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Forever in Your Debt! 15/03/2012



Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen!  Amazing portrait thanks to Bonnie D (great meeting you in Hartford! XO)

Unfortunately received this beautiful letter late for the book.  Enjoy!  (I did)

The Evolution of a Glamdad:
Dear Mr. Lambert,
I can easily start this out by stating the obvious 

reasons why anyone with a mind, heart, eyes, 

and ears would love everything 

about you. Your music, your attitude, how you 

live and how you push the positive, belief in self, 

tolerance, freedom, and love; not 

to mention your wonderful voice, are all reasons 

anyone would love you. 

My appreciation for who you are goes much 

deeper. It is what you have meant to my 

wonderful daughter, that truly 

makes me wish I could thank you personally. My 

daughter has always been an artist, writer, 

thinker, singer, and free spirit, but 

before you came along, her blessings were 

something she kept close to her.

 It’s hard to envision the shy, timid, and often 

unspeaking young lady, that was there before the 

glitter. It was several things about your constant 

message of being true to who you are and 

believing in your own power and beauty, that 

truly reached her! Not only that, but your 

openness about your sexuality, and actually 

sexuality, love, and romance: in all its 

forms- has helped her to embrace everything 

about what a beautiful woman she is and will 


Another, aspect of what I have seen is that she 

has found a strong and articulate voice. 

Since we live in “the South” and she deals with 

intolerance, and some ignorance she has become 

outspoken in opening up people’s minds and 

educating them about the LGBT and 

Questioning community.

 I truly think my wonderful daughter 

Jordan is beyond her years, in talent, love, 

knowledge, and wisdom: and a large part of that 

is due to Mr. Adam Lambert. 

will forever respect you and be in your debt, for 

being a part of the light my daughter has become 

and will become to the world.

All my Gratitude & Love,
Cleon Sellers


My "friend" hugging Adam just after he hugged me!  That's what the smile is about.  Adam is holding the book of letters and a bag of gifts from me

This picture amazes me because it is the only one from the meet and greet of someone  hugging Adam and there is the book of letters in his hand as proof of delivery!!!
Full recap of my Adam experience coming soon!
  There's me standing in the front row in Hartford.  Full write up is coming soon!  @Wowpriscilla... when are you available to help me????

VIDEO: Adam Lambert Talks Trespassing (and Pomegranates) at the 965 TIC Acoustic Cafe!

Gotta find time to watch the videos here:  I'm told the quality is excellent!

From the interviewer:
OMG I forgot to tell you guys about some Adam Lambert GOSSIP from last night! We went upstairs for a private photo-op and I noticed SOMEBODY owns a $10,000 Hermes Birkin bag!!! HMMMM, who has the $$$ to buy that kind of bag? Maybe A.L.?!?!?!!?

Adam's in NYC today maybe?

 upcoming events here: 


Adam Lambert at PinZ

Singer Adam Lambert thrilled a small crowd at an invitation-only acoustic event at PinZ, performing his biggest hit, and answering questions. 

Thanks to CLife95

Thanks to CLife95


This is so excellent... don't pass it by cause I cannot wait to hear the album version and watch this one performed live!!!!
Thanks to cocooyau

Adam Lambert in INRock Magazine Japan thanks to 

Someone asked Adam what was 30 minutes he'd like to relive. And he said he can last 45. So dirty. We were dying

The Kiss Concert 2012 is Saturday, May 19th at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. Tickets go on sale Friday (3/16) at 10 a.m., but are already available for Kiss Club members. 


Adam Tweets about this Album

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

@thetings Your new album is so good!


So many great videos and more from yesterday evening's post Catching UP!


joshpoirier01: adamlambert OMG YOUR SO AWESOME; can't believe it #starstruck 
Adam with AdamBomb March 14

Thanks to @lifeisnow2 Adam Lambert & Tommy at PiNZ 104.5 WXLO Worcester, Ma 3-14-12



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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Gorgeous Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to Bonnie D!

My picture of TJR standing right in front of me

Letters to Adam

Hi Adam,
I did not dare to write because I am not good at it.  I just want to say I LOVE YOU.  Music is the love of my life.  I can’t live without music.  You are what music is about.  It is not just your uniquely beautiful voice, it is the way you interpret music.  You make it so meaningful, no matter whether it is a dance song and or a heartbreaking ballad.
Also, I have to say that when you were on Idol, I was first attracted to you because of your personality.  You had so much poise, dignity, humbleness and kindness towards others.  It was a revelation.  And when you sang Ring of Fire, I was gone.
Well, since then I’ve learned so much about you, as an artist and as a person, and my love to you grows stronger every day, if that is possible.  I have become happier and I believe I have become a bit better person myself.
THANK YOU so much for being you and for sharing your gift with us so generously.
Tatiana (@Glambert63 on Twitter)

Dear Adam,

You have had such a powerful and positive impact on my life!  You brought color back to my world!  Because of you, I'm more accepting of all people, less judgmental, more free to be me!!  I step out of my comfort zone and go a little "cuckoo" sometimes (totally legal lol), and don't care what others think!  And even though I don't personally know you, I feel like I do, because you let us into your world.  I thank you for that! 
Having you in my life was so major to me over the last 3 months.  My mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and I had to take off work to take care of her.  There was no one else....just me.  It was the most heartbreaking time of my life.  Some nights I was so sure I was gonna "lose it", watching her slowly die.  But every day, every I sat by her bed, I had YOU with me. 
 Your voice in my ipod soothed my soul, lifted my spirit, and really kept me going!  Being able to hear your music, and follow your exciting and crazy world through twitter and the net was the best distraction for me.  You were my "great escape" (my fave Canyons song!).  That meant the world to me!!!  
My mom is now gone, and while I still get sad and melancholy, I know that I have you in my life.  I could listen to you sing whatever.....forever!  You are truly a special person, your voice is magical, your soul beautiful.  I hope to meet you somehow, someday, and get one of those famous "Adam Hugs"!  I wish you love, light, and happiness always.........luv, Robin :)   RobinInSA (on twitter)   

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  1. Awesome! Everything is just awesome! I'm in Adam-overload mode. This promo tour is killing me (in a good way). He must be very high on life right now. Hope he can keep him momentum and motivation going because I'm definitely hoping for a US concert tour THIS year! And, the book was a brilliant idea. Thanks for the extra work. We love you even more! :D

  2. The letter from the Glamdad was the best ever. Has me in tears!!! He so loves his daughter and totally gets Adam's value in her life. It made my heart swell. So glad you sent it to Ebert. Adam really should see that one. I posted it on Facebook.

    I love so many things that you share that it's hard to acknowledge all of it. Just know that you are giving a great gift to all of us!

    Can't wait for that detailed write-up!!!


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