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Gay Best Friend! 02/03/2012

OMG  this is Gorgeous!

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Adam performs at Alice in Denver


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Adam Lambert answers your questions

Adam Lambert and Jasmine


Looking for a transcription!
We trended to ge a video released today?

“@FAULTMagazine: Huge props to stylist @AvoYermagyan & photographer Miguel Starcevich”android pale mannequin Realness

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FAULT ISSUE 10 LAUNCHED – Place your deposit NOW

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@brokerem If you're not on FB, please email info@ for a direct link to place your deposit.

For those of you wondering about the current price of Issue 10: After another 100 deposits the price will be £12 + P&P

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RE: @FAULTMagazine Guys, as of now the issue price is £12 + P&P. After another 500 orders we'll reduce to £10.50 + P&…


@twittterpulse Issue 10 is released March 31st so after that.

Adam Lambert shot by Miguel Starcevich & styled by Avo Yermagyan for FAULT Issue 10

Articles here:

On choosing the album title Trespassing:“The title track serves as a great mission statement for me as an artist and for how I live my life. I also wanted to give a name to what listeners would be doing by listening to the album. They’re essentially trespassing into my world, getting to know me much more in-depth than ever.”

"There are songs on the album that embrace my rock 'n roll spirit and my love of club culture. Yet, underneath it all I'm not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry."

Speaking about his upcoming second album Trespassing, Lambert said that he wants fans to know that he is a "crazy hedonistic rebel who wants to liberate the masses". 

"There are songs on the album that embrace my rock n roll spirit and my love of club culture," he explained. "Yet, underneath it all I'm not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. 

"I'm hard on myself and critical. There are songs on Trespassing that deal with that anxiety. Until I met my current boyfriend, I was always falling for the wrong guys which caused my self-worth to suffer. This is just some of what the album explores."

Adam also spoke of what it was like to work with fashionista and producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams: 
"He's shaped pop over the past decade in a major way. I was a bit intimidated at the prospect of writing together. We clicked when it came to more grand scheme philosophies and started our songwriting from there. He's a ******* rock star. I was so inspired."

I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem," Adam says. "I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. I'm hard on myself and critical."

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Adam Answers Question #4


I caught up with  and at the MTV EMA Awards last year - good times!

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I removed all the vector text from the Poplick Cover. Here's the HQ cover wthout text

(Closeup thanks to ?)

Adam, You are my gay bff!
 (whether you know it or not!)

Is the final track finished? 
 Will Trespassing be released in  April? 
(Note Adam shaking his head "yes" and crossing fingers in video!)

RT @rubyhfa By the way @adamlambert did say he just finished doing some vocals w/Bruno Mars!

‏ @AdamsArmyGirl 
@ScorpioBert @rubyhfa @adamlambert Vocals WITH Bruno??? Does that mean duet??? Or just that he was in studio w/him and laid down vocal trax.

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert
@AdamsArmyGirl @scorpiobert @rubyhfa it means he was in the studio while I recorded vocals.


Great day today in Denver! Got to sing for some lucky 
radio contest winners and get lots of hugs!

 that IS a good day


After you've dusted the powder off your ski jacket and enjoyed a fabulous dinner, settle in for a private concert. After Friday night's International Buffet Banquet, you'll enjoy an intimate concert by one of today's top contemporary musical artists - Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert came to prominence following his appearance on the eighth season of American Idol.  Lambert launched a music career after signing with  RCA Records.  His debut studio album For Your Entertainment (2009) debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, selling 198,000 copies in the United States in its first week, and reaching the top ten in several countries worldwide.



Adam sings BTIKM intro Acapella

Pictures of Adam in Fault magazine will be here sometime today:


@binky1958 @adamlambert I know, you are gonna love it!!! He's stylin' as usual and again, OMG, he's so tall and gorgeous!

He was so nice and down to earth, I sat like right in front of him! He sang so beautifully I wanted to cry!

 ‏ @rubyhfa
I still can't believe it! We have to wait to get our pix from @Alice1059. We got to chat with Adam a bit, asked him questions. He's so hot!

 ‏ @rubyhfa
@dorihb @tomitweets @Glamfan1 OMG! It was an amazing experience! Only 9 of us in the studio! Adam was literally 2 ft. from me!


The video will be up on @Alice1059 website tomorrow around 11:30 am MST so you can see his performance!


Thanks to NiteNurseStat


Order Adam's Skeleton Key here!

‏ @JohnKearns

@adamlambert on air with @JohnKearns declares his favourite album of all time to be Madonna's Ray of Light

" House of Leaves,kale chips and coconut water, Velvet Goldmine, Sowli boyfriend, Ray of Light by Madonna"

Adam's boyfriend "Sowli Koskinen" thanks to

Atlanta's Getting some Adam time!

Star 94 is bringing @adamlambert to Atlanta for a special A-List Lounge! Win your way in here!…

The Star 94 "A-List Lounge" experience is unlike any other music event most people in Atlanta will ever have. You'll never be able to buy a ticket for any of these exclusive, intimate concerts for Star 94 listeners. Our next A-List Lounge features Adam Lambert on Thursday, March 8th. He will perform an intimate acoustic set for Star 94 listeners only. Winners will meet Adam and get their picture taken with him too. Check out the 3 different ways to win you way in!

Text "ADAM" to 51539 before Tuesday March 6th at noon to get the special text on how to win passes!

Click HERE to join the Star 94 A-List and sign up to win a pair of passes!

Check out Star 94's Facebook page throughout the day to know when to listen to Star 94 and call in to win!

Kansas City soon!

ponchontheradio Going to have a chance to meet @adamlambert and hear his new music live! Details soon...


Most of the March Events!


Thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

: "BTIKMS" is #1 on the international radio 

chart in Japan! Thanks for all your support!!! 

@adamlambert BTIKM Top 10 hit in Japan. Coming in at #9 on Billboard Japan Hot 100

Sign up for Rate the Music ( Adult Pop Contemporary to rate BTIKM)

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Queen and Adam

Christie Goodwin
Adam Lambert to Perform with Queen at UK's Sonisphere Festival. Watch this space, I'm shooting!

Sonisphere organiser: 'Fans shouldn't expect a Freddie Mercury-style show when Queen play'

Asked how he went about booking Queen, Galbraith said: "I rang them the day after the MTV EMAs. I thought their performance with Adam that night was stunning and I literally rang them the following day. They weren't hesitant at all. It was one of those calls that was at the right time. It was surprisingly straightforward. Knebworth has a very dear place in their hearts; it was the last place that Freddie ever sang with the band. It's been 26 years since then and the idea of playing there again instantly struck a chord with them. They were into the idea right from the start."

Adam Lambert at the Elton John Oscar Party.. good picture choice at least!

MTV about the now Authorized, Unauthorized Album

IMO:  Won't be buying the second album unless Adam actually tells us to!

Russia and Homosexuality :(


Gotta finish watching this Two Hour Queen Documentary


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  1. I am totally shocked by the Russian new Law so I posted it on FB. That is horrible. I also love your cartoons and think you should be adam's official website since your site has all the info and his is limited and often not up to date. Do his "people" know about your site? Well they should and you should get paid for all of your diligent yet rewarding work, you are spectacular.

  2. Cathey: I agree that the Russian law is shocking but I do believe Adam will be fine in Moscow. Not worried.

    Thanks for your comment about my site. I do this daily blog only to promote Adam to new fans and to keep present fans informed and hooked :) I believe the people who run the nominated fansite were pretty shocked and aren't looking for awards either. So no worries. As long as we are all promoting in Adam's best interests, it's all good!

    The rewards I have received as a result of being an Adam fan in terms of friends, fun, excitement as well as gifts and meet and greets are more than I ever expected.
    Appreciate the love, of course!



  3. xoxo have a wonderful weekend

  4. Gloria, your site is the one I always look forward to. You remain the most positive and uplifting Adam site. You always focus on the good stuff, and that is all I want to focus on--so it works for me!!

    I just moved to KC today and now I see that Adam is going to come here!! I guess the Universe heard my request AGAIN! Wow!! Do I lead a charmed life or what? Am I going to finally meet Adam?? Watch and see!!

  5. Love MadManInBedlam! What a gorgeous piece of work. And those photos from Fault Magazine. UNF! Adam is looking a lot thinner these days. Not that there was anything wrong with the other Adam. I just hope he's keeping himself healthy. There's a lot to be done in 2012! XO

  6. Been running around all day today, but stopped by to see all the gorgeous pics you've posted. God - whatta face - those perfect features - but distinctive. Apparently these photos have been all over the place - good!

    Didn't like the tone of the Attitude/Brumfitt article - a little too precious and above-it-all - came across as snobby - immediately developed a dislike to the guy. Just help Adam, Brumfitt, and I may forgive you - dope.
    Luvya, sweetheart - lee


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