Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bloody Brilliant! 02/02/2012

Adam Rejects Byron Again

Top Ten Hottest Hunks of 'American Idol'

1. Adam Lambert - Nobody lit up the stage and made it sizzle like Adam Lambert. Adam commanded your attention and dared you not to fall for him. Adam coming in second to the tepid Kris Allen was perhaps the greatest surprise in the history of "American Idol."

Adam wanted to give all of you a special treat - a photo from the set of his new music video, Better Than I Know Myself, snapped by Lee Cherry.  This photo is an exclusive for you, his official fan club community. Be sure to catch the premiere of the video this Friday on VEVO.  And thanks, Adam!
(Adam Lambert Fan Club)

@dazgaleDaz Gale

This is the note we wrote to @adamlambert. He laughed his head off and was still clutching it when he left

Entire Twitter Party at #heatworld transcribed


Pictures from London!

Video Interview up

Then it's off to Stockholm before getting just enough time to pop back home for two days until he's off to New York."I love New York," Adam told us. "I'm missing my baby though, but I'll get to see him soon."


Adam Lambert to Premiere 'Better Than I Know Myself' Video, 2/3

The video can be seen on Youtube beginning at 7:00 pm on Friday February 3rd. It was directed by Ray Kay, who in the past, has filmed videos for Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. The footage was shot in Los Angeles last month. Lambert has previously collaborated with Kay on his video 'Whataya Want From Me'.

Mansellto Tom Mansell

Off to film an interview with Adam Lambert. Don't really know much about him, but I've been told 'he's bloody brilliant'

Adam Lambert interviewed by RobCopsey

msnmusicuk MSN Music UK

Sitting down to chat with the lovely @adamlambert earlier this morning. Interview up next week


Just watched the new @adamlambert video for ' Better than I know myself' one word EPIC!!!!!!!

Sugarscape Sugarscape

Glamberts! Just had chinwag with Adam and played grosse game of Would You Rather.Videos today!Also told us about new song Naked Love. OOH.

Sugarscape Sugarscape
The man himself @AdamLambert in a very cuddly jumper

@RyanJLRyan Love   We think @adamlambert enjoyed @digitalspy's birthday card!

deanpiper deanpiper

Bit dark - but fun catching up with Mr Lambert.

CosmopolitanUK Cosmopolitan UK

Here's @adamlambert posing with his favourite UK magazine (obviously!)

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

If Glamberts get us trending - we promise to play the new @adamlambert vid every hour tomorrow between 8am and 6pm! #lambertonchartshowtv

LambertUK Adam Lambert UK
We've put pics of Adam with UK press (& fans here): Adam-related tweets here: (scroll down)

Adam's Schedule!

Thanks to Jskittlesrox

These pictures magically appeared with no credit...thanks to ?


Official Press Release




(New York – NY) Global star Adam Lambert is set to premiere the video for his first single, “Better Than I Know Myself” off his upcoming sophomore album TRESPASSING (RCA Records / 19 Entertainment) on VEVO, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, on February 3rd. The video, which is directed by Ray Kay (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, ), was shot in Los Angeles earlier this month.Ray Kay and Lambert previously worked together on the “Whataya Want From Me” video.

Later this spring, Lambert will release his highly anticipated second album TRESPASSING which he is executive producing. In mid-January Lambert appeared on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Ellen where he brought the house down with pitch perfect renditions of “Better Than I Know Myself”.

In addition to executive producing the album and co-writing many of the tracks, Lambert collaborated with an all star list of award winning artists, producers and songwriters including Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro, and BC Jean.

Since the release of Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment in 2009 it has sold nearly 2 million copies worldwide. Lambert was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Whataya Want From Me” in 2010 and also released the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD and Acoustic Live! EPs. He is first American Idol to ever tour the world in support of their debut album in the year following their IDOL season. In November of this year, Adam took to the stage in the finale of the MTV European Music Awards to sing lead vocals with Queen, who were being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Their captivating performance is widely regarded to be the highlight of the entire EMA ceremony and an indication of the outstanding years ahead in the career of Adam Lambert."


Adam on the Insider on Friday


@LeytonBLeyton Bracegirdle  YES!! Just got the new @adamlambert vid! 3 Adams to choose from. True Blood Adam, Casual Adam but my personal fave, Knitwear Adam! lol

BTIKM Video Articles


Adam Modelling!

More pictures here:


Scans thanks to @Mollyflyaway



Thanks to Caribbeanpirat

IsaacTheCarp Isaac Carpenter

@AdamLambert giving an interview way up on that ski hill.

Ay Ya Y'ay!


@hideUrfeathers Went to DIMPLES karaoke in burbank and look who they had tons of footage of karaoking 


A video of Adam Lambert performing “Outlaws of Love” — a song we’re thrilled to hear on his upcoming album, Trespassing — at a concert in Montreal found its way onto Youtube this past summer. In the clip, the singer talks about “acceptance” being a big inspiration behind his song-writing, specifically for “Outlaws of Love.” We asked Adam about it during our recent sit-down.
“I think one of the things about doing this as a career is that I’m able to give people strength and encouragement that feel like outsiders, especially being openly gay,” he told us. “But one of the things I haven’t gotten to do is sing about how it sucks sometimes, how it hurts, and the pain and the struggle that the LGBT community goes through on so many different levels. And that’s what this song is about.

“It’s really a very honest reflection of the sadness,” he said. “And it’s not the sadness about being gay, it’s the sadness about the adversity we face. That’s the difference. I don’t find being gay sad at all. I’m really happy.” Adam continued, “I think that’s another ignorant misconception. ‘Oh, it’s a really hard life.’ It’s only hard because of the ignorant people.”

Later this spring, Adam will release his highly anticipated second album which he is executive producing. In mid-January, Adam appeared on NBC’sTonight Show with Jay Leno and Ellen where he brought the house down with pitch-perfect renditions of “Better Than I Know Myself”.
In addition to executive producing the album and co-writing many of the tracks, Adam collaborated with an all-star list of award winning artists, producers and songwriters including Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro, and BC Jean.


Translation of New Blog

Fresh roses and dry twigs

Hello! Wow, my latest blog has really gotten a lot of comments!!:)It’s really interesting, inspiring and fun to read your comments. Every once in a while I have to accept also some not so nice comments and I think that you can turn even the bad comments into good ones in your mind. During my life I’ve gotten used to reading both positive and negative comments and it’s true that I can’t please everyone, no matter what I do. However, everyone has right to their own opinions, but you have to also take responsibility for expressing them. It’s funny how some people criticize my life like I was some kind of a piece in a board game, and they think that they know things better than I know myself:D. I remember when I won the Finnish Big Brother and after that ended up reading some discussion boards… WHOAHOAHOAH!! That was a mistake and that will stay in my mind forever. I was thinking at the time that how come some people can be so mean and write such slandering insanities. Those little negative comments in the middle of positive comments are not bothering me anymore. Mostly they just amuse me. Especially those that have nothing to do with reality. During my life I’ve got both good (roses) and bad (dry twigs) and found my own golden mean along which I’m walking proudly and a smile on my face. Life ain’t that serious and I just want to bring joy to everyone with this blog of mine. This really isn’t a lecture and I want to thank all you wonderful people who are standing behind me and like to come here to read my latest news.

More here:

Translation of Is_Tutka


Thanks to Snuggle6262




MediaBase Adds for BTIKM


Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

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IsaactheCarp  with his amazing new Guild guitar. SOUNDS CRISPY!!!


 Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet.
"I like when something says, 'Look at me. 
Look so closely you enter 
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Then we 
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  1. Gloria, When you say lots you mean LOTS! Thank you so much. Love that new pic of Tommy. All of it just keeps a smile on my face. XxOo, Glenda

  2. Damn Gurl! I'm having trouble keeping up with you (and Adam). I was giving myself about an hour every morning to catch up. That means coffee / breakfast at the computer before I start work.
    Now I am just overwhelmed.
    Thanks for the tweetie bird stats button. I especially love the days when Adam gets more than 1,000 new followers. I can't wait to see him get a GREAT BIG bump (lol GB) when the video is released. (haha she said GB release) sic

  3. BTIKM video out tomorrow! The snippet is so wonderful I can't imagine how awesome the entire video is going to be.

    If anyone has a screencap of the meditation scene from that video, I'd love it. I'm a big meditation & yoga person and I truly connect with that scene from the video. Adam is my mantra.

    The more I read, hear, see Sauli the more I like him. He has such a balanced outlook of life. I can see how he brings calm and harmony to Adam's world. They seem to be a match.

    Great post! XO

  4. Hey AnaGlam... I posted a couple of the meditation pictures for you! Enjoy



  5. Ahhhhhh..... I love the meditation pic too!! It is my wallpaper. I'm with you, AnaGlam. Adam is also my mantra,
    Simply adore the man, more and more each day.

    Getting so excited for more tomorrow!!! Wow!! So frickin fun being a Fanbert!!!!!


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