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Million Views! 05/02/2012

Adam Lambert at the Stockholm showcase thanks to @_ninni
Thanks to @stinemariek

Thanks to @_Starsign_


UK Showcase Review

Adam Lambert click for gif thanks to LynnsBlueeyedsoul

"The only person who knows Adam Lambert better than he knows himself is -- well -- Adam Lambert."

Over 1 Million Views!

@monalee62 Eileen
@eri9 Yep! #BTIKM1Million

Adam Retweeted this:

 Elif Clever Abay 


Here is how to loop the video so it plays over and over

Listen to Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour thanks to @mmyy9

 Liam McEwan 

LaVelle Smith (MJ's dancer and choreographer), just messaged me about my new vid: "So rock dude". 

Congrats Liam!  You are amazing!

Adam Lambert Gif thanks to Coocyau..Photos thanks to @leecherry

As the Glam Nation gathered anxiously around VEVO early Saturday morning to witness the unveiling of Adam Lambert's new video for his latest single Better Than I Know Myself, they were sure of one thing - it was going to be epic.
We must say, the video is beautifully constructed with images that tell the story of dark vs. light along with the sometimes agonizing quest for balance.  Filmed partially in dual-screen format,  it depicts a struggle that plagues us all and for a story that's as old as sin, Adam Lambert has added his own unique spin.


Hi Sauli!


Dark and Light thanks to @SammieMa

“I am so impressed with Adam’s acting abilities! Ok this is Dark Adam in a TRUE monster form. Not your beautiful Adam but a true monster of the night. He skull and facial features are misshaped on purpose. “Better Than I Know Myself” vid is a true masterpiece in every since of the word. Adam has shown the world that he can truly a multi talented human being.” 

Angel Light Adam
In less than two days Adam's "Better Than I Know Myself" vid has inspired me to another Adam cartoon/artwork. Light Adam is an Angel of Light in this drawing. He is the opposite of my Dark Adam Monster from 2-3-12'


Behind the Scenes Pictures BTIKM Shoot

Screencaps of BTIKM Video thanks to Jen Skinner

Interesting Dark Views !


Twitter List for Stockholm showcase.  Starts at 12:30PM EST

_ninni Carina
No videos! :(

_ninni Carina
We can take pictures but not filming.

Pictures from the London Showcase

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
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On Billboard, BTIKM debuted at #26 on JAPAN Hot 100 (Week of 2/11, 2/6 in JP)   


3) Adam Lambert: An erroneous report that he’s replacing Freddie Mercury in Queen is enough to spin the internet out of control. It’s nice to know that should his solo career ever fade away, he always has rock royalty to fall back on. 

Adam on the Front Page of Yahoo! Music



Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

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  1. Ima bit confused. The VEVO mobile site that I've been running on auto pilot shows 1,319,749 views. The VEVO link you show above shows 1,151,081 views. What's the deal??

  2. does any one know when Adams BTIKM video will be on mtv or vh1 I have watched a lot of videos & his should be on there before most of the ones that are on it just is great.

  3. Still watching the vid - still staring at that face - still listening to that voice - am I hooked or not? Thanks for adding to my addiction - lol - Lee


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