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Part 2

Adam tweeted!

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The What Do You Want From Me singer told me: “There are songs on the album about me rebelling against society and saying ‘f*** you, I’ll do what I want’.

“Cuckoo is about me acknowledging I’m insane and celebrating that fact. “And Shady is a sleazy, disco funk about cruising for sex, so it will be interesting to see how Middle America interprets that.”

But a loved-up Adam admitted there’d be no more cruising now he’s met boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, adding: “I’m so happy to be in a committed relationship.

“I haven’t had many relationships. I’ve seen and slept with a lot of great people but I’ve always wanted to find someone to be in love with and now I’ve found it I’m holding on tight.”

Anonymous said: 

The venue was tiny and very fancy (...with free wine \o/ ) only about 50ish people there and was completely full. I was worried that being a ~showcase full of media the crowd might be kind of crappy and more interested in the freebies at the bar, but as soon as Adam came on the atmosphere was just as electric as any GNT shows I've been to (...but minus the screaming Glamberts with their cameras at the front) - lots of media fanboys were getting really into it and singing along \o/

Set was same as Austria show, vocals totally flawless. Adam sat on a stool for most of the set but stood up and shook his thing to Trespassing, which is sooooooo good live and even acoustically you can tell it's a Pharrell song, beat is super-danceable. OOL was so haunting, sang wrong words in 1st verse of WWFM but idt anyone noticed. The acoustics of the room & sound system were way better than some of the other venues I've seen Adam at (Shepherds Bush Empire sound was SHIT) anda pro FILMED THE WHOLE SET

you're welcome :) i didn't watch all the Austria vids, but from what i did watch the London crowd was way better. there were a few ppl sitting at tables around the outside but the majority were standing around the stage & seemed to be getting into it - would say Trespassing got the best reaction but none of the songs felt ~flat

Adam was doing the whole networking thing and talking to everyone, didn't want to bug him so just had quick chat & goodbye before we left. spoke to some media ppl afterwards & all said great stuff about Adam & sounded generally positive about his UK promo and what a nice guy he is :DDD tried to get some gossip out of the Flaunt mag guy (...who was pretty hot) about the shoot, but he would only let on that it was 'incredible' and 'different'


10 pictures on the set thanks to @argeneau

Adam Lambert...I Can!

Whats adam lamberts twitter, just listened to hes new song, amazing!


Rumors shmumors. Let's just enjoy @adamlambert's new video 'Better Than I Know Myself' shall we?

This is Funny! 

Thanks to theemotionalbatz

inscrutable7 @JordanMeehan what was the crowd response? Anyone there who had no idea what expect? Response?

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@inscrutable7Oh they went nuts for him. I mean it was only a crowd of like 50 people, mostly journalists, but still. Loved it.

Glambert_4_Life Steph

@JordanMeehan when I heard Trespassing acoustic & I was dancing and shit & I'm like damn what's the album version gonna sound like?!

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@Glambert_4_LifeOh god the album version is fucking amazing. Queen in 2012.



adam_events Adam Events

February 05:Adam Lambert's Showcase in Stockholm, Sweden. Twitter list of attendees & other fans via @mariehjo


I have been dating an inexperienced

The magazine received from a star singer Adam Lambert's head to tell the yarn so the new album, Queen-like co-partnership.

Sauli is kept up to date with Adam's also the Finnish presidential election.
Sauli is kept up to date with Adam's also the Finnish presidential election.(SPLASH / AOP)

- My songs are personal and autobiographical, but the themes to which everyone can identify with, says Adam Trespassing on a new disc.
- My songs are personal and autobiographical, but the themes to which everyone can identify with, says Adam Trespassing on a new disc. (SPLASH / AOP)
American Idol in 2009, jumped to stardom, Adam Lambert is exciting situation. An important second album release is no longer over a month, and the life seems to smile every aspect. The singer turned round a week ago for 30 years and says he is happier and happier than ever before this.
- When I was younger I wanted more and more and more, but now I understand to be grateful for what I have. The first time in my life and private life are in balance, reached for a star from London says.
Date of birth january 29 th was also Adam's and her boyfriend Sauli Koskinen's first anniversary. The couple met in November 2010 in Finland, and soon after in Paris, but a year ago, Sauli flew to visit Los Angeles and then he is often seen alongside Adam.
The duo received the annual Wacky decision just before Christmas took place in Helsinki putkayön due. Took place gave rise to the duo to review their habits of life and to change them for the better.
- I regret that so got to go, but it got us to work better. We have drunk a lot of vegetable juices and exercising more. Poor performance of the sons, good, you know.
When Adam asks what feature from Saul pulled her towards him, the answer to the pharmacy shelf.
- His eyes.
The more he does not want to tell the enchantment, but notes that it is very happy at the moment.
I'm learning to live in a relationship
Adam has been nominated as the Finnish press and assembly American vävyksi here intoiltu prematurely a couple of possible kihloistakin. The man in the world is udeltu virallisestamisesta relationship. Vävyksi Calling is a singer, "the sweet", but other than that, he warns against the idea of ​​getting married.
- We have been together for a year. Stop it! the singer laughs.
He then stabilized and reveals that the relationship is a relatively new thing for him.
- Maybe one day (I go to get married), but it is a matter that should not be rushed. This is only the second long relationship, so I'm only just learning to live in a relationship. I am a 30-year-old, but the socializing is concerned, I feel like a twenty-something, because I did not have much experience of it. Getting married seems all the more distant.
All the wires in our own hands
Adam-awaited second album released on the 21st Trespassing March. The situation is different in every way than the first album to the birth of time, which was recorded at just 1.5 per month in the middle of American Idol, circular movements.
- It was a hectic and crazy. I am proud of what we achieved, but I did not know what kind of artist I want to be and what my fans want.
Trespassing-albums and Adam got to work in peace. Couple of years, he had learned who his fans are and what they like, and, above all, its what he wants and what kind artist, he has grown.
This time, Adam was also a self-composing songs, and he felt effortless to write honestly of the topics that he wanted to address.
The whole production period of the singer had to wire at your fingertips.Director of production capacity, he oversaw the entire project, the artistic side of always choosing the songs to create the cover.
The second disc is divided into two themes, lighter and darker. Lighter side of the dance floor is suitable for songs.
- Although they are fun and playful, they deal with different things in my life honestly. There are songs for staying strong, even if someone says that you're outside and you are not welcome, the songs of pure, honest love of discovery, and the night life and fun. Still, even fun songs can be dark moments.
- Contrasted with songs of sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-sabotage - things I've ever been to and I go through. Although the songs are personal and autobiographical, they are the areas on which everyone can identify with.
Adam hopes to be able to approximate their openness and connecting people.
Greetings from Finland!
Adam is currently being advertised album in London in the middle of winter, the coldest period and at the same time boyfriend Sauli is enjoying a weekend trip to Malibu temperature. Work, to traveling and being together with the range not, however, according to Adam's hard to find a balance.Besides, he says he loves talking about her new album, and it also hears.
Saul will hear Adam is an exciting Finnish presidential election. Equality spokesman for his mighty keep it that there is also an open sexual gay candidate.
- When Sauli told me about it, I thought, wow, great! It is well-advanced. I do not think the U.S. could not even imagine such.
The singer does not know the future tour schedules, but declares that belongs to Finland, too, of course milestones. Finally, he will send my warm greetings to the Finnish fans.
- Finland Hi there! I hope to return soon to appear. I've learned a lot of cultural this year and I love it. I feel that I have a family in Finland.


Hollywood Records, Queen's recording label, issued a statement via Rolling Stone: "The Daily Star item only mentions that Adam may perform with Queen at Sonisphere. This is not confirmed. Nothing has been signed. However, if this were to happen, Queen would be returning to the setting of their final concert with Freddie Mercury, which took place in 1986."
So will Adam Lambert be joining Queen this summer to tour? Who knows? In the meantime, the "American Idol" finalist has a new album, Trespassing, about to drop (March 20). The first single from his new offering, "Better Than I Know Myself," was released on December 20. The video debuted the same day as the Queen story.

Another YOUNG fan!

Thanks to FunQueen

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

- Unknown

Within each person exists the potential for great light and great darkness. This duality of dark/light (a slightly less judgemental derivative of good versus evil) has been explored by artists since the beginning of time and remains a fascination to many. It’s a dichotomy that is explored everyday in music, in television, in film and in literature. Where balance is always the goal when light and dark collide, imbalance tends to be it’s nature which sets up the idea of an ongoing internal power struggle.
With Adam Lambert’s latest music video for “Better Than I Know Myself”, the gorgeous lead single from his upcoming 2012 album: “Trespassing”, he and director Ray Kay explore this eternal inner struggle that in some capacity we all face everyday.


All I know is one thing for sure: It’s a good thing Adam got his dark side in check, before any more delicious pommegranates got hurt. ;) Oh, and…

“Better Than I Know Myself” is pure Pop Heaven. The best video of Lambert’s career to date and one of the best so far in 2012! 


  1. Omigosh!! My baby girl's video is posted!! That's my Kinley!! She's just like her Nanny--adores Adam. I just had to capture her on film after her watching in mesmerized bliss over and over and over! So fun to see it on this blog!

    You can tell Adam is back in full force when you get two blogs in one day!! So much exciting stuff!! So fun!! Thanks again, Gloria!!

  2. Can't stop looking and listening - just so beautiful. And the still shots ....
    Started watching on VH1 - let's pump it up, people - #1!!!!

    Thanks for the second! blog of the day - new stuff coming in all the time - you don't miss a thing.
    luvya, lee

  3. I haven't commented in a couple of days because I've been totally absorbed in the BTIKM video. Everytime I watch it I see something new, some deeper meaning, something a little quirky...Adam is pleasing us and teasing us at the same time. This is a video masterpiece and I love that Adam has chosen to share so much of his inner self with us.

  4. I am temporarily residing in Cyprus. I have been here on and off since June of 2010. I heard WWFM and IIHY on the local radio. All this time I've been watching music channels with one purpose to see one of Adam's videos (I have to say that the music channels annoy the heck out of me for the most part). And I never saw any of Adam's videos (my friend who lived in another city told me that she saw FYE several times last year but I did not). In January I saw his performance with Queen at EMAs a couple of times. I was thrilled and thought that was a good sign. And surely enough, today I saw the BTIKM video on NRG channel!!! Maybe it is not a big deal, but I am super excited!!! I think it means that he will be way better promoted this time around.

    As always, very grateful for the fabulous blog, Gloria

    XO Tatiana


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