Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sneak Peak! 01/02/2012

Thanks to Caribbeanpirat

Ay Ya Y'ay!


@hideUrfeathers Went to DIMPLES karaoke in burbank and look who they had tons of footage of karaoking 



Summary: Lambert sits alone in a warmly lit and efficiently decorated home, ferociously scribbling something in a note pad. As the time passes, he’s moved to listen to music, meditate, attempt to get through at least one page of his book of choice and spy on the actions of his neighbors. Bouncing between such short-lived activities suggests he’s desperately trying to keep busy and prevent himself from falling victim to thinking about a certain person, who, as he sings, knows him better than anyone else does.

What could come next: Such fickle behavior will probably continue, with Lambert next opting to cook up some waffles or start building a new home entertainment system fit to blast his new album. But we foresee a big reveal by song’s end—as in the arrival of the person he’s trying to get over or forget, with a grand romantic gesture attached.He may think he wants to rid his memory of their time together, but his restlessness suggests the opposite. And to paraphrase the song, there’s someone who has a better idea of what he wants.All this is feasible, of course, but there’s also the chance that his talents with space-saving home design techniques will score him a gig at the Ikea headquarters in Sweden. We already know he likes Northern Europe.


StefanieFaleo stefanieItaliaFaleo
Just come across this beaut while looking at pics. Looking forward to catching up with Adam Lambert on friday!

 Glamberts tomorrow  and I will be hangin with . Well ask a few follower questions, so follow and tweet is your Qs!

   Screencap thanks to @cctexasgirl

Sneak Peak of BTIKM Video

For everyone!

Adam Lambert Gif thanks to @mindchnger

    Adam Lambert  holding self portrait at BIGFM Germany

Interview from Germany

Thanks to Coocoyau


Extended Version of Trespassing at very bottom of this page... Love it so much!



AmazonMusicUK Amazon Music UK

Calling all Glamberts!@adamlambert will be answering your questions in an interview filmed for Amazon.

Pressparty Pressparty
@adamlambert arrives in the UK today, Glamberts!


 Thanks to @Glamnbert for sharing her friend's photo

Vote for Adam here:

a Belgian tv station is organizing a little award 'show', and it would be amazing if we could get Adam on that nominees list! We would love to get Adam more known here in Belgium, and this would be a great start for that :)!

I know not everyone understands Dutch, that's why I made a screenshot :)!


So, you only have to write his name there, then you can scroll down and click on 'Indienen' (the red button)!
And then you're done! You don't need to sign up or register for anything :)



saulikoskinen1 saulikoskinen

New Is_Tutka


Request BTIKM at your local stations!


Adam Lambert gif thanks to @illuxxia via @virg1877

Adam and the Band with Fans in Germany

katie02151989 Katie

YAY!!!! great @adamlambert review in today's Chicago RedEye!! Good exposure! Practically everyone reads this paper!

Adam Lambert in the latest issue of the Rolling Stone!
Scan thanks to @lexiglam


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner!

thanks to @Quinn_ART via @tjrpics

 Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @smallblueangel via @tjrpics

 Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet.
"I like when something says, 'Look at me. 
Look so closely you enter 
my body.' Then our rivers unite, then our talents increase. 
Then we 
sing with a greater strength to the world a needed song...even with 
just a glance from our eyes."

With thanks to PL for sharing!


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  1. I think I'm starting to understand... Adam said that this video is going to reveal another side of the song and will make people understand the lyrics diferently... Isn't it about the dark side that every person has inside? Look at him right at the end of this sneak peak: he is looking very surprised and kinda terrified in the mirror, as if he could see his dark side, which is a part of him, but doesn't reveal that much.... Anyone else who thinks the same? :)

  2. I am so excited about the BTIKM video!! Wow!! I think it is gonna be DEEEEEEPPPPP!!! Adam meditating!! I'm loving this--and his bravery to present the song in a new, deeper light! This is why I adore this man!!

    I have been having a sense that BTIKM is going to explore the inner and the outer as well--but it is such a powerful spiritual concept. I love the way he speaks his truth--no matter what the critics wanna do with it!!

    "I shine when I wanna shine". That's our boy. He's BAAAAACCCCKKK!!! Loving every moment!!

    Thanks again for sharing it all in such easy-to-follow fashion, Gloria!! You do all the work and all I have to do is ENJOY!!! Loving you!!!! Mary

  3. Did you all notice he is writing with his left hand? Then his right? There are a number of 'mirror image' duality kinds of moments in this. I can't wait so see them ALL!!

    (I can never get my comments to post but I can anon. So, I'll do that and sign my name.) ☺


  5. Also notice the two Air tanks with hoses in the video. And the Player with Oxygen level 100% displayed.
    Maybe this is going on in his mind.
    The light and the dark side of himself are being revealed to Adam.
    Hence the surprised look.

    I like it...

  6. Hi Gloria!
    Sorry I haven't commented lately but I've been reading and enjoying your blog every day. Thank you for all your hard work in putting the Adam info together, it's very much appreciated by this Glambert!!
    AND NOW... on to the FLAILING --> OH MY GODDDDDDDD---- BTIKM VIDEO sneak peak is TO DIE FOR!!! I just can't get over how AMAZING Adam is looking these days. It's really showing in his face, being in love/living healthier - HE IS GLOWING!!! Every picture is beyond beautiful...his face is radiating LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!! Gaaaaaaa!!!! I'm so happy for him. BERT ON ~ Andrea @Powderpuffnails xoxo

  7. Oh My Gosh!
    The sneak peak of BTIKM is SO AWESOME!!!
    I ca't wait to see all the video! So excited!

    Thanks for the daily blog Gloria. :)


  8. That face - unbelievably beautiful. Love looking at it - thanks for all these wonderful pics - always grateful for all you put into this blog - lee

  9. Thanks for all the comments. Lots of theories floating around about the video. I'm thinking there will be a big surprise that none of us are expecting with the interaction between the dark and light... they've gotta merge somehow?

    I had people smiling at me in the supermarket today cause I can't stop humming that Trespassing tune.. so catchy. Of course, BTIKM isn't far underneath.




  10. Can't wait for BTIKM vid.

    The BTS vid showed another set on the other side of the mirror. I suspect the sneak just showed us everything on one side - the light side. Remember the shot taken during the filming where he was dressed in the Gareth Pugh jacket? That's the alter ego - the dark side.

    The mirror will probably fade to show that persona at the end.

    Just wanted to get it out there before the release *g*

  11. so excited for new video and album it's not even coolhow excited i am.

    @Carla i am thinking like you that this video is going to be more of a look at both Adam's light and dark side more an inner look then an outer one.

  12. I am hoping you can send the Lindy vid. to SYTYCD. I think they would be thrilled to see the talent of the dancers. And of course Sasha and Twitch are phenomenal in this.


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