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LH Carter wrote: 

Hello Friends

Most of you have heard the very sad news of our MamaH's passing,
Please see Shelbell86's beautiful tribute blog
In Memory of a Wonderful Member of Our Glamily

In Memory of a Wonderful Member of Our Glamily

Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 2:23 PM
It saddens me to say that Margaret (@Natesglamgram on Twitter) passed away last night. She was such a kind, beautiful, loving friend to most of us Glamberts. She had such a selfless aura about her and was one of the most dedicated people I've been blessed to know. Margaret also was the glue that kept a lot of us fans together through thick and thin. I will miss her so much, and she's always in my heart. May she rest in peace...my thoughts and prayers are with her family.

MamaH was a member of this community on ALF, although Mama spent most of her time at AdamOffical.com on Adam Rules her Kicthen, on Adam Discussion and in the VooDoo Voting Lounge. 

MamaH is the OP of the Much Music and Musique Plus video countdown shows in the VooDoo Voting Lounge on AO

In Mama's words, from her blog here on ALF
"MuchMore Thread in Voting Lounge - home of what we now call "Adam's Angels" ... inside joke actually - but pretty much sums up how wonderful all the girls are! :)"

Mama's thread SO MUCHMORE!!!!! â??*â?ª MUSIQUEPLUS COUNTDOWNS â??*â?ª 

Friends, the ladies of Mama's group, "Adam's Angels" have a special request to ask.

This Wednesday, Adam's "Better Than I Know Myself" video will be inducted into the Musique Plus "Pantheon Hall of Fame"

This win and the honor of the Pantheon will go to not just Adam this time - Adam will share the honor with a very special fan - MamaH.

Musique Plus has agreed to dedicate Adam's Pantheon to and in honor and in loving memory of MamaH

Adam was the very 1st artist to be inducted into the Pantheon with his video for "Sleepwalker Glam Nation Live" (This video was also in the #1 spot for Top 5 Videos of 2011. Adam also had the #1 video the previous year with WWFM.)

Only videos that have placed at #1 ten times make it into the Pantheon.
Mama and us ladies often joked that Musique Plus created this Pantheon thing because of Adam.
It was quite common for one of Adam's videos to remain at #1 continually for weeks on end
(please see Mama's thread on AO for history of Adam on MP thanks)

Yesterday Jessica from MP/Astral confirmed this - she told me that they had to create the Pantheon because they knew that Adam's fans would keep Adam at #1 indefinity and they had to give other videos a chance.

She's right, we would have - MamaH would agree and make sure that we did - this poll and countdown was her baby.

The Pantheon

Adam's Angel's, MamaH's Angels would like to invite you to help us to get Adam and "Better Than I Know Myself" inducted into the Musique Plus Top 5 Video Countdown Pantheon Hall of Fame with a record number of votes and the higest percentage possible

For Adam's newest beautiful and loving Angel
our wonderful and amazing

This is a nightly show in Montreal, Canada (they are a sister station to Much Music)
The countdown begins at 5:30 pm EST and is over at 7 pm. 2 of Mama's dedicated Angels, Chatonat4Adam (Nat) and Those_Eyes (Lauree) get the show and they watch to report the %s during the countdown parties on Mama's thread and we vote continue to vote during the countdown, in order to get Adam's % as high as possible.
(Thank you to Adamdevotion for hosting the countdown parties for Mama - Mama will be so proud of you sweetie)

These are the voting instructions - if you have any questions, i'm sure that Manon will be able to help you out - she's a huge supporter of this countdown :) (voting sistah!)

Left Click with your mouse on Adam's video & Drag video to empty box marked '1'
- Click on the pic that matches the word in French, then click 'soumettre'.

**les ecouteurs "earphones" ( the "e" in ecouteurs and remember ear)
**le disque "disk" (CD)
**le haut-parleur "speaker" the traffic light looking thing
**la note "the notes"
**la guitare "guitar"
**le micro "microphone"

(votes logged today before 7pm EST are for tonight's countdown.
Votes after 7pm tonight go toward Wednesday's reults countdown)

*MP Top 20 Videos - BTIKM entered this countdown at #19. please give BTIKM a "Thumbs up" vote for Mama as well. thanks

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