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Home Sweet Adam! 09/02/2012


Finland Rocks!

illuxxia minna

Better Than I Know Myself - Radio NRJ Finland Top Ten #1 for full seven weeks:D@adamlambert

Great Interview

Gaydar Interview

NML New.Music.Live.
Adam Lambert won today's #VideoClash with 61% of the vote! Way to go Glamberts! Check back tomorrow for Monday's video clash.

Translation of InRock Article


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Fresh1027NY Fresh 102.7

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Bid on 2 Passes to meet Adam in March!


Adam Lambert Calls Prop 8 Ruling 'Best Medicine Ever'

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BTIKM Music video is popular in: 

Compared to WWFM Music Video... but I'm not sure if this is right now which I would think it is!


You can order InRock Magazine here;


Picture from Swedish teen mag Frida (the link has a virus threat so not including it)

Adam Lambert Home! Whew! Thanks to all the European fans and radio stations for your time and energy! :)
 Adam Lambert 

And of course the journalists as well :)

 Adam Lambert 

The moons all witchy in the Hollywood sky tonight.


 : The lovely  will be joining me tonight on my show on . Show starts at 6. 


And He Can Draw!  Very Impressive!
So much detail!


Chartshow 40 minute interview from Yesterday- 

-a lot of metaphor, very deep and  a lot of fashion in the BTIKM video
-sets up the tone of the album Trespassing and the dichotomy of dark and light

-wanted something emotional and vocal (that's what he does)
-Trespassing- pride, confidence and I'm gonna do what I want 

Dark side deals with insecurity, anxiety and self sabotage; the ups and downs of life

-brainstormed with Ray Kay and Diane Martel gave a lot of ideas for the video
-record label also had ideas
(Played BTIKM video)

-WWFM- some logistical issues and miscommunication so it didn't go in the UK
-he will continue to perform the song live but it will not be released in the UK
(played WWFM MV)

-hairspiration... friend Abrea.. she has amazing ideas- she's the only one that touches his hair

-doesn't know if he wants children...he feels like a 20 year old when it comes to dating.. maybe someday

-next tour hopefully will be bigger, badder and wilder

-Pharrel - Told management"if he will work with me, I would die to work with him"

-turning point for the album..gave Adam the key to the funk part

-Queen...proud Dads...there's a possibility that we might be doing something again in the future so stay tuned

FYE hit #37 in the UK

Three cities he played in England: London and the rest is a blur

Trespassing : will make you dance and make you cry! Maybe at the same time


Adam Lambert interview: 'I'd love to work with Jessie J'

Watch what he had to say below: 

Adam Lambert releases 'Better Than I Know Myself' on March 11. The album,Trespassing, follows in the spring. 

March 2012 Issue of InRock Magazine Japan thanks to ?

google translate

New feelings to speak of Adam
Having met her boyfriend of now, very powerful, was an important milestone

January 11, in the office of Adam Lambert Manejimento of Los Angeles, leading the first song released on 6 of 22 will be included in the second album "Tres passing his" (released March 28) month (2 other than the single "Better Than I Know Myself" bullet was able to listen to quickly, the!) super rare condition called rough mix before mastering yet.

- In the latest press releases, your comments about this new "I represent the exciting journey of my life over the past two years two years since this was the view of life-changing time." And but I saw it running, the event will be when saying something particularly impressive in the past two years?
I think I met this boyfriend of now: Adam Lambert. Very powerful, was an important event. That built a relationship with him, I have changed my life very much. I was very much me to enrich my life, me inspired me, makes you feel great. It 's very exciting. I am a long time, was looking for such relationship. Besides, I've been with me feel the same way he has.

Please see this continued (Vol.339) March 2012 issue of In Rock released Wednesday, February 15, 2008.



What Song Does Adam Lambert Recommend for Sex?




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We’re Talking Let’s Talk Day, Adam Lambert, and Lights


Adam Lambert Schedule and Events



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They are going to release more pictures once they get to 150!


Charity Water

Raised $41,898 so far... goal is $100,000

Interview with Ashley

Ashley "Zeridigan"

She talks about Adam and the band and Leno and Ellen performances

Starts around 31:00

Nile Rodgers with Adam Mention

The Blondes

Will Adam attend their show this week?

Entry thanks to @Hungarevival

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  1. He is an ARTIST ! Wow, that drawing is amazing, the line, the perspective, very impressive. What a many talented incredible man he is .... although nothing should surprise us about him, cure cancer, solve world peace, all in a days work !

  2. Is there no end to Adam's talent? I don't think so.

  3. Just had to say - love that first post by elKat-bert - so funny - Lee

    Going to look at all the great stuff her now - be back later.

  4. Adam had been asked all kinds of questions and we all know how amazing he is so i guess the only question left to ask is "What can't he do well?" I would assume the answer to be nothing as he seems to do it all flawlessly.

  5. Really like the pic in InRock magazine (ordered it - lol) where Adam is sitting on the stairs with the bright green background. Stunning.

    Also the pic from Frida where he's all in black, sitting on the edge of a couch - what I find very interesting are his hands - they are extraordinarily graceful - and I've noticed how he positions his fingers is very unusual - hard to do, actually. His thumb, too, curls back far more than average. This isn't something new - I've noticed these things before. He must have very flexible joints - seen also in his ability to bend backwards easily.

    Of course, as others have noted, he'd probably be struck dumb if he couldn't use his hands - so funny.

    Listened to the interviews - has a great speaking voice - clear and very resonant - pretty obvious he's a singer.

    The New York interviews should be gearing up - looking forward to those and more spins.

    Luvya, lee


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