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Sunbeam! 19/03/2012

Adam Lambert thanks to @lucasvitek
Sexiness is his Fault....Fault Magazine Cover!


BTIKM Kansas City



kissfm1059: Sound checking with @adamlambert now @lawrenceartscntr:

kissfm1059: Adam Lambert's vocal chords can move mountains! @LawrenceArtsCtr

SusyCornish  Acoustic ' Cuckoo' in will be monster hit





Adam Lambert in Finnish Newspaper thanks to Bertiebotts


SepiasSecret: here @adamlambert I fixed your twitter background for ya ;-D


Spectacular Closeup from Washington!

Thanks to Pardusmi



thanks to strutercorporation

BTIKM now #20 #19 on HAC charts!

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Rank: last week 24 and this week 20
ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself
Spins: This week 1050 and last week 906 + 44
AI (audience impressions) 4.383 million
On 64 stations
Average rotations per station 16.4 14.4 +2.0


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Adam Lambert BTIKM was #1 on the Weekly Top 20 Countdown on the Armed Forces Network in Central Europe - info via @Thraceadams

Today!  Adam in Kansas City at three Radio Stations!  (Where are you @kcinkcity??)

kissfm1059: Come to "Adam Lambert Live with 105.9 Kiss FM Listener Lounge" Monday, March 19 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. 


Mix 93.3 is Kansas City's #1 Hit Music Station. We play hit music and have fun doing it.

Kansas City · 

99.7 The Point KZPT-FM


Thanks for making the switch AT WORK for Today's Best Music -- plus the 80s & 90s songs you love in Kansas City! Check us out worldwide at

Kansas City · 

Be sure to check back later for all the videos and news from today!  Enjoy all the meet and greets!








Gorgeous painting of Adam Lambert thanks to Neecolette

Adam Lambert: "The music industry is a tough market for a gay man"

Adam Lambert has opened up on the tough time

 gay men have in the music industry - using Ricky 

Martin as an example.
Speaking to Queerty, Lambert said that he 

reckons Ricky Martin - who came out as gay after 

a number of years - would have seen his career 

suffer if he had outed himself early on.
He added that he thinks the music industry is a 

"tough market" for gay men, calling it "really 

conservative". Speaking about Martin, he said:
"Listen, in the time that he was really popular, it 

would've been really hard to be out. It probably 

would've shot his career in the foot. The music 

industry in general, is a tough market for a gay 

man. It's really conservative. It's hard."

Adam Lambert thanks to @virg1877

Preorder Trespassing Here:  How many people are you ableto gift it to?


On the website of the movie "Turkish for 

Beginners" is Adam's single "Better Than I Know 

Myself" in person as the title track!

The German pronunciation of the film's title is 

probably still represent a small challenge for 

Adam, but he skillfully masters as always.


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Donate to Adam’s charity:water Birthday Campaign, and YOU could win a copy of FAULT Magazine signed by Adam himself!

To thank Adam’s fans for their support, and to help reach Adam’s goal of $100K for his charity:water birthday campaign, FAULT magazine have generously offered to donate 10 copies of “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue” to be awarded by random drawing in the #itsAdamsFAULT charity:water #waterchallenge contest!   This is the issue featuring Adam on the cover, along with a minimum of 8 pages inside the magazine!  As an added bonus, Adam has agreed to sign each issue that FAULT has donated for this awesome contest!

To enter, simply donate $20 (or more) to Adam’s charity:water birthday campaign between Saturday, March 17th and Saturday, March 31st.  Each donation of $20 gives you 1 chance to win one of the coveted “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue”.   If you donate $40 – that’s 2 chances to win!  A $60 donation gives you 3 chances and so on.  To be eligible - Include the hashtags #itsAdamsFAULT & #waterchallenge in the comment section when you make your donation of $20 (or more!).    The lucky winners will be announced after the closing date of Adam’s charity:water Birthday campaign.

Thank you to Nick at FAULT and ALF member AOStarlighterCarter190 for arranging this amazing contest.....and to Adam as well!  : )

You may still order your copy of “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue”.


The Industry Raves About Adam Lambert!


Vote For Adam in March madness-new matchup

Adam Lambert performs at Acoustic Cafe thanks to @el_katbert
(Stay tuned for more amazing pictures when my report arrives sometime this week!)

Adam Events This Week!

March 19: Radio, US. 105.9 KissFM Lawrence, KS [More Info]
March 19: Radio, US. Mix 93.3 Kansas City, MO. [Source]
March 19: Radio, US. 99.7 The Point Kansas City, MO. Performance and Meet&Greet. [Source & contest info]
March 20: Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant to be released. [Source | More Info]
March 23: Radio, US. 106.1 Kiss Seattle, WA. [Source]
March 25: Radio, US. Live 95.5KBFF Portland, Oregon. [Facebook ]


Video of Adam performing Acoustic Fever with Tommy in Boston

Thanks to Grimhorrible


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A Couple of Classics thanks to @kcinkcity

Letters to Adam

Miami, March 08, 2012
Hi my name is Sandra from Miami, Florida.
It is such an incredible opportunity to be able to write a letter for you and I really hope you can read it all, I have read some of it and there are some really amazing people with amazing stories to tell. I feel blessed to call myself a Glambert and to feel connected in a way with so many people. We are all bonded because of one thing bigger than us, the one thing we are thriving everyday of our lives, always searching for that something we can relate to and somehow we found it in you. This thing I say is called LOVE.
You are love, you give, express and inspire love, among other things too. But speaking for myself and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me, we all have found love through you. And as a result we pay it forward. By taking and sharing this love to everyone around us. It is because of love that you might be reading this letter, this amazing person with such admiration and love for you had this brilliant idea. It is really beautiful the way you have touched deep within our hearts and inspired us to be better.
For my part all I can say is, if I had a chance to say all this personally, I would be stuck on “hi”. Well, you have helped me through so much, you made me realize what person I want to be in life and although I am still figuring out how to achieve it considering some circumstances in my life sometimes makes it impossible to reach it, I will never give up, you made me believe in myself and fight for my dream.
So thank you! The love and respect I have for you is immense. Thank you for being you, for letting us into your life through your music and teaching us so many things.
Please don’t forget about your South Florida fans.
Your one in a million,

Dear Adam,
            Hi!  My name is Heather.  I am a huge fan!  Your voice is simply amazing and your music is incredible.  I’m writing this letter to thank you.  You’ve helped me realize that I can be myself and still live a happy life, full of love and amazing friends and family.  

I have met so many amazing people through your fan club and your concerts.  People that don’t judge the way I look, or what I’m interested in.  People that don’t criticize me because I change up my look.  People that like me for who I am.  You have helped me open my eyes and see that I was living my life how other people wanted me to live it.  I was afraid to be myself in fear of being alone and friendless.  

But now, I see that, that is not the case.  There are people out there who like me for the way I am.  I met so many amazing friends at the first concert that I ever went to, which was your performance in Ste. Agathe.  All the girls that I met, I’ve kept in touch with and we’re all planning to get together at a few shows when you go back out on tour.  We’ve even exchanged addresses, emails, and even exchanged Christmas gifts this past year.  So thank you for bringing me the greatest and sweetest friends I’ve ever had in my life.
Also, thanks to you, I have a better relationship with my parents.  I think with all the stress I had from being someone I wasn’t, I also changed for the worse towards my parents.  I was always moody and complaining.  I was not a very happy and fun person to be around.  But ever since I became a fan and started being myself, my parents and I get along so much better.  We joke and kid around more, and do more things together.  I’ve even turned my mom into a Glambert J.  So I just want to say thank you for changing my life for the better.
 You’ve also inspired me very much.  Back in 2010, I cut off and donated more than 1 lb and 3 oz to the Locks of Love, by styling my hair like yours, with the shaved sides and everything.  My hair was down to the middle of my back.  I had 5 ponytails that were cut off and each of them were about 19-20 inches long.  I needed a new hairstyle, and thought to myself that there were kids out there that didn’t have any hair because of cancer treatments, that could use my hair for a wig. 
            I’ve also been getting more interest in fashion.  I’ve been designing a few pieces here and there in my free time and have actually sold some.  The piece that was the biggest hit was a skirt that I made out of different colored bandanas.  I originally made this for a Halloween costume, and wore it to work.  Everyone loved it!  I even sold a couple to some of my coworkers! 
Just want to finish this letter off by saying that you are the most amazing, talented, kind-hearted, gorgeous, and nicest person I’ve ever seen.  I can’t wait to see you in Knebworth when you rock out with Queen!  I also can’t wait for your new album, “Trespassing.”  We all know that it is going to be AMAZING!  Hopefully, one day, I’ll be lucky enough to meet you and get one of those famous “Lambert hugs” I hear everyone talking about. J

Heather (@TommysBitch28)

Dear Adam,
My name is Mirena Hristova. I'm 24 years 
old and I'm from Sofia (the capital of my beautiful country, Bulgaria). Bulgaria is a nation of over 7 million people. Some of these people love you so much and always support you. You're always welcome in my lovely country. The fans from the Balkan Peninsula are very, very hot J.
Sorry, if my English is somewath Broken 

English. J
It is so hard to begin a letter, when I have 

to say so many things to you and I 

wonder where to begin .
Before you step into my life, I was very 

Indrawn girl. I was afraid to say what I think, I was afraid to show my feelings cuz 
I was so hurt inside. I didn't feel comfortable with myself. I'm an artistic person (I'm a painter, animator) , you know in those circles silence isn't golden. I couldn't show my true nature to the people and I suffered from this. I needed a change in myself but it was very hard to achieve it.
You came into my life with dance step to 

the beat of "If I had you" in 2010. This 

song and the video are just amazing. Your 

style is amazing and you're soooo 

beautiful. I just love "If I had you". This is 

the song that started it all. I watched all 

your performances in American Idol and I 

fell in love with your talent, these amazing 

blue eyes and that incredible smile. I 

watched many great interviews with you. 

So I gradually become a Glambert.
With your beautiful example, you help me 

to change myself gradually. With your 

songs and your behavior, you show me 

that it's not scary to be myself around 

other people. As a sunbeam, you bring new light into my life. Now I feeling more relaxed and happier. I'm feeling sexy and free... cuz every time I listen to your songs I feel much better. I love to interact with people, especially with all these amazing Glamberts so strongly united by your magnetism. .
Adam, you're my beautiful Glamspiration 

that helps me grow and move forward in 

my life and my profession. You help me to 

make happy those around me.
Thank you for everything that you do for 

me and all your Glamberts! With all my 

heart I wish you all your dreams come true.
See you soon at the "Sonisphere".
Your Twitter and philosophy follower.  Proud Glambert.
Mirena  @MiraX87 

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  3. thank you for this little piece of sunshine today


  4. Great stuff here - taking my time going through it all. Adam looks so great and sounds so wonderful - hope all this hard work pays off and the station owners and pds finally come to recognize what an amazing performer the boy is. Luv, lee

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