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Adam's NOT Healthy:( 06/02/2012

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WTMX-FM Pub 12 Hot AC Chicago 19/RCA Hubbard Broadcasting Incorporated 3 2/6/2012 3:03:00 PM

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: ADAM LAMBERT's "Better Than I

 Know Myself" climbs 38-33 with a bullet on 

the Adult Top 40 chart.


by AdamLambertVEVO  1 week ago  



getglue GetGlue
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Happy Valentines Day, Glamberts! The #BTIKM video will be available on on Feb 14th.

Thanks to ?

QX Note Cancellation
Attention Glamberts! Due to illness, we regret to inform you that Adam will not be performing on QX Note this evening. Adam hopes to make it up to you when he returns to Sweden and wishes all of the nominees the best of luck.

(it was just one song)

"Ladies and gentleman, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to attend the gala tonight. I was really excited to be a part of the evening but I seem to have caught a violent flu bug that’s been going around. I was resting this afternoon feeling a little strange but when it came time to head out for soundcheck I got so dizzy I couldn’t stand.:(it hit me so fast. I’m sure you can imagine how singing such an intense song just isn’t possible in the state I’m in.

I promise to somehow make it up to you in the near future. Good luck to all the nominees and I hope all the guests have a great evening.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Adam Lambert"

Thanks to Zinnia on ATOP for the translation!

Thanks to @NoyLuvAdam

 Adam Lambert 

How did I catch this fever so fast? Ug. Dizzy. :(

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
@adamlambert Hey man, peeps are telling me you're not feeling well. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hit me back via email if u need 2

Total Access UK Interview!

More pictures:

Amazing Recap of Stockholm event with pictures and 


"The chair hes sitting on is quite common in hospitals/dental offices over here, and the chair they had given Adam is the women one LOL! Its tilted up more in the front, so yeah I am sure that when he sat down on it, it hit him in his jewels! And thats what made him say they gave him a Happy triangle to sit on OMG TOO FUNNY! The male versions of the chair does not tilt up in the front like that!"

Adam Is #1


SimonMorykin Simon Morykin
The excellent @adamlambert talks about his FANS, his LIFE &what he's learnt about HIMSELF on Total Access tonight 8pm!


If you have some time and want a laugh!



Adam Lambert in Berlin 2.1.12 taken by 

Adam Lambert in Stockholm thanks to ?


@SabraJo Violent 24 hour stomach flu for the band! Glad Adam didn't get it! Crowd was beautiful and made the show a blast! Thank you.

(Guess that juicing lifestyle didn't boost Adam's immunity?)

Thanks to Xiami

Adam is getting amazing publicity!  On Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and other videos!  LOOK!

Heading to 2 Million Views!

Better Than I Know Myself Looped


SonyMusicPL Sony Music Poland
Glamberts! Know that @ adamlambert on Saturday gave interviews min. Polish media? # Trespassing

RIX FM Interview thanks to @mmyy9
Adam burps and says he will be singing BTIKM at at the Gay Galan tonight. Televised in Sweden on Friday!
 Cool guy !! Adam Lambert is performing tonight at the awards. Lets goooooo

@antonhysenoffic Just a a quick hii before tonights show;) what a damn voice!!! Insanely good  (short video)


Interview from Germany here

On VH1 top 20 countdown!  US only?

@SimonMorykinSimon Morykin
TONIGHT on Total Access - I'll be chatting to the now very grown up, Mr @adamlambert! 8pm, Total Access -

More Pictures:

Adam Lambert: 'My new album contains f**k you songs'

He told the Daily Star: "There are songs on the album about me rebelling against society and saying, 'F**k you, I'll do what I want'.

"'Cuckoo' is about me acknowledging I'm insane and celebrating that fact. And 'Shady' is a sleazy, disco funk about cruising for sex, so it will be interesting to see how Middle America interprets that."

Despite the promiscuous lyrics, Lambert explained that he is happy in his current relationship with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.

He added: "I'm so happy to be in a committed relationship


DORIANMagazine Jake Rydqvist
@adamlambert We're so excited to have the amazing Adam in the spring issue! @DORIANMagazine @SonyMusicSweden

Adam Lambert in Sweden thanks to ?


Oh my!!! Really LOVE this poster ~> @adamlambert ! Thx ya@galaxiemag!

Charity Water for Adam's Birthday

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff
I apologize for taking off so fast and not stoping to say hi last night. I wasn't feeling well at all!!! I appreciate everyones concern! ❤❤❤

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff

Slept my ass off last night and feeling MUCH better today!

Thanks to DorisLambert


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  1. As always, thank you for your great blog!

  2. wow everyone looks amazing and sounding great. loving all the pics fans are sharing so sweet. sorry to hear the band and Adam are fight a stomache bug hope they all feel better soon. thanks for the great post.


  3. I just noticed that you put a Voting Links and Resource Pages up at the top right of the page. Very handy.


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