alizad) how do you pronounce it… help, these foreign names are horrible to me… Arman…
S: Well that Arman, yes I know that face.
K: Yeah, well, now that… Now he’s been saying about them… since they got an awful lot of negative feedback after the Gala, and especially Arman. They were just cracking up some strange jokes and such there at the Gala, and that didn’t work at all. Like sort of black humor, but it just didn’t work.
S: Yeah, right.
K: Then again in Venla Gala a week earlier, I think the performance of the hosts, Heikki and Mikko, was really okay. But then, this was… I didn’t see it myself so I really can’t say much about it, I’ve just been reading those comments. And I was just thinking after all that feedback, that is it just really so hard to make black humor for Finns, since yesterday Arman was trying to sort of cover it up by saying that it went really well and everybody loved it and everybody liked them and I was just like, yeah, right… who is going to say straight to your face that it was all crap…
S: Yes, exactly.
K: But I mean, like, maybe it’s easier even for yourself to just talk about it like that, that it went really well, afterwards. But then he was saying that we do have to make the same kind of black humor here in Finland as they make in the States. Well, well I don’t really know. So what do you think, do you think it would work here?
S: I don’t… Maybe it doesn’t work and hit on the nail and so, but I don’t know about people making really black humor here in Finland, either(NOTE: Sauli has wrong country here:D)… I mean, well of course they make it, but let’s say that if you translate something word for word… if you borrow from an American a line that he has used in some Gala here…
K: Mmmm
S: … it’s like that if you just translate it into Finnish, it sort of loses the whole idea behind the story, you know.
K: Yeah, that’s true. That’s absolutely true.
S: Yes. Because here you can say things in such a different way from how you can say them in Finland. And let’s say, like, that every time you translate something even directly from someone’s English to Finnish, it doesn’t… it means something else and not, not… I don’t know. I was just thinking that here in the States the spoken language is different from…
K: It is different, yes…
S: … different
K: It is.
“Ouch, the battery died. We’ll continue on Friday.”


Happy Birthday from Romania thanks to Glambertrose


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  1. Once again, a great way to start my day. The Lynn Parker interview was so conversational. The details revealed about the songs on Trespassing are making it increasingly harder to remain patient. Come on March 20.

  2. wow a lot going on overseas for Adam can't wait till he starts hitting a few radio stations in my area

  3. I ordered several copies of Fault Magazine today. Thanks for the post about the pre-order info. Now, there's something else to look forward to. I love it when we're in "Adam-buzz" time.

  4. Finally catchin up on the new videos (and interviews).

    Adam sounds so amazing! I always enjoy listening to him talk (as much as I enjoy listening to him sing). He is so handsome, sweet, intelligent and incredibly tallented! Awesome!

    Thank you very much for all the news Gloria. :)


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