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G'day Lovers! 22/02/2012


What's This?

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Found by @singadam: ADAM LAMBERT in Lineup: Tokyo's FIRSTSUMMER SONIC 2012 Festival Aug 18,19

Thanks to @GaleChester!

BTIKM in a Turkish movie! but not in this trailer!

Thanks to QueenRockBand1


Rock Royalty Rocks On

@DutchGlamberts Stunned. 's BTIKM is beeing used as a background song on Dutch tv for the commercial of the series Nikita! Surprise! (:


Sony Music Global @SonyMusicGlobal

Do you know @adamlambert better than you know yourself? Prove it here:


shoshanna stone @shoshannastone
@adamlambert just did a great interview with @NMEmagazine





illuxxia @illuxxia

new pic, Adam and Sauli arriving at The Blonds Show


Video from NZ


Thanks to ? via 4Msrmyn on Adamtopia..... one of the best quotes of all time IMO! 
(full size at bottom of this page)

#BritsQueen on Adam Lambert; 'His voice is exceptional..he's a wonderful singer. Freddie would approve of this boy and it's something new.'

Thanks for being a Lover!

From Yesterday: 

 @adamlambert  Haters: y'all just adding fuel to my fire! U make me work harder. Thank you for the motivation.

Please don't be shocked or upset by the Queen purists who might not be too thrilled with an incredible talent like Adam filling in for Freddie!

Interesting article for any haters or doubters: 


Adam Retweeted these last night!

 why do you only like men? I would dump my boyfriend for you, I really would

Today at 1:05EST! (I think... checking)


Today! @laura_ansa to livestream ADAM LAMBERT Finnish Doc. 45 Minuuttia Wed 8.05pm Finland time 1:05pm ET! Link...


Adam's Losing... how do you vote more than once?





We need lots of votes here today for Adam and in memory of Glambert MamaH



 Adam Lambert A 'Great Interpreter' Of Freddie

Drummer Roger Taylor - the other remaining member of the original group - added: ''We don't know how we'll feel until we play - really it's a big challenge for us. It's come around in a complete circle. I do remember the sound being absolutely brilliant on the day we played all those years ago on Freddie's last ever show with us and we're hoping we can come somewhere close to that with Adam Lambert who is a phenomenal singer and absolutely amazing talent.''

Queen to be joined by Adam Lambert at Sonisphere Festival 2012

The legendary band are lined up to headline the prestigious festival in Knebworth this July, but were left pondering the question of who would take on the role of flamboyant frontman for this appearance, before deciding on the talent show runner up.

Adam Lambert in exclusive Sonisphere headline performance with Queen

May said: “Judging by my incoming mail, this decision will make a lot of people very happy. It's a worthy challenge for us, and I'm sure Adam would meet with Freddie's approval! And what better place to revisit, and walk those emotional paths than Knebworth? It will be a rush.”

Brian May: Freddie would have approved of Adam Lambert

Lambert and Queen teaming

Need more?  75 links thanks to ALFC on FB


I am compiling a twitter list for Sonisphere attendees here:  

Already 46 Glamberts attending and I know there are lots more!

Please let me know if you are going and I will add your name. 

Follow the list to keep up with all the excitement leading up to and during the epic concert!


Better Than I Know Myself  Arrives in Japan!


@elliegf: Today's issue of BRAVO Bulgaria has a gorgeous poster of Adam a tiny other (cont)



Vote in my fun poll to chose Six Queen Songs you  would like to hear Adam sing.

Results so far ( with 1968 votes - please enter your chosen 6...poll will go a few more days)

Bohemian Rapsody24613%
Somebody to Love21011%
Show Must Go On19310%
Another One Bites the Dust1598%
We Are the Champions1437%
We Will Rock You1397%
Under Pressure1367%
Crazy Little Thing Called Love1075%
Who Wants to Live Forever945%
I Want to Break Free
Don't Stop Me Now734%
I Want It All683%
Killer Queen553%
These Are the Days of Our Lives452%
Radio Gaga442%
You're My Best Friend412%
Fat Bottomed Girls372%
Other (see below)362%
Body Language171%
Play the Game121%
Love Of My Life5
Tie Your Mother Down2
Who wants to live for ever 1
It's a Hard Life1
One Vision, Barcelona1
Stone cold crazy, get down make love1
Lover boy1
These are the days of our lives1
I want it all1
Too much love will kill you1
It's a Kind of Magic2
BTIKM or If I Had You1
Love Of My LIfe4
Good old fashioned loverboy.3
Save me2
The Miracle1
Friends Will Be Friends1
I was born to love you1
Not sure if all of these are Queen Songs but gonna check!

The Shadow Effect

Thanks to Alison on Adamtopia for sharing this link!  I love it!


My Valentine's Meeting with Adam Lambert

Still smiling so big!


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  2. Darling Glorious,
    I am so happy that you had that time with our Adam-almost as happy for you as if I had met him! I love what you do for the Glambertinae, Glamberts, and of course, the man himself!


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