Thursday, 1 March 2012

Adam's In Denver! 01/03/2012

Great day today in Denver! Got to sing for some lucky 
radio contest winners and get lots of hugs!


After you've dusted the powder off your ski jacket and enjoyed a fabulous dinner, settle in for a private concert. After Friday night's International Buffet Banquet, you'll enjoy an intimate concert by one of today's top contemporary musical artists - Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert came to prominence following his appearance on the eighth season of American Idol.  Lambert launched a music career after signing with  RCA Records.  His debut studio album For Your Entertainment (2009) debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, selling 198,000 copies in the United States in its first week, and reaching the top ten in several countries worldwide.



Thanks to NiteNurseStat

   Vocals WITH Bruno??? Does that mean duet??? Or just that he was in studio w/him and laid down vocal trax.

@adamlambert    it means he was in the studio while I recorded vocals. :)

Unbelievable experience hearing @adamlambert sing WWFM and BTIKM unplugged in the studio @Alice1059 in Denver!

Adamtopia's Matching Program Extended one more day!  Congrats to all the lovely members of Atop for inspiring over $12,000 of donations to Charity Water on their leap day challenge!  They still have money to match so lets see the total reach $75,000 or higher today.  Just donate $5 and put "March Matchness" or "Leap Day Challenge"  in the comments.  Thanks to everyone who was so generous yesterday!  Adam fans are amazing :) (Started yesterday morning at $51,397)

Adam’s Charity: Water page at 11:59PM PT 2.29.12 the end of the first day of the LEAP DAY CHALLENGE.


The Adam Lambert Charity Water Leap Day Challenge Extended


Leap Day Challenge extended one more day!!

We have $3,400 remaining in match pledges which is enough to add another day. And more than enough to get the total up to $70K or more!!

So how did we do in the first day 12:00AM ET to 11:59PM PT (27 hours)?

22 Matching donations made $2,400
452 Other donations $10,014

474 Total donations $12,414


We've just launched our March eCover on EQ feat. @adamlambert - Check out our interview with the pop superstar now on


EQ Video Interview with Adam Lambert from EQ Video on Vimeo.



Adam performs in the Lounge at Denver's MIX 100 (HAC)

mickivick: Adam at Lax tonight! (Last night)


Vote Once an hour!  BTIKM Music Video was #1 on MM yesterday... let's keep it there for always :)

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If Adam were the star in a movie, what song would be playing when his character is introduced?

Video answer here:

The next star of our Acoustic Cafe is the amazing Adam Lambert on March 13th at the Russian Lady in Hartford.
Last time Lambert was in town, Christine Lee hung out with him backstage and the two were able to talk about all things Glam!

Old interview from 96.5 in Hartford


Adam in Swedish Magazine Frida

More pages here:


@MIX1029DFW: Do u have a question for adamlambert for Mondays Mix Session in the Mazda Music Lounge! Leave it on FB


Adam Lambert will be performing at the show, the singer announced earlier this month in an interview with Vh1. The show will tape on April 5 at the Avalon in Hollywood and will air on April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Logo.

More New/Old pictures thanks to


Interview translated here:



.@ADAMLAMBERT on Chinese teenage magazine < Crazy English > March.vol101


Grrrr_girl On the streets of Moscow already!! @AdamLambert and Queen!!! 

Queen to perform in Moscow with Adam Lambert

Queen is considered one of the most famous rock bands in history. Queen has sold over 500 million albums. 


Thanks to karababy42


New IS_Tutka and translation:

Adam in NYC thanks to ?

American Idol News

Adam gonna appear (hopefully once Trespassing is out)

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

RIP Davy Jones! �� The Monkees was my first concert ever.


Gotta finish watching this Two Hour Queen Documentary


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  1. would like to donate form Europe. But its very complicated, if you don't have a creditcard. Someone who knows an easy way?

  2. If anyone has questions about donating to the Adamtopia campaign please email

    I'm just a messenger :)

  3. Gloria! OMG! I WON a meet and greet with Adam here in Dallas for Monday. Will they give us something to sign? Can you take an LP in for him to sign? Can you bring in your own camera? Please help me prepare! Nerves and excitemnent!> How much time will you get with him? Can you ask for a hug? Can you wait around outside?

  4. popping in for just a moment before heading out to and wanted to say HI.


  5. Paulasee: Congratulations hun!

    SO happy for you! I would take something for Adam to sign although at my Meet and Greet he didn't sign anything but he did outside afterwards. Cameras were allowed but they asked us not to use them during the show.

    Definitely ask for a hug and I got less than a minute with him. Every event is different.

    Just remember to breathe and if you are the type to freeze, prepare what you want to say. If you need anything more, email me

  6. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? I'm so busy recommending you I forget to tell you what this blog means to me! EVERYTHING!



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