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(Don't Bring Me) Down to Earth! 16/03/2012


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After playing about five songs, Lambert asked for the crowd’s favorite and the general consensus was that “Trespassing” was the biggest hit (though I’m pretty sure I saw Lambert smile when I called out “Outlaws of Love” as my pick). “Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support. This album is for us; it’s for our community,” said Lambert by way of goodbye, excusing himself because he had to rush off to catch a plane to Chicago.

But on his way out the door, he stopped by the table of hors d’oeuvres where I was standing. “My God, these crab cakes are so good,” said Lambert, grabbing one for the road. And I can honestly report that – even when eating a crab cake – Adam Lambert still somehow manages to sparkle.




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Still flying high!  Hope to get the recap written and posted this weekend... waiting for many pictures to be sent my way first!   Did you see this yesterday?


Check out the amazing letter here:

Last night in NYC!

Jon_Ali: Listening party for ! @ Elmo Restaurant and Lounge 

Jon_ALi:Title track 'Trespassing' is a total jam and 'Outlaw of Love' is moving in every way possible adamlambert. Loving this.

jon ‏ @Jon_ALi
With the man of the night @adamlambert

Jon_Ali: Happy to report that  is one of the sweetest people I've had the privilege of meeting. Super cool and down to earth. 

Adam Lambert has set the release date for ‘Trespassing’ for some time in “Mapril,” so he could possibly be gifting fans with his second studio LP some time during the month (unless he decides to drop it towards the end of March 2012) 

Talking About Adam!

Hey — this show isn’t about the judges. It’s about...Tommy Hilfiger? The designer appears on screen and announces he’s going to be the show’s new “image” consultant this season . He expresses admiration for Adam Lambert’s style, and we can’t help but think about the amazing, endless possibilities for bringing some Adam Lambert-inspired fashions to the stage this season. 

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Worth listening to this discussion about Adam!

Adam Lambert has taken a dig at concert goers who watch the entire show behind a camera screen. He played an intimate acoustic gig in Massachusetts in the US last night for 100 competition winners. And even though he praised small venues, where intimacy and humanity is at the forefront, he also pointed out that he wanted to see "people".
The Milford Daily News reported that he told the crowd "Twitter is a great way to connect with people, but it's not human. I really love to see and talk to people, at least those not looking through their cameras."


Adam Events Today!

March 16: Radio, US. 101.9 The Mix Chicago, IL [More Info]
March 16: Radio, US. Lite 93.9 Chicago, IL. Performance at the Coca-Cola Lounge [Source]
March 16: Better Than I Know Myself audio CD released in Germany. [Source]
March 16: Better Than I Know Myself audio CD released in Austria. [Source]

If you are feeling confused and like you might have missed a bunch of performances of this radio promo tour and more, look here:




Lambert recalled his early experiences discovering Queen’s music, flashing back to the early ’90s, “I think when I was a kid and I saw ‘Wayne’s World.’” (Feel old yet, longtime fans?) That proved to be a potent gateway into songs that would eventually have a profound effect on his life and career.
“My father was a DJ in college,” remembered Lambert, “and he had a huge record collection. He busted out all the Queen albums he had, and I saw the pictures of Freddie and heard his voice, and I was like, why don’t I know this — who is this? I instantly recognized how theatrical their sound was, but it was also rock…the connection was instant for me.”




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Q&A + Better Than I Know Myself @ the 965 TIC Acoustic Cafe
Thanks to  JadellEJ 

2012-03-13 Q&A BTIKM @965TIC Acoustic Cafe.MP4

2012-03-13 Q&A BTIKM @965TIC Acoustic Cafe.M4A [AUDIO]

Q&A + Whataya Want From Me 965 TIC Acoustic Cafe
Thanks to  JadellEJ 

2012-03-13 Q&A WWFM @965TIC Acoustic Cafe.MP4

2012-03-13 Q&A WWFM @965TIC Acoustic Cafe.M4A [AUDIO]

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert!!!!! Dejan and Janelle! Produced by Taylor Green

Thanks to iDejANCE


Letters for Adam

Your talents, open heart and vulnerabilities literally spoke to me one night back in 2009 right through the television set!  My girls beckoned me to watch Michael Jackson night on Idol. Never a fan of Idol, but a huge fan of Michael, I thought I’d entertain it.  That’s when my life turned around….entirely!
Call it cosmic intervention…God’s plan… perfect timing… you came about during a time in my life when I needed to rediscover myself…when I needed to remember I was Jody, not just a mommy, a home school teacher, a wife.

 The last time I was enamored with a musician I was 12 and it was Michael. So, there I watched and  I listened to you sing Black or White. I’d found I’d been transported back to that part of myself that was 12;  That part of me that was hopeful and believed anything was possible.  I’d felt like myself for the first time in I don’t know how long.  There in my t.v. room, was a captivated little girl with a belly full of butterflies because I’d felt alive…really alive!
In this rediscovery of me, I’d learned that I’d lost my voice and my drive to really live my life.  Suddenly, I’d made sweeping changes in my marriage, with my friends, with my body and even with my personal life journey.  I can’t say it wasn’t daunting and I entered it with trepidation. I’m still on that necessary journey and maintain keeping it at the forefront of my consciousness.
This journey has taken me to shows in CA, MN, WI, IN, MI and IL.  I worked with a venue in MN, purchasing a block of 46 tickets that I sold to fans at cost, and organized a fan banquet.  Believing the gentlemen I worked with would “take care of me” I envisioned meeting you. I put it out to the universe and believed it would happen.  However, the venue didn’t follow through.  Devastated that my best friend & I drove 11 hours with the certainty that I’d thank you in person and didn’t, I was heartbroken.
 Taking life by the horns, we detoured to the other venue in MN, having no show tickets, and took a chance that we’d come across band members to sign my kid’s library book & a picture. We bumped into Monte, who for no other reason than a generous heart, gave us two meet & greet passes in my daughter’s book!  How this absolutely unplanned event came to pass can be answered as that cosmic thing, that perfect timing…..the universe answering! This desired vision fell into my lap!  We also scored tickets in the 3rd row which lead us to  stage standing spots.   
 I was able to meet you and snap a picture.  Not remembering very much of the 5 minute, semi-private encounter (due to my surging adrenaline) has left my memory almost blank.  I jumped around like that 12 year old, tried to conjure up my planned out conversation and gather my composure.  You signed my two daughters’ items, my silver fedora hat and my forearm.  Crazy as it may seem, I had that signature tattooed in memoriam this new life expedition of rediscovery that you’ve ignited in me through your voice, talents & messages. 
I’m presently living life most genuinely as a result of all these happenings.  That spark brought me closer to a place of peace in my marriage.  Nowadays, that flash has me living in the space of my young heart.  Who wouldn’t want that?
Truly, I thank you,

Hi Adam,

 Thank you for being your beautiful self!  I think you have so much courage and integrity and I admire you so much for just being who you genuinely are.  I also think you are important to the world because I do feel you are bringing understanding and compassion to it, which I feel is needed immensely.

 I have been a fan since your Idol days; when you sang “Mad World” I was hooked immediately. The way you sang that was so gorgeous in every way and it touched me in ways I cannot even explain, other than that I have often felt this is a mad world we live in and I tend to always feel like an outsider.  Thank you for sticking up for those of us who do not fit the mold!

 Your voice really gets into my soul so please do not ever stop singing for us, Adam.  I would guess that you will do movies at some point but hopefully you will still sing, too, because I think your voice is beyond beautiful.

 I would like you to know that I support you, I respect you, and I wish the best for you always in every way, as I think all of us Glamberts do.  I truly hope you can feel the love we have for you and that this love will always outweigh the hate from the haters.  I feel the haters are unevolved and hopefully they will see the light at some point.

 Speaking of love – I am thrilled that you and Sauli have found each other!  I wish you both the very, very best always and hopefully the world will eventually be able to acknowledge that love is love and it is beautiful, and anyone who has found it is very lucky indeed. 

 I am looking forward to the release of Trespassing and I will wait for as long as it takes because I know it will be wonderful and soul-stirring (and fun) – just like you.  I think you have a marvelous mix of seriousness/deepness and crazy fun in you. J

 In thinking about how my life has changed since you appeared, one way is that I have to have my “daily Adam fix” now. J  If I’m feeling down all I have to do is look at a picture of you or hear you sing or give an interview and I am uplifted.  I wonder if you know how you inspire so many of us, Adam.  I hope you do.  I have always struggled with depression and had gotten to a dark place before you graced the Idol stage.  I just brightened following you each week and after Idol I found out about your concert in Fantasy Springs so I re-connected with my love of travel and went to see you and I’m so glad I did!  That version of Whole Lotta Love was out of this world, Adam!  Thank you!  I just feel you are such an inspiration to so many people, Adam, and my hope is that you are changing the world for the better (I certainly believe you are!).

 To sum things up, my world is sooooooo much better with you in it and I wish you the best always in all areas of your life you wonderful human being, you! J

 Sending much love your way,

Anita From Atlanta
Hey there Adam!!!
I don't have much time...but I just had to send a note to tell you that your the best!  I live in a small rural town in the middle of know-where in Missouri...and I am surrounded by biggots and racists.  I sometimes have a difficult time because of this as I am an out-and-proud Glambert.  I have not gotten beaten up...yet...but I promise you that I will give as good as I get.  Fortunately for me...unfortunately for "them"...I'm a big and tough woman! 
I have been trying and trying to find a way to meet you!  Been calling the radio station in Kansas City to no avail.  I tried to talk my husband into letting me fly to London...or Germany..also major fail.  Secretary's don't make much money ya know.  Anyway...letters are the next best thing I guess.  Just imagining you reading my words makes me estatic!
Speaking of words...I wish I had time to give you some good ones.  Just know that you are an inspiration to me, please keep singing!  Not sure what I would do without hearing you everyday!

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