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Leap Day Challenge! 29/02/2012

New IS_Tutka and translation:

Swedish Article in Frida Magazine

Translation of New Swedish Article:


Better Than I Know Myself is already #1.... vote here:


Adam Lambert Gif thanks to  somebody's tumblr

The members of Adamtopia are looking for 1000 Adam fans to donate $5 (or less or more)  

They have pledged $5000 in matching donations so let's make them pay!  

Wouldn't it be great to hit Adam's goal of $100,000 today and don't forget to pledge your birthday!

Include the words "Leap Day Challenge" in your comment to qualify



The Adam Lambert Charity Water Leap Day Challenge

TODAY -- LEAP DAY,we are asking all Adam fans to help Adam's 30th Birthday Charity Water Campaign hit the $100,000 campaign goal.

As of 12:00AM ET on February 29, 2012, Adam Lambert fans were already over half way to the goal with $51,937 raised so far and with 31 days left.

We have committed to match up to $5 of every donation to Adam’s 30th Birthday Charity Water Campaign. So if you donate $1, we will donate an additional $1. And if you donate $10, we will donate an additional $5.

So donate $1 on LEAP DAY and it will be matched with a $1 contribution. Donate $2 on LEAP DAY and it will be matched with a $2 contribution. Donate $3 and....... ETC.

How can you help?

1.DONATETODAY. make a contribution to Adam Lambert's Charity Water 30th Birthday page: donation is too small every dollar really counts, and no donation is too large;).

Donate from 12:00AM ET 2.29.12 until 11:59PM PT on 2.29.12. (Yes, we're making it a 27 hour long Leap Day!!)

If you include the words "LEAP DAY CHALLENGE", in your donor comment we will match up to $5 of your contribution.

Donate to Adam’s 30th Birthday Charity Water Campaign here:

2.BE A MATCHING DONORSign up to be a “Leap Day Challenge” Matching Donor. You can sign up to match donations totaling $100 or more. The sign-up list is located here. You must include your Adamtopia ID to be on the Match Donor list but it is fast, free and easy to become a member.

Sign up here:

or post here we’ll add you to the list.

You can sign up to be a Matching Donor from now until 11:59PM PT on 2.29.12.

Adam Lambert thanks to

Lots more here:


Lawsuit Resolved!

Personally, I will never buy this album unless Adam asks us to... you can make your own choice!
Adam Lambert click for gif

Thanks to Creative Sharka at

12 adds this week + 7 stations visits in the next 10 days or so, Moscow Olympic Arena 'warmup concert"!!! Niiiice to be an Adam fan!

(Ed note:  Always nice ot be an Adam fan! :))

ADAM LAMBERT's "Better Than I Know Myself" jumps 32-27 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 chart.

BTIKM #1 in Japan!!


Interview from Russia translated! Lots of good news!

Bakeev: I've seen clips of his participation. I saw Queen & Adam collaboration on EMA. This is a man very close to Freddie. He inwardly, internally very close to Freddie. He is also a great expert, and he has the same sexual orientation. And he does not hide and I think that's a plus, because it is a kind of disinhibition, very nervous, deep penetration into the material. And yet, I really like that he keeps his distance. It just shows that he is not going to copy Freddie. That's what I like. He is very respectful for the musical material, and Adam shows sometimes that he can easely sing as Freddy technically. But he re-reads and displays his own attitude. In this sense, I’m looking forward to this concert eagerly, because I think it would be very cool. Especially because we all know that Queen are a perfectionists. Each unit is approved, each lamp is adopted. They are going to do a serious show. They said: "All that will be not find in Russia, will be bringing with them abroad" And etc. So we are waiting for a big concert for 26 thousand spectators. This will be a dance concert. There will be a big fan zone, a large dance floor, will be VIPzone as well. This will be on Olympic Arena.

Adam Lambert and the Glee Boys!

All the Radio Station Numbers have totally confused me so I'm not gonna even try..  LOL!

Check out all the latest contests and events here:


More on Upcoming American Idol Performance

Past Idol Favorites to Perform on Season 11

American Idol has set the bar high in terms of talent. Successful artists come out of this competition every year regardless of whether or not they win the top prize. This season some of your favorite past contestants return to perform their new music as we watch the current hopefuls compete to stand out.
According to The Hollywood Reporterincluded are Season 8 finalist Adam Lambert who is set to release his second album, Trespassing, this spring,

Celebrities Without Makeup

Adam Lambert

Wow! Who expected to see a man on the list? Adam Lambert is one of few men who can pull off eyeliner, nail polish, and other over-the-top fashion choices, due to his similarly over-the-top stage persona. Here, though, we see that Adam makes quite the attractive gentleman without all of those extra beauty products!


@shellambie Meatloaf just mentioned Adam on Daybreak &said he is 1 of 3 singers who R above any1 else!-the others being Whitney & Aretha”

Explanation of Vocal techniques thanks to Jeroen Manuhutu


Thanks to @80s_and_sunny from the new Rolling Stone


Here's the translation of IS_Tutka from yesterday thanks to  and  

Recap of yesterday's Is_Tutka about Sauli's experience at the Elton John Party... translation coming soon


More Party News

Perry wasn’t the only A-lister at the soiree — Miley CyrusAdam Lambert, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and many more attended the star-studded event.

Gotta finish watching this Two Hour Queen Documentary


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  2. Janie! I know what you mean. There is so much excitement now and for the future I can hardly contain myself anymore.



  3. so much good stuff so happy and proud of Adam and all he has accomplished. I predict in 10yrs that young musicians will be looking back and mentioning how Adam was a big influnce of their life and their music. he will be a musical icon from this genration just like mj and madonna were.


  4. Yes - Adam's future is wide open - the boy can do anything. He is just so multi-talented and smart - fascinating to watch. Love it all - Thanks for the great stuff here today - Donated! luv, lee


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