Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Woulda Been TODAY! 20/03/2012

I chose Cuckoo followed by Trespassing but I'll take anything!

Lyrics thanks to @Kathryn17

NAKED LOVE (by Adam Lambert) LYRICS (typed by me)

Come on 
I want your naked love
So dontcha dress it up tonight
Come on
you know your naked love
is what I'm dreaming of tonight

Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah
Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah

Come on 
I want your naked love
So dontcha dress it up tonight
Come on
you know your naked love
is what I'm dreaming of tonight

Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah
Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah

Take it off, uh
and try me on
the hottest threads
you ever wore

So ro-o-oll the dice
get lucky tonight
I know you're holding back
no more hesitation

Come on 
I want your naked love
So dontcha dress it up tonight
Come on
you know your naked love
is what I'm dreaming of tonight

Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah
Oh whoa-o yeah yeah yeah

(and this part is in there somewhere, cause it was in the clip we got from Cobalt)

Lose control
collision course
are you my love?
call 9-1-1

NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES (by Adam Lambert) LYRICS (typed by me):

You know that I wish that this night would never be over
there's plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let's just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we'd never close our eyes, our eyes, never, never!

I don't wanna let a minute get away
cause we got no time to lose
none of us are promised to see tomorrow
and what we do is ours to choose

Forget about the sunrise
fight the sleep in your eyes
I don't wanna miss a second with you
Let's stay this way forever
it's only getting better if we want it to

You know that I wish that this night would never be over
there's plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let's just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we'd never close our eyes, our eyes, never 

Thanks to @gurlynne

@adamlambert Hopefully you all have actually heard all the snippits. :) then:  


Thanks to the fine folks at HitPredictor.com, four tracks from Adam Lambert's salivatingly anticipated sophomore album,Trespassing (due for a "Maypril" release, as Adam so amusingly/frustratingly announced; its original street date was supposed to be, um, TODAY), have surfaced online--in all their glittering glory. And I predict that they're ALL going to be hits 

Leaked Songs Here:

for latecomers: 4 clips Cuckoo, Trespassing, Never Close Our Eyes, Naked Love  or http://t.co/pqJHZenC

Soundcloud:  http://soundcloud.com/mindchnger/sets/trespassing-hitpredictor-clips

Thanks to @tommysbitch28

Trespassing was Almost out today... except now it's arriving in MAY!

Thanks to Mackenzie G  ..link below



VIP KISS Tickets








Thanks to Hoopla1 on Atop

Have you ever met anyone who made you feel "starstruck"?
Yeah, you guys remember when I was at that Clive Davis pre-Grammy party--the night Whitney Houston died--(talked about the strange energy that night)--well, I was sitting at a table with Britney Spears and I thought "She probably doesn't even know who I am" and I didn't want to bother her, so I didn't say anything. Duh. We share the same UK publicist and later Shoshanna asked me "Hey weren't you sitting with Britney" and I told her the story and she laughed and said "She said exactly the same thing about you!"

Adam Lambert in an Israeli teen magazine thanks to @Arge1983

It has been confirmed that Adam Lambert is set to, once again, joinQueen on stage, as they headline this year’s Sonisphere Festival on July 7, 2012. As well as that, Brian May has confirmed that Queenare set to play Moscow's Olympic Stadium, on June 30, 2012, withAdam Lambert on lead vocals.
2012 looks like being an unbelievably awesome year for Adam Lambert and all of his fans.
Report to Mod 
Listen to this Fan!

Thanks to @80s_and_sunny for sharing her freakout! Too funny!

The UK is Noticing!

OUT TODAY BUT OUT OF STOCK ALREADY!!!!!!!! Better Than I Know Myself: Adam Lambert:http://Amazon.co.uk: Music

May’s Issue of GT is available form Wednesday 21 March and also includes interviews with Tom Daley, Julian Clary and Adam Lambert.


Thanks to disadiva76

and here:


Adam Lambert thanks to @lucasvitek
Sexiness is his Fault....Fault Magazine Cover

A few questions, OOfta and WWFM

Fan Story!

Hi Gloria,
I decided to send you an email as I didn't know how to send the pics that were taken today at KISS 105.9 in Lawrence, Kansas.  It was a day of a lifetime for me and my friends Deb and Terri.  Deb didn't win tix, so she almost didn't come.  But she made it in!! (Another great story!)  All three of us met at Stir Cove for our first Glamnation concert and have been strong friends since then.  When Adam turned to the audience and asked for our questions, Terri told him about us.  He really enjoyed hearing it.  Then she asked him about performing at small venues and he said it depends on how the album does but he wants to do large venues. 
Adam had on almost NO makeup.  Wow!  What a shift!  He was such an amazing presence--so calm and sweet and loving.  He made everyone feel so easy. 
When we went for pics, I told Adam he made me brave.  He was so sweet and seemed sincerely appreciative.  Terri told him that she thought he was an amazing person and that she seriously adored him.  Deb told him he was an old soul and he said, "I think so too."  I love that one.
Deb is going to write it all up as best she can recall since there was no video of the Q & A.  It was truly a great interview and there were comments I hadn't heard before.  When I get her write-up, I'll send it along.
These are my personal pics, but, of course there were many more.  Deb, Terri and I were so joyous and pumped.  For all of us it was a dream come true!  I'm still wearing my placard with his pic on it!  And I'm still trying to believe it was real.  I've waited three years for this day.
I can relax now.  Whew!!
Much love,
Mary S


Thanks to 

A video for a remix of Adam Lambert's 'Better Than I Know Myself' has surfaced online.
Lambert had previously announced the release of a number of remixes of the single in the build up to the release of his new album, 'Trespassing'.
One of the remixes was undertaken by Robert Marvin & Shearer - and it has now got an accompanying video.
The clip features special choreography from what appears to be a dance group.
Lambert's remix EP 

Sauli's Blog



Win an Autographed Copy of Adam's FAULT Magazine!

Donate to Adam’s charity:water Birthday Campaign, and YOU could win a copy of FAULT Magazine signed by Adam himself!

To thank Adam’s fans for their support, and to help reach Adam’s goal of $100K for his charity:water birthday campaign, FAULT magazine have generously offered to donate 10 copies of “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue” to be awarded by random drawing in the #itsAdamsFAULT charity:water #waterchallenge contest!   This is the issue featuring Adam on the cover, along with a minimum of 8 pages inside the magazine!  As an added bonus, Adam has agreed to sign each issue that FAULT has donated for this awesome contest!

To enter, simply donate $20 (or more) to Adam’s charity:water birthday campaign between Saturday, March 17th and Saturday, March 31st.  Each donation of $20 gives you 1 chance to win one of the coveted “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue”.   If you donate $40 – that’s 2 chances to win!  A $60 donation gives you 3 chances and so on.  To be eligible - Include the hashtags #itsAdamsFAULT & #waterchallenge in the comment section when you make your donation of $20 (or more!).    The lucky winners will be announced after the closing date of Adam’s charity:water Birthday campaign.

Thank you to Nick at FAULT and ALF member AOStarlighterCarter190 for arranging this amazing contest.....and to Adam as well!  : )

You may still order your copy of “FAULT Issue 10 – the Legacy Issue”.


This morning before I started I had to watch OOL, WWL, CIGC and AM
(feeling nostalgic?)  So good!

OOL- oofta!

WLL- oofta!

CIGC- oofta!

AM- oofta!

thanks to Mackenzie G

Time on Your Hands?

All Adam Lambert media to view and download:  http://devenlane.blogspot.ca/p/2012-quicklinks-and-timeline.html

If you are feeling confused (like I am) and like you might 

have missed a bunch of performances of this radio promo 

tour and more, look here:


Letters to Adam

Dear Adam,

Like many Glamberts, I was immediately hooked while watching your Idol audition of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Before that, AI was just television entertainment, and while I always had favorites, I was basically ambivalent. I was curious enough to do some research and found the videos from The Zodiac. I had the same feeling that you and many of your friends had about your being on Idol. How on earth is middle America going to respond to this guy? 

But I was mesmerized. I immediately knew that you were someone special. It wasn't just your amazing vocals, but the fashion and the entire package of how you presented yourself.
 A little about myself: I'm a straight female somewhat older than you:}, have always been politically and socially progressive, and as a child of the 70's embraced many psychedelic mind altering substances. I also have always had a passionate interest in fashion and my artistic expression is dressing myself. I have had friends say to me, I love your fashion, but I could never do that. My response was the same as yours, "Yes, you can, you just have to want to".
I'm telling you this, since so many Glamberts have said that you were life changing for them in so many ways. For me, it was validation that being on the edge was the right way to have lived my life, but a bit mind blowing that this validation was coming from a 20 something man. 

Being a computer geek, I started reading blogs and found that many "women of a certain age" were having the same feelings about you as I did, yet they came from far different backgrounds than my own. I was one of the first to find and purchase Juneau and Xena's book, and they did a beautiful job of putting words to paper that mirrored my own feelings. I attended the Idol tour in San Diego (I'm from SD), and there found more compatriots. Fantasy Springs cinched any doubt that you would become a huge worldwide star and you would do it on your own terms. YAY! There is something so liberating in that for all of us and I congratulate you many times over. I attended six Glam Nation concerts and one involved a plane trip. That was a first for me. Not the plane, but actually flying across the country to attend a concert. 
This community of Glamberts is really something special. It's a great feeling to share this fandom with so many very smart and interesting people. I'm constantly touched by the number of people who have said that you have literally changed their lives and certainly that is one form of love. I have yet to meet you, although I was at the barriers in Costa Mesa just inches away. I hope that I can get a Meet & Greet eventually. The Glamberts who have been fortunate enough to have been able to converse with you have all said it was mind blowing. 
Thanks to Gloria for doing this book, allowing us to say a few words. I hope you can find the time to read our letters. And thanks to you for helping to make all of our lives richer and expanding our friendships around the globe.

In solidarity for helping to make this world a better place, 

Toni  @zydecodancer      

Grandma Performed Gymnastics To Win Contest to Meet You!

My Dear Adam, (Well…I guess I have to share you….lol)
Did you ever imagine that a 56 year old mom and grandma would perform splits and handstands in an effort to meet you? I did this when I participated in an impromptu radio contest! When the show hosts realized that I teach gymnastics they had a BLAST! They pulled out buzzers and threatened to shave my left eyebrow one week before my daughter’s wedding! I told them that I’d GLAM my brow line for a new “Adam inspired” mother of the bride look! They were teasing but wanted to see how badly I wanted to meet you! 

After playing with us, we were “challenged” to collect donations for victims of a tornado that devastated our community days before your Glam Nation Tour arrived in my home town. The contestant bringing back the largest in charitable donations would win backstage passes to meet you! I was the LUCKY winner J 

Meeting you by helping others made my Meet and Greet experience even more rewarding and fulfilling IF this is even possible! Meeting you ranks at the top of my list of “life’s greatest experiences”!  I will forever treasure our warm embrace! You made me feel so comfortable and at ease J Our Meet and Greet photo and the pieces you signed are professionally framed in an artistic, edgy,  sexy “Adam” style. They look fabulous in my Adam Lambert themed home office, and make tasks such as paying bills more interesting, fun and exciting!

Thank you for supporting many charitable causes! You are a beautiful example of LOVE and a true humanitarian! I wear my Peace Pendant with pride! It was a thrill to give my sister, who is a proud member of the GLBT community, a Peace Pendant. She believes in The Trevor Project, but couldn’t afford to purchase one. It felt good to support this wonderful cause and fill her heart with so much love, joy and peace.

You can’t possibly comprehend or know the magnitude of your fan base or how you inspire and connect us!  Many beautiful friendships have developed through my love for you! I now have a friend in Florida whom I will meet for the first time while vacationing next month! I’ve made another good friend who lives in New York City and we plan to meet soon! I hope to eventually meet the other friends I’ve made through you! Because of you, I have a very special bond with a teenage girl (Olga @HelgaGlambert) and her mom, Natalya, who live in Russia. We correspond on a regular basis using email and Twitter and we’ve learned to communicate using BROKEN ENGLISH…the best way…right, Adam? J If Olga has difficulty understanding an article or interview, I help her with the interpretation. When we first met, Olga described seldom smiling L She explained that since she found you, the smile never leaves her face J  I’ve mailed gifts to Olga which include your music, tee shirts and posters with your picture on them. These are items that Olga could not get. There are no words to describe the JOY and LOVE I feel when Olga sends a message of thanks and gratitude!  Thanks to YOU, Adam…we are “CONNECTED WITH LOVE” <3

I fell in love with you when I first saw you on American Idol!  I hosted weekly dinner parties on “Adam Idol Nights”! Since American Idol airs during the winter months, it was…”Cold as ice and more bitter than a December winter night…” but your smile, personality and breath taking performances kept me warm week after week!  Since you came into my life….our lives since I speak for millions….the SPIRIT, EXCITEMENT, ADAM ENERGY, ADDICTION and OBSESSION (Oh! Did I just admit that?) is an epidemic! You are infections, Adam, and we don’t want a cure! 

My 26 year old son lovingly “presented” me with a hilarious Christmas gift of... ADAM LAMBERT INTERVENTION to treat my ADAM LAMBERT SYNDROME.! His
“live presentation” is too difficult to describe, however, many GLAMBERTS enjoyed viewing the power point version on Adambertdaily…thanks to Gloria! Your “older” fans admit they feel younger, more energetic, happier, more alive, refreshed, complete and even “sexier” since you entered our lives! YOU are better than HRT…Hormone Replacement Therapy! Proof that our ADAM ADDICTION is healthy!

Adam, the ways you brighten every day are too numerous to describe! Before you, Twitter and Facebook were boring! We now have interviews, pictures, videos, radio shows, books, magazines featuring beautiful you to win on EBay, contests to participate in and blogs to write and share with other fans! Every day there’s a new group card to sign! In a recent interview you said that you like to sleep. I USED to sleep! Now…I stay up late and wake early to keep up on the latest Adam news :)   My RL (REAL LIFE) attempts to compete with my AT (ADAM TIME). I look forward to finding Adambertdaily in my email everyday! Gloria deserves a big hug and a KISS from you! Thanks to both of you…I know you “BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF”!

The FUN you generate in daily life is infinite! My good friend, one of my ADAM LAMBERT SOUL MATES and I CELEBRATE you with ADAM AFTERNOONS! We enjoy lunch with wine, dance to your music and exchange “Adam” gifts! We relive our concert experiences when we watch Glam Nation Live! This is our time to enjoy (again) your interviews, videos, and performances.

Your name comes up at home and at work on a daily basis. When I proudly announced that I purchased “fresh” green beans on sale, my husband replied; “How fresh? Would you serve them to Adam Lambert?” Every morning I enjoy coffee in my Meet and Greet mug and my family promises to bury me with my it…IF I ever die! On vacation my husband said he wanted to buy Adam Lambert scented sunscreen! On your favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN 2011, my husband and I were featured in Adambertdaily dressed as “GRANDPARENTS GONE WILD” (Aging Rock Stars) My husband “competed” with you as “the other man in the zebra pants”!

When I attended a birthday party in your honor, we had a silent auction with Adam related prizes. We served edible photo cake and bid on your “body parts”…I got your “Eyes, baby, eyes”! All proceeds went to “The Trevor Project”. My friends and I send text and voice messages using your lyrics, either sung or written! Every Wednesday night I join other fans on the Juneau/Xena Blog Talk Radio Show. We discuss both past and current Adam events and news and we enjoy your beautiful music and share your inspiration! We enjoy our time together and we CELEBRATE YOU! J

Speaking of bringing the FUNSAULI sure brings the SPICE to life! I laugh when I read his blogs! I am thrilled that you found each other... J & J  What beautiful fate and destiny! I LOVE and ADORE both of you and I’m happy that you are happy!

Adam, you inspire me in so many ways! You enhance my sense of fashion and style and richen my creativityJ You encourage me to learn new things! I donate to your favorite charities. Your spirit of giving has inspired the young 9 year old boy that I Nanny to set up a lemonade stand! He wants to donate the profits to one of the charities you support! I’m blessed to share your fandom with people of all ages J

Adam, your beauty, talent, charisma, magnetism and brilliance are beyond human comprehension! There are no words to describe the LOVE and RESPECT I have for you! You are passionate, compassionate, authentic, genuine, honest, gorgeous, mega talented and still remain humble…perfectly BALANCED. Whether you are singing, doing a television appearance or a radio show interview, you touch every part of my heart and soul and take me to another place….

Thank you, Adam, for inviting us to TRESPASS into your mind, heart and soul!
You are a gift to our world!


Kim W (@motheranimal)
Toledo, Ohio - Meet and Greet 6/8/10



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  1. So is Trespassing coming in May now, not Maypril? Is he trying to kill us? The dj talking to the estatic fan sounded like an a**! News flash for him. Adam is the sexiest man on the planet and could get all the girls too if he was so inclined. Jealous much? Love your blog and was so happy you got to meet BB twice. Wow!! Jennifer

  2. I'm still clinging to April for the release of Trespassing...otherwise I'll go insane. All these teasers are killing me. I definitely have a case of Adam Spring Fever.

  3. Dee Wallace, Canada20 March 2012 at 14:33

    Just a small addition to your little rhyming couplet ;)

    Trespassing was Almost out today... except now it's arriving in MAY!
    Oy vey!

    Anticipation is building to a crescendo, so please hurry up, Adam, and quit being such a perfectionist, haha!

  4. i'm totally lost on all the promo will have to take a day and just go through all the performances my head is spinning


  5. Love the blog as always!! Okay somewhere along the line I missed this one. Been trying to figure it out myself, but not working....what does OOFTA stand for?????

    Love to all,

    @Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476


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