Sunday, 18 March 2012

Days of Happiness! 18/03/2012

@adamlambert Thanks for giving this day of Happiness to the Girls!

Trespassing in Chicago thanks to Wild4AML



Meet and Greet


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Thank you to Nick at FAULT and ALF member AOStarlighterCarter190 for arranging this amazing contest.....and to Adam as well!  : )

You may still order your copy of “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue”.


LisaKomatsubara:New Zealand's Creme Magazine with a poster of@adamlambert in it!


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TORONTO! Adam’s BTIKM stayed at #11 on weekly Top 30 countdown / *Vote daily so song moves up!*

This is Amazing... The Music Industry talks about Adam's Talent

Adam Lambert with his homemade snakeskin Bow Tie!

Outlaws of Love Instrumental (Definitely beautiful but missing someone!)


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BTIKM Remix thanks to TheAdamDownUnder

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to madisonter

Tommy Joe Ratliff and Adam Lambert.. Click on pictures for gifs

Letters for Adam

Hi Adam!
My name is Bailey and I'm 13 years old. First off, I'd like to tell you that you are probably the most amazing, gorgeous, and inspiring human being that I have ever come across. Even though I haven't met you, I wish to very soon!
There are so many things that I love about you. Your voice, your smile, your personality, your beauty... But there is one thing that really sticks out to me. I love the fact that you aren't afraid to be yourself. You’re crazy, outgoing, and real. And I love that. It is so inspiring, because I know that I can be myself and, even if some of my friends don't like that, there will always be the true ones who can accept me no matter what.

Before I came across you, I used to be so different. I dressed differently, did things differently... I also judged people. A lot. I never really thought much about it while I did it. I never thought about how much it could hurt someone if they found out about the things I said. But once I came across you, that all changed. I stopped judging, and I became a better person. Now, I talk to about everyone in my grade. I am friends with mostly everyone, and I am all about love, not hate. I love the person I've become, because it makes me feel good. I don't feel like such a bully. Even though I never judged people to their face, it was still wrong. 

But now things have changed, and I couldn't be any happier with myself.
Another thing... Your voice is so magical and amazing; I get the chills every time I hear it. Sometimes I even break down and cry. It has such an effect on me... You have been blessed with a beautiful gift, and I'd like to thank you for sharing it with me! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Trespassing! I especially can't wait to hear the recordings of "Outlaws of Love", "Trespassing", and "Broken English". I know they are going to be amazing! Is it Mapril yet? ;p

So I just wanted to share with you how much I love you and how much you mean to me!!! You are the most amazing, inspiring, fantastic man out there, and I'm so proud to be a Glambert! I love you so so so so much!


(P.S. Even though you don't know it, you know me "Better Than I Know Myself"! ;D Love you!)

Dear Adam Lambert, 

     My name is Kathryn (@Kathryn17 on Twitter). I’m 18 years old and from North Carolina. I just want to share with you a little about myself. I live in the south and I come from a very conservative Christian family. However I’m lucky because both my parents aren’t nearly as small-minded as the rest of my family. On my mom’s side and my dad’s side, my family is very close-minded. Pretty much anytime we’re together as a family, there’s always a discussion where being gay is discussed negatively. And to be honest, before you came along, I wasn’t all too sure how I felt about the subject. But now I am!! & you have helped me to realize that.  You have inspired me so much to not care what anyone thinks and that the person I need to be most true to, is myself.  I know you hear all the time that you’ve changed people’s lives but you have truly changed mine. I hypothetically asked my mom if she would hate me if I said I was gay and she said no. I’m not gay, but it’s a blessing to have a mom who wouldn’t disown me. 
     I read somewhere that you said you don’t understand why people find being gay is so interesting. And I don’t know either. I want you to know that that’s not all I see when I look at you. As you said recently "Its not something you should have to look past. Look right at it. It's fabulous. Gay is fierce." I see this incredibly humble guy with as much talent as the never ending ocean. I see someone who has more love than he knows what to do with. I also see this guy who has changed so many lives and who will continue to do just that. Your musical ability whether it’s songwriting or your singing & vocal talent is definitely the first thing I see when I look at you. Not your sexuality. Yes it’s a part of your life and I am so glad you embrace that because I do too and that you embrace being a role model! Since I’ve seen you twice in concert I know how much you love to sing and perform! It’s all about doing something you love and I know you are living your dream. I wish you all the happiness in the world! And I wish you all the success and love! Your second album is much anticipated! Also I want to wish you and Sauli the very best! I am so happy for the 2 of you! Y'all are my favorite couple ever!! So much LOVE!
      A few more things: My mom’s name is Lela too. I bet I’m the only fan of yours who’s mom’s name is Lela also! She’s also a big fan of yours & her favorite song is “Fever” She & my daddy took me to 2 of your Glam Nation shows (Charlotte, NC & Raleigh, NC). I can’t tell you how grateful and fortunate I am to have 2 loving parents who accept me. I am so glad you loved your birthday card I created for you that everyone signed! I saw that you tweeted about it  so I know you got it and I am so glad!! I’m also really looking forward to Trespassing!! I have loved Outlaws of Love, Better Than I Know Myself, and Trespassing so far! Can't wait to hear the whole thing!! And I know Trespassing will be a major hit! & I can’t wait for your next tour! Ooh I’m getting excited! Sadly I have never met you, I really hope to someday because you are such an inspiration to me and you bring my life so much joy!! I will forever be a huge fan of yours! I love you so much Adam! I thank you once again for helping me to become a very open- minded person & hopefully open the minds of others!
Love, Kathryn (@Kathryn17 on Twitter) 

Hi Adam. My name is Petra, I´m 46 years old and I live in Dusseldorf /Germany. I became a Glambert a year ago. A friend of mine who lives in Sydney sent me ur FYE album, which changed my live. I´ve never heard about you since that day and I found the cover of the album very interesting. So I listened to it and wow I liked it straight away. I´ve never heard anything as great as FYE before. I got really addicted to it. 

Without knowing anything about you I was so impressed by your voice ( which is so beautiful ) and I just love the songs on the album. I used to be an Elvis Presley Fan before Iturned into a Glambert but that changed after 2 days. ( I still like Elvis though ) Unfortunately I missed all your concerts in Germany but I got your GNT DVD which is just fantastic. I´ve never seen anything like that before, and I´ve been to a lots of concerts. 
Truely amazing, just so good. You really made my live much more happier with your music. Thank you so much for being such a nice and honest person. I appreciate it so much. And another big thank you for working so hard on your second album. I´m really looking forward to it and I can´t wait to hear all the new songs. I absolutely love BTIKM, is just such an amazing song and the video is just brilliant. It´s a good msg and I hope it made people think about themselves. I´m sure Trespassing is going to be huge and I wish you mega success with it and with everything you are going to do in 2012. I know that I´ll always support you and that I ´ll always stand behind you. Thank you for everything. Lots of love Petra. 


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  1. I like the title. "Days of Happiness" - it's so fitting.
    Thanks a lot for all the videos, pictures and links Gloria. xoxo

  2. love the title of the blog today because you always make my days brighter and happier.



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