Friday, 3 February 2012

Here's the Video! 03/02/2012

Adam did not confirm or deny this!

But all the media have run with it anyhow!

Pressparty regarding today's show

Lyndsey Parker talks about BTIKM Music Video

  Great stuff from  - five songs; Fever, WYWFM, BTIKM, Outlaws of Love and Trespassing. Sounding incredible!
Mind blown by @adamlambert live!!! What voice!
LauraSaltman: Awesome news for adamlambert fans. Intv will be airing tonight on . Lots of topics covered!


is this new Adam Lambert's photo from Trespassing photoshoot?? btw @adamlambert i loooove this photoooo!!!! 

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers

Hey @AdamLambert GOOD LUCK! I'm feeling the video.

jambajim jim cantiello

No, I'm not crying from @adamlambert's new "Better Than I Know Myself" video.'s a piece of dirt in my eye and. I. Er. *sobs*


Dear World, the video for "BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF" by @adamlambert is BONKERS!!! CHECK IT OUT: Sincerely, Claude.

Uploaded by SonyMusicBelgiumTV 
Adam introducing his video for 'Better Than I Know Myself'. 
Watch it here:


This is a peak we got earlier:

(We didnt get the popcorn in the final except on the floor)

Screencaps thanks to ?

What can I say? 

Love the Music Video and can't wait to watch a million more times and get it to #1 on VH1 and MM many, many weeks.  
My favorite parts are the looks Light Adam gives to Dark Adam especially when he is po'ed

Adam has let us in to his emotions dramatically!

Fabulous in every way!
Adam Lambert Gif thanks to @illuxxia


 This Sauli can join Dark Adam and get freaky. Then the other Sauli can join Light Adam and say YAY alot. :D

 Andrej Pejic Page 

 Congrats on your  video, baby! I love it! What's better than Adam Lambert? It's 2 Adam Lamberts! :D


"I do read self help books. They have helped me in the past. But I don't meditate or do yoga." #Adamlambert


To answer a few of your Adam Lambert questions: "No idea on 2nd single, out of Tresspassing, Cuckoo, Naked Love & Never Close Your Eyes."


"It's too early to talk about touring. Obviously I'm hoping to & have already ideas of how the songs would work on stage." #adamlambert


"Madonna is a genuis, I absolutely love her but whether she is still relevant we are about to find out." #adamlambert
First Dark Adam trended up to #1 Worldwide ( thanks to @Respett)

And next Light Adam trended screencap thanks to me

and then Light Adam and Know Myself trended thanks to @monalee62


YahooOmgUK Yahoo! Omg! UK

Ok Adam Lambert fans... he's made the #Fridayfittie shortlist make sure he wins and vote here: 

@joeldommettjoel dommett

@mtvuknews @adamlambert This is us..He said I look nautical I said I spend lots of time with seamen. Laughter ensued

LeytonB Leyton Bracegirdle

YES! On set with @adamlambert - great interview to air on @Chartshowtv with @StefanieFaleo soon! 


Adam Lambert's Hair!

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

Here's our @stefaniefaleo with @adamlambert on our interview shoot! Will air on @Chartshowtv next week.....times TBC


Articles About BTIKM Music Video!

All’s not what it seems in the mind of Adam Lambert.
The Ray Kay-directed clip for “Better Than I Know Myself,” the lead single off of Lambert’s upcoming sophomore recordTrespassing, takes us on a split-screen tour of Lambert’s psyche, revealing a fiery duel of emotions: A little bit of darkness, a little bit of light. Some angel, some devil. The good and the bad. One can’t exist without the other–it’s the yin and the yang, ya dig?
Gorgeously shot, brilliantly acted (the liquor-guzzling shots of Lambert are particularly venomous), “Better Than I Know Myself” is undoubtedly his finest work to date. Kudos to you, Adam!

Take for instance the brand new video for "Better Than I Know Myself" which sets the tone of "Trespassing" with it's light and dark theme, where we get to see the BAD BOY bitch-slapping, boy-kissing arsonist version of himself playing against the more laid-back, tea-sipping, big wolly jumper stay-at-home Adam. 
I love this video - the twist here is that if you thought the song was about loving someone else more than air, the person that you should love the most is yourself - in all the flawed and horrible ways that self-perception rears it's ugly head sometimes.
And as the old saying goes - you can't love anyone else, until you love yourself.

New Video: Adam Lambert Shows Off His Dark Side In “Better Than I Know Myself”


John Kearns Interview thanks to @GaleChester

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

In @adamlambert 's hotel room awaiting our interview! Nice view of London!

Radio Show from Chile!

John Kearns confirmed this???? Not for sure though!

mtvuknews MTV News UK

Joel with @adamlambert. Catch Adam talking about performing with Queen on today's News! Will he again this summer?


Trespassing Review from Cosmo
Enhanced by the mysterious AQS7!! LOL


Adam Rejects Byron Again

Top Ten Hottest Hunks of 'American Idol'

1. Adam Lambert - Nobody lit up the stage and made it sizzle like Adam Lambert. Adam commanded your attention and dared you not to fall for him. Adam coming in second to the tepid Kris Allen was perhaps the greatest surprise in the history of "American Idol."



Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting the video. I couln't see the original on vevo. It's adamperfect. :)

  2. i adore and i'll be back when i have fully woken up and watched the video at least 100 times more.


  3. wow oh wow!!!! Totally unexpected!!! The way they used amber coloured contacts or whatever they did to change his eye colour for his dark side was incredible. The ending was extremely well done. The whole video was a materpiece as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to watch it again now :)

  4. God that is awesome. The only problem I have is when both Adams are on split screen, which one do I look at? So I better watch it a hundred times more so I won't miss anything! LOVE IT. Jennifer

  5. Brilliant!!!!!! Phenomenal!!!! Enlightened!!! I'm so in love with this video and this man!!! OMG!! Wow!!!!

  6. The BTIKM video is wickedly awesome! I know how I'm spending every spare minute of my next week. Dark Adam/Light Adam/

  7. It's hard to NOT watch it dozens of times because I don't want to miss a single nuance! I watched the one side first and then the other side second and then......well, I guess I keep picking up brilliant little "shades" (pun intended) and subtletys. It would take another 100 watches to catch them all. I'm up for the challenge! :)

  8. I cried the first time I saw it, so I watched it again and cried again.

  9. A brilliant video - full of surprises - open to interpretation - beautifully filmed - and Adam looks like a god. And the end - ahhhh - so, so great. Perfect.
    Thanks for getting this up so fast with all the screen shots - one more beautiful than the other. Luv,lee

  10. Boy, can I relate to this video being a Gemini! LOL! He knows me Better Than I Know Myself...
    Thanks for the perfect place to go to for all things ADAM!

  11. one word about the video "BRILLIANT" and OMG that pic of tommy to die for. thank you for posting.


  12. OMG, talk about an emotional video!! Open to interpretation, yes, and Dark Adam seems so lost, overwhelmed, conflicted, like he is suffocating, trapped, and most of all self destructive! Wow Dark Adam just me cry my eyes out.
    Most amazing and soul stirring video I have seen.
    Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476

  13. I SO LOVE the video! Adam is not only the best singer I know, he is a a great actor as well!
    BTW Gloria - you were right (talking about the video in your comment a few days ago) about the interaction between the dark and light and that they would blend together - great intuintion! :)

    Thank you very much for this blog with all the amazing news.


  14. I'm not sure I breathed during the first time I saw the video. I definitely didn't see that ending coming. It is "bloody brilliant"! Adam is coming in this world stronger than ever!


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