Friday, 10 February 2012

Summer Sonic Happening! 10/02/2012

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 On i93 interview: Talked a LOT about Trespassing, Great fans, V-day in NY w Sauli..dinner.. fashion week parties. \o/ Best interview today!!

Adam at the Grammys






Need your positive thoughts today and some good luck.. 

Thanks to the amazing @Merrie_LINY, I have a chance to meet Adam in NYC on Tuesday, February 14th.  

Have one day to fly to NYC,  see Adam and fly home, so if the timing and the plane schedule works, I'm going.... 

Come on Universe!

Congrats to @Merrie_LINY for winning the contest and thanks for being a great friend !

(2nd Anniversary of Rock My Town in NYC!)

MSN Interview


 Adam Lambert 

Konnichiwa, Japan! I'll see you at Summer Sonic on August 18 & 19! 


@lilybop2010 Thanks! It's a music festival so the audience come and go all the time. Total 150k audience or more. It's a huge event.

9 minutes ago


@lilybop2010 I guess 50k for the main stage.


LOOOL Now Japanese fans are ordering "I ♡ Adam" towel at Sony Music Store for the Summer Event.

This is the towel!

bani_ bani

Ah ha!Last year's Summer Sonic was televised later on!( 2 month later)



 Adam so cute!



In Demand on Youtube


Full Gaydar Interview thanks to @GaleChester

NML New.Music.Live.

Adam Lambert won today's #VideoClash with 61% of the vote! Way to go Glamberts! Check back tomorrow for Monday's video clash.


Adam Lambert won today's #VideoClash with 61% of the vote! Way to go Glamberts! Check back tomorrow for Monday's video clash.

Be sure to check the links for Voting and Vote for Adam!

IMPORTANT:  Read the info regarding the Musicque Plus voting... Adam's gotta be out of #1 place today!



Chartshow 40 minute interview- My summary

-a lot of metaphor, very deep and  a lot of fashion in the BTIKM video
-sets up the tone of the album Trespassing and the dichotomy of dark and light

-wanted something emotional and vocal (that's what he does)
-Trespassing- pride, confidence and I'm gonna do what I want 

Dark side deals with insecurity, anxiety and self sabotage; the ups and downs of life

-brainstormed with Ray Kay and Diane Martel gave a lot of ideas for the video
-record label also had ideas
(Played BTIKM video)

-WWFM- some logistical issues and miscommunication so it didn't go in the UK
-he will continue to perform the song live but it will not be released in the UK
(played WWFM MV)

-hairspiration... friend Abrea.. she has amazing ideas- she's the only one that touches his hair

-doesn't know if he wants children...he feels like a 20 year old when it comes to dating.. maybe someday

-next tour hopefully will be bigger, badder and wilder

-Pharrel - Told management"if he will work with me, I would die to work with him"

-turning point for the album..gave Adam the key to the funk part

-Queen...proud Dads...there's a possibility that we might be doing something again in the future so stay tuned

FYE hit #37 in the UK

Three cities he played in England: London and the rest is a blur

Trespassing : will make you dance and make you cry! Maybe at the same time


Ashley's Interview thanks to @Scorpios4Music


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

ashleydzerigian Ashley Dzerigian
“@MrRaulPacheco:Hanging with the glambert crew@adamlambert@ashleydzerigian” love you, Raul!

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Today, you should know
....that the greatest enemy of individual freedom is the
individual himself.

Saul Alinsky said that, and he was right. In almost every
case, nothing is stopping you, nothing is holding you back
but your own thoughts about yourself and about "how life is." 

Your personal freedom to experience yourself and life
as you wish is not being limited. Step into your choices
and stop telling yourself that you can't, when what you
really mean is that you don't want other people to feel the
way you think that are going to feel when they see you making
the choices you really want to make. Got it?

Thanks Neale Donald Walsch


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  1. wow how exciting will cross my fingers the universe is kind to you. can't wait to hear all about it.


  2. Ahhhhh! My heart gave a Valentine leap for you. My fingers are crossed big time. XxOo, Glenda

  3. So excited for you and for US!! Bring back the full experience. Carry it in your heart. I'll be carrying all in mine.

  4. Fingers and toes are crossed. Hope everything works out and you can see and MEET Adam in NYC!!!

  5. Awww, the bestest of luck to you! Very excited to hear about it from you

    The interview in Sweden is the cutest :)

    XO Tatiana

  6. OH WOW!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR YOU !!! I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you sweetie- you deserve this so much !!! Please Planet Fierce, let it all work out for Gloria! Awesome blog as always xoxo
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  7. Oh good luck! Hope the trip to see Adam works out, and not just for you but for us too. Can just imagine the story you will tell! Just watched the MSN interview on full screen and Adam was so close-up it was like having him here in my bedroom. Well maybe not quite! LOL. Fingers crossed! Jennifer

  8. Just checked the MSN interview. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for posting! Oh, this year will be so much fun with all the new music and promotion and, fingers crossed, a tour!
    Prayers to the Universe for your good luck,

  9. OMG! That is so nice! Putting it out to the universe for you:))

  10. I'll keep my fingers crossed Gloria. Good luck! Kathy

  11. Hi Gloria,

    So excited for you to meet Adam. You have done so much to promote everything good about him (and everyone else in his life). He must know who you are, and I'm sure he is grateful for your effort—I know I am———everyday!

    All body parts crossed,


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