Thursday, 26 January 2012

So Where is Adam Today? 26/01/2012

                            Thanks to @idolme922


Just signed off on the final edit of the BTIKM video. 


soooo proud of this piece! Can't wait for you to see 



Dadbert on the way to LA tonight...  hmmm... Birthday party?

 Miles Tougeaux 
 Birthday boy is ALWAYS the last to arrive trust me

 Miles Tougeaux 
There once was a little boy called Ahma

 Miles Tougeaux 
Who'd freak out at the sight of a pajama

 Miles Tougeaux 
He would always stay awake until one, screaming until he decided he was done

 Miles Tougeaux 
And eventually ended up hosting a glamarama

Sauli's Blog



Lots of stuff going on starting Sunday... today?

Check back later when we can hopefully answer the question of the day!

Based on this tweet, I'm gonna guess there is some band practicing going on!

 Excited for the London Trespassing showcase next week. Can't wait to hear things live.

: Cosmo has just had a sneaky listen to 

the new album from  it's called 

TRESPASSING and it is great!
Adam talks about Better Than I Know Myself
Thanks to @GaleChester


 Adam Lambert 

You guys ready for the Better Than I Know Myself video 

premiere? January 30th on VEVO. 


Today on Amazon Movers and Shakers!  Sales rank 51... preorder today!  Let's Move this UP!  

ADAM LAMBERT's "Better Than I Know Myself" debuts at #39 on the Adult Top 40 Audience chart.

Mediabase Adds 


Check out Adam's Scrolling Banner here:


: There is DEF more  + music cookin' in the kitchen...who's hungry? *evil grin*”


did ya really think we would only make one? this is America...over-indulgence is our specialty.   bwahah

Adam Lambert speaks thanks to ?


We were treated to an exclusive listen to 's new album, 'Trespassing', yesterday and we have a review coming your way!

Full Interview with Lyndsey Parker.... very good!

Part 1

Thanks to @GaleChester and @devenlane

Part 2
Thanks to @Galechester and @devenlane


Adam Lambert @99.7 studios San Francisco 1-20-2012!!

Thanks to daydreminmylif


Order Fault Magazine..... 

(finally a magazine doing the right thing )

@FAULTMagazine *Announcement!* Just hit our first price reduction point for our @Adamlambert issue! Amazing work doing that so quickly! Price now £13.50!

Adam on the Cover of Fault Magazine...Do you want one?

FAULT is pleased to announce a special offer to mark the launch of our 10th issue, to be released on March 31st. Although the issue will not be available for regular pre-orders until early March, we will be offering readers the chance to place a deposit for this issue from today. The link for for this deposit is available to all those who ‘like’ the  FAULT Facebook page.  


Sunday Showcase 

Info about Sunday's ADAM LAMBERT performance for Q-Music in Austria w 

Livestream Link:

via @AdamLambertBE (Belgian Glamberts):

✮ The live streaming from the performances on the #QSnowcase will start on 

Sunday, January 29, 2012, between 8:30 & 9:00pm 

(2:30pm & 3pm ET US)! Find your city's time on the world clock:

✮ Adam isn't the only one performing so I don't know any exact times, but we'll 

see! I'll tweet the links again on sunday :) x

✮ The interview + performances will be all on the same site :)

✮ The interview with @adamlambert this sunday, on his birthday!, will be 

livestreaming on & it'll be between 


✮ I'll be listening to Q the whole weekend so from the 

moment I know any hours 

from the interview, livestream etc I'll tweet it here :) 

✮ YAY,excited times ahead for Glamberts!can it be sunday now? :D and I 

(@Blue_eye28) won tix to go to that snowcase so ill keep 

you informed :)

Thanks to ALFC on FB and @AdamLambertBE


German Schedule- Adam visits several radio stations

Jan 30- Ulm ( outside Munich)
Jan 31 - Adam visits four stations around Stuttgart and Frankfurt
Feb 1- Berlin

Follow these accounts for information from Germany

Sony_Music_DE Sony Music Germany
@adamlambert #GLAMnation Dienstag:@bigFM @SWR3 @FFHde@hr3deMittwoch: @1046RTL @Radio_Energy


Adam Lambert thanks to ?

Adam's Schedule for This Month (or so)

January 28 - Special 3-Hour Adam Lambert Show with Liam McEwan (starts 3PM EST)

January 29 - Adam's 30th Birthday
(hope to hear about a charity Adam has chosen to support for this event soon)

January 29 - Adam performing in Austria at Q-Snowcase

January 29-  Byron Cooke interview will air in Australia

January 29 - Special Adam Lambert Birthday Program in UK, Sky TV

Jan 31-Feb 2  Adam in Germany visiting radio stations

Feb 2- Adam in the UK

February 5 -Mix Megapol "Mix Unplugged" event in Stockholm Sweden 


Adam in Russia!

AdamLambertRUAB Adam Lambert' fans
The proper time is 13.14: News about Adam Lambert on Russian MUZ-TV ~


Leave a Comment about Trespassing Cover

Thanks to @nitenursestat!  LOL!

No Point in Trying!  LOL!


Adam Tweeted this Link

(warning... it's not THAT funny unless you live in LA! except for the KALE part!)


Bertlandia News

Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

 Glambert To Do List

Sign up and Rate Music

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 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!
Request BTIKM from your local stations once a day!

Everyone can request from the following stations!
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Sirius/XM Request on
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Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:


Z100 (write BTIKM)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoe Ratliff  Rehearsing in the room next to Marilyn Manson's band today was pretty bad ass. But, not as bad ass as running into @IamStevenT though! : )

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @fiarra


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Countdown to Trespassing thanks to @Scorptwtr


  1. Does anyone know the answer to wju monte left the band?

  2. It has to do with all the information here.

    If you have questions, you can email me and I will fill you in on what we know.

  3. Adam's interview with Lindsey Parker was great - so at ease with her. The interview topics just flowed and provided us with a lot more info than we'd heard before.

    I hope I won't offend any of the fans, but I was disappointed in his little dig with the band comparison. One thought came to mind... He never complained about his tour band during GNT or during any of promo gigs. He went through 2 keyboardists before CAM arrived. I understood the change was due to conflicting schedules. And yes Longineu left for his own band's tour(Yellowcard). So Adam embraced Isaac as his new drummer. He never said anything negative about Monte or his guitar skills or his Musical Directorship. I intentionally do not bring the pre-idol work & conflict into this discussion because he is comparing his old band to his new.

    Adam said his new band is 10 times better than his old band - hummm. His new band includes 2 new members (Ashley on bass & Kevin on keys and as Kevin has tweeted, he's the new Musical Director). So where does Cam fit into this new mix. She herself, has tweeted that she will be joining the band later. OR is Kevin's tweet how she finds out that Adam may have chosen a new keyboardist? Just thinking outloud... but we'll all be the judge of whether the backup band is better once he tours. I think Adam should be a bit more professional in his comments sans Band... a new direction or something like that, but not infer they were not good.

    There are many of us in the fandom who appreciate the contributions that each of these past band members brought to Adam's music & GNT, and we will continue to support their individual as well as Adam's future endeavors.

    Now I'm looking forward to watching Byron Cooke's interview, footage of the European promo tour and hearing BTIKM on my radio :)

  4. Can't tell you how much I love the interview with Lyndsey - watched it four or five times and probably will again. The guy could sell snow to the Eskimos. His people skills are off the charts. Was marvelous hearing his descriptions of the songs on his album - his enthusiasm is contagious. Can't wait for the video - almost here. So happy.
    I check in every day to catch up on all the goodies - thanks for all your hard work, Gloria. Luv, lee

  5. I am so excited. I was on the treadmill at the gym with Pandora on and my earplugs when BTIKM came on for the first time. I was thrilled and he sounded amazing, especially compared to what ever else had been playing. Here we go with the new chapter! Off to a great start, can't wait to see the video on the 30th, hope you have it here. Thanks for all of your info.

  6. I absolutely love all of the Adam excitement again! He is in such a wonderful place and his joy just emanates like radiant sunshine. I'm thrilled that he is so ready and happy to be working again and so looking forward to performing LIVE!! My favorite part!!

    He truly inspires me to follow my bliss. And he is a part of it! So fun!!!

    Can't wait for that video!!!!

    Thanks again, Gloria, for finding and compiling all the joy in one place!! You truly are a match to Adam's loving energy!!

  7. thank you and omg that cartoon was to funny love the part where the guy says adm would run and she says not if i catch him first. thank you for the giggle.


  8. Jeanine - fully understand what you posted about Adam's little "dig" about the band. But Adam's only human, and Monte's seeming disregard for Adam's career in dropping those Citizen Vein tracks as Adam's new album, must have been a big disappointment to Adam. Especially as the album was released under Adam's name, not CV's - pretty low, IMO. So please excuse Adam, who rarely criticizes anyone, vent a bit - particularly as it wasn't in a nasty way at all. lee


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