Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Power of the Glamberts! 07/02/2012


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Adam Retweeted this:

glaad GLAAD

Breaking: Anti-gay #Prop8 was once again ruled unconstitutional!http://bit.ly/wDorCG#LGBT #MarriageEquality

Adam Lambert in Stockholm thanks to ?

 1,940,714 and rising quickly!

Heading to 2 Million Views!

Better Than I Know Myself Looped


SimonMorykin Simon Morykin
A total joy having @adamlambert on Total Access! A true gent and a talent! #Trespassing

Total Access Part 2 thanks to @mindchnger and 




SoundCloud by  Russian Love Radio ADAM LAMBERT Interview 2-7-12 with Translation




Adam on VH1 this Morning thanks to LynnevillePF


 Adam Lambert 

Feeling a better today. Not 100% but I think the fever is backing off. Yikes what a miserable night.

 Adam Lambert 

Thank u all for your kind get well wishes. I think they worked. :)

So we can help Adam get better, watch BTIKM like crazy, vote Adam #1 in all the polls and get new adds for Adam!  

Good job and keep working.  Adam deserves all our efforts and I know we are all willing to endure sore fingers on his behalf!

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Spend all day if you can. :))



Adam Lambert tells the UK: “I will be back”


Singing Happy Birthday to Adam in Germany


(thanks @Jonah5555 for sharing this)



More Pictures from Stockholm coming later via adam-pictures.com!


He did forget the lyrics to WWFM again. But this time it's because our pretty faces distracted him XD


I will try to describe Trespassing later today. It's soooo good!!!


He did break the microphone stand and I have some good pictures of that XD


Fan Art thanks to @santabillie

SonyMusicAfricaSony Music Africa

V-Entertainmentwill be playing @adamlambert's #BetterThanIKnowMyself at 6pm tonight..A SA exclusive first play!

@mmyy9: WWFM Sweden (Feb 5, Uploaded by SsandraBbergman on Feb 7) youtu.be/qMvhiuswsTE (47 seconds)


Fan Recap of Meeting Adam at Heat

This is taken from a series of DMs I received from

Hiii, we met Adam this Tuesday at the bigFM studio ... still crying happy tears remembering this minutes and unhappy tears - who knows if we

ever meet him again so privileged. We were a few and he took so much for everyone to talk, take pics, sign autographs and

hugs ... He was "radiant" - really happy and soooo 


Here is the pic of him and my daughter twitpic.com/8fk4tq 

- she was so
doubtful when we went there, saying he might not come out to us, that might not be possible, him with us .... so she was more surprised than
me and kinda awestruck. I had more faith but his effect was the same on me. Our love and admiration for him are infinite ...<3

on the bigFM homepage you can see me on a pic, standing at the door in a thick blue winter jacket (no "fancy-dress", it was snowing and icy)

Haha, fashion-fail !!! Right when you meet Adam Lambert (he 

wore a long elegant coat) - *joking*, because who cares in that situation .

Sending love and light to you ... thanks for all the work you do for us, colleting always news and stuff .... 

Hi, of course you can post them and the pic. Glad to share our happiness and love to Adam ... xo to you ... love ... Cornelia and Marina


Hey @AdamLambert! Check what's about to go on my wall! Haha! #BetterThanIKnowMyself =D


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Adam in Newsday thanks to @Merrie_LINY 

Adam and blogger in Sweden!

Adam Page on AOL Music

Funny thanks to @thehomeplanet!!



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 Emili M.A 

 Malaysia TV.(Astro-Star World)It was during A.I commercial.There's another 1 but I didn't get a chance to rec it :(

Adam introduces American Idol


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Thanks to ?


Life: live it or lose it.


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  1. beautiful post today lots of great pictures and fan stories love it.


  2. Did all the comment sections posted and will continue to do so - especially 99.5 which I get here in Maryland outside of Washington, D.C.

    Loved that birthday vid from Germany - wow - does the boy look beautiful (and skinny). What a charmer.

    He tweeted he's feeling better after the flu attack - thank heavens - was getting worried.

    Back again later - luv, lee

  3. Know nothing about radio adds, but apparently there were some good ones today. And he's back so maybe some interviews from New York? Get those djs and pds to start spinning that song. Feeling optimistic here - luvya, lee


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