Saturday, 3 March 2012

Smoldering! 03/03/2012

I'm Going!!

Gotta Tell You All Something!

I'm going to be doing another minute by minute tweeting frenzy next Tuesday, March 13th when I attend the Acoustic Cafe in Hartford, CT.  

I received this ticket from an amazing friend who has a connection (alway helps) to the event sponsor.  

Yes, it's true!  I'm going to meet Adam again.  I'm busy planning my strategy and was thinking that I would be thrilled to present him with a package of letters from some Glamberts who have not had a chance to meet him.

So start writing! What would you like to tell Adam (and me)? I will print out all emails received and present them to Adam in a special way (which I will figure out)  

Please include your twitter name and put "Adam Letter" in the Subject line.

Barely breathing again!!!!

(I have already received more than 10 letters... keep them coming and I will put them together into a nice book or folder or something for Adam!)


Teddi ‏ @mstj55
Adam in Vail last night! 400 attendees at private concert!



Thanks to @GaleChester


adamlambert "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris is SO good! 

Love that bass line.

Vote for NewNextNOw  Superfan site award here;


Thanks to @terra_zephead

Click on Full Story at this link


@cutiepi300 25 stars who Google themselves. Look at number 1! (it's alphabetical)

Lambert admitted to not always being sure of himself, saying, “I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgment and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. I’m hard on myself and critical.”

Better Than I Know Myself #17 on VH1 this morning!  

Thanks to @GaleChester

Adam Lambert and band perform at Charity event in Vail thanks to  kln51288

@adamlambert and @ladyteti rocking Juliette friendship bracelets. New besties @ Vail Cascade Resort and Spa

The Band!

 Tommy Joe Ratliff, Ashley, Kevin and Issac via @kevmokeys
Tommy Joe Ratliff and Ashley Dzerigian thanks to @ashleydzerigian

Thanks to @-ninni

 Thanks to @GaleChester and Glamberts Worldwide!

 For some reason I cant read this:  !!! without hearing a young  yelling it

Check this out! 66 pages of beauty!


Update:  BTIKM debuted today at #17!!! Vote!!!


Glamberts, as promised BTIKM will debut on Top 20. Tune in early; it's not gonna crack the top 10, but at least it's on, right? #Patience

: Adam in UK GLAMOUR Magazine scan.



‏ @FAULTMagazine 

RE: @FAULTMagazine Guys, as of now the issue price is £12 + P&P. After another 500 orders we'll reduce to £10.50 + P&…


@brokerem If you're not on FB, please email info@ for a direct link to place your deposit.

The sparkling baby blues of the American Idol runner-up were shining bright against the stars dark hair and smouldering eye make-up. His camel colored corduroy (say that three times fast) double-breasted coat looked amazing over top his tartan dinner jacket and crisp white dress shirt. The ruby velvet tie added a hint of decadence to an already perfect look. Judging from the style of the coat I would guess that it was Burberry but looking at the buttons my guess quickly switches to Versace. But camel chord Versace? Well if it was it wasn’t from the most recent Fall 2102 Versace men’s collection but perhaps it is a custom piece. After all it’s Adam Lambert we’re talking about here.
The Cover and shoot was shot by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan. You can follow him on Twitter here @AvoYermagyan.

American Idol: How HOT does Adam Lambert look in his shoot for Fault magazine? 

Performance and Interview from Alice Radio Denver


Thanks to @Bloody_Viki

Adam Answers Question #4

Old Review of FYE from NZ....must listen :)

Thanks to Vesna K for sharing this!


Not sure what this is saying but it's all good and all Adam!


Spreckles  March Radio Promo

Mix 102.9 Dallas



We’ve all heard people try to sing an Irish tune on St. Patrick’s Day.  But NO ONE will hit the high notes…quite like ADAM LAMBERT.  So, we’ve invited him to Kansas City for our EXCLUSIVE LATE Patrick’s Day party in the Point Lounge, MONDAY, March 19th!  If YOU would like to meet Adam AND see him perform live, keep listening every workday at 7:10am, 11:10am, 3:10pm, and 5:10pm to win passes for you and a guest!

Good luck – and Happy LATE PATRICK’S Day – from 99.7 The Point!

All the Radio Promo in One place!


Most of the March Events!


Sonisphere expecting one of the ‘best ever’ performances from Queen

On booking the band, Galbraith revealed he made the call shortly after seeing surviving active members Brian May and Roger Taylor collaborating with Adam Lambert onstage.
“I rang them the day after the MTV EMAs,” he continued. “I thought their performance with Adam that night was stunning and I literally rang them the following day. They weren’t hesitant at all. It was one of those calls that was at the right time. It was surprisingly straightforward.”


I love Finnish Priorities!

89% interested  in Sauli and Adam

11% interested in Sauli and Jenni (new prime minister of Finland and his wife)


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Everytime Adam declares his love for Sauli, this song comes to mind... Hope we can hear him sing it someday!



  1. xox have an awesome weekend

  2. Those "Flaunt" pics are just beautiful works of art - other-worldly - so glad to see their being disseminated so widely among the media. Excellent! luv, lee

  3. This promotional tour is so good for Adam and his fans!! He is really getting out there and werking it! I love that so many fans are getting a chance to meet him and so many DJ's are getting to know him as well.

    Adam's new look is definitely getting the attention of so many new fans. I know that so many of my non-Adam friends, and family have been telling me how fabulous he looks without makeup (whatever)...I obviously love both light and dark Adam , but I am glad to see that he is gaining new fans !!

    As usual, thank you Gloria for an awesome post...xo

  4. Gloria thanks for posting the link to Adam's Tattoo Skeleton Key Pendant! I just ordered mine and I can't wait to get it! I'm going to wear mine on a black ribbon cuz don'tcha know mateys that pirates always wore keys around their necks on a ribbon?! Teeee heeee! Just Love Our Adam!

  5. Do you need someone to carry your bags? Get you food or water if you have to wait in line?

    So happy for you...again! I'm thinking about a letter to Adam; I just don't know what to say that hasn't already been said a thousand times.

  6. Glorious,
    I am so glad you get to meet HRH again! And thank you for posting that he is invited to Kansas City-I listen to 99.7 the Point, and I will stalk them (phone-wise) until I win tickets! And this time I won't invite a non-Glambert to come with me, because it isn't as fun that way.

  7. Ana Glam: I wish I could take you along.... really!

    I have already received about 10 letters and each one is very special from the heart. I'm sure Adam would be happy to hear whatever you want to tell him.

    Do it!



  8. Adam looks SO amazing. Beautiful pictures!

    I love Finnish Priorities!
    Me too! :D

    You are going to meet Adam again? WOW, great news! :) I'm looking forward to your tweets about it. And your offer to deliver all the letters from Adam's fans is so sweet. Thank you very much for doing it all for us Gloria. You are the best!

  9. You can only vote 20 times in 24 hours on VH1 top 20 countdown. BUT, if you have more than one browser( internet Explorer,Firefox,Google, etc) you can vote 20 times on EACH browser) js

  10. gloria you are so lucky. I just registered to try to win a meet and greet in nashville march 9, i tried this before and was not sccessful. you don't need to post this as i will be writing a letter to give to adam soon.


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