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Do it Now! 23/02/2012

lol I was wondering how long it would take someone to gif this...

@adamlambert hey Adam! Looking forward to sharing a stage with you at the Sonisphere. Happy Day! :)

Idol's Adam Lambert to Sing With Rock Band Queen

(not a new article but it is the NYTimes)

There is no doubting it now. Confirmation has finally dispelled all former utterances, pronouncements, and speculations. Adam Lambert will sing with Queen this summer. The former "American Idol" season 8 star is set to rock out with the rockers known as Queen at the upcoming Sonisphere festival at Knebworth. 

"As many suspected, I can finally confirm: I have been invited by Queen to sing one very special concert!" Lambert tweeted to his 1.3 million fans. This before adding, "Sonisphere at Knebworth July 7th

Translation of Danish Article (below)

Adam and Queen first video on Sonisphere Video FB

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Adam looking good in a Danish Magazine!



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Translation:  Coming Soon

@adamlambertJP:unfortunately autograph can only be won via ringtone purchase frm Japnse cell phones. pls check out vid anyway

Lenay Dunn @LenayDunn
@adamlambert watching the secret circle....

Adam Lambert @adamlambert 
@LenayDunn lots of "mouth-acting" happening. Lol

 @LenayDunn @adamlambert lol yes. ..bah da da da da.. Bah da da da da.. (insert creepy kid singing)



new pic, Adam and Sauli arriving at The Blonds Show


Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen in Magazine 9 (click for larger version)

Translation thanks to @moominbert


  Here's a pic of Adam and Queen being mentioned in the Bloomington IL paper :)

Glamberts know that Adam can be a pretty unpredictable guy - changing styles, inspirations and more in a blink of an eye. But do you think you have Adam totally figured out? Now's your chance to prove it! 

In honor of his new single, "Better Than I Know Myself," we want to see how well you know Adam Lambert. Each week we will be rolling out question's featuring different topics that Adam has weighed in on and it will be up to you guys to vote on how Adam answers. After votes are submitted, we'll unveil a video of Adam giving his answer. Topics will range from his favorite food, daily routines and even some childhood experiences - nothing is off topic for Adam! 

So let's get started. Head on over to our voting page and see if you know Adam better than you know yourself. Be sure you come back later today to see if you answered correctly! 


sanityonline Adam Lambert's new CD Trespassing has been pushed back slightly while he records more tunes. Tentative date is now late April.

Adam Lambert Says 'Trespassing' Release Delayed For Good Reason

Thanks to QueenRockBand1


Sonisphere Tickets available for everyone today!

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Queen full of belief in Adam Lambert's talent

Tonight's the night for Idol speculation

...he other big Idol news of the week: 2009 Idol runner-up Adam Lambert will front the legendary rock band Queen at this summer's Sonisphere Festival in the U.K. Don't scoff. Queen rocker Brian May told London's Daily Mail newspaper Wednesday that the late Freddie Mercury would have approved of Lambert - even though Lambert, like Idol stars Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry before him, didn't win, either.

Festival challenge to Queen's May

The Sexiest Gay Men In Showbiz
Another gay celebrity we don’t exactly hide our huge huge crush on is Adam Lambert. The sexy singer really can’t do anything wrong in our eyes. It’s the voice, the style, the charm, the face… the complete Lambert package (don’t be dirty!) is what we love and what we want.

Freddie Mercury: Rock 'N' Roll's Humble Showman

Adam talks about Freddie at 2:30 of the video

Thanks to GlamRox29

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Still need to find time to watch this!

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Vote in my fun poll to chose Six Queen Songs you  would like to hear Adam sing.

My Valentine's Meeting with Adam Lambert

Still smiling so big!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @tommyjoeratliff


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