Monday, 12 March 2012

Hartford Bound! 13/03/2012

Here's the news to midnight!  Leaving for Hartford early in the morn so talk to you via twitter! Wish me luck !

 Adam Lambert leaving DC


March 13: Radio, US. KISS 95.7 and KC 101.3 Hartford, CT Performance [kiss957 | KC101 |Source]
March 13: Radio, US. 96.5TIC Hartford, CT. Acoustic Cafe performance. [Source]

I'm gonna be in Hartford for the Acoustic Cafe performance so watch for my tweets starting early afternoon and continuing through the night!  So excited for round two!


Adam at 99.5


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Letters to Adam

Hi Adam :)

I was hoping to be there today but I don't know if I'll be 

able to win a ticket so I wanted to give you a letter. I hope 

you have time to read it :)

I don't know if I could ever explain how much you mean to me. I 
know you hear this all the time but I just wanna thank you for 
helping me see that I have everything I need inside me to make

 me happy and to create the life I want. I've been struggling with 

Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) all my 28 years and it has 

kept me alone and full of fear. Long story short, you came into 

my life while I was at a crossroads and I've been so inspired by 

not only your VOICE, ARTISTRY, and stage presence, but your 

COURAGE and HONESTY. You don't care what others think. 

That is the only way to truly LIVE. I keep trying to learn that 

everyday. It's a constant battle.

I've been working on my Social Anxiety Disorder because all I 

want, if I'm finally HONEST with myself, is to SING. The only 

thing in my way is my severe social fears that have limited my life 

experiences. I want to stop being afraid. I want to be PROUD of 

myself. I want to be more like you in that way. I am pushing 

myself because of you. You are my inspiration. I am my own 

biggest bully. I want you to know that due in part to YOU I've 

joined a choir and am taking voice lessons!!! BIG STEP for me! 

My voice teacher wants me to do the solo (Pie Jesu) but I'm not 

sure I'm ready. Maybe next year I'll go for the solo! :D

I've also kept my pansexuality a secret from pretty much 

everyone except my ex. It must feel strange to be thanked for just 

being you :) but that's all you've done. And yet in our society that 

takes balls. I dream of a day when we all live in a free-spirited 

world where LOVE is the greatest virtue. "Love in action is the 

answer" (Julia Butterfly Hill). I think you exemplify that quote. I 

often think to myself: What Would Adam Do? And it gives me 

strength :) I really love you Adam. Might be weird to hear from 

someone you've never met but I know you know that I mean it. I 

wish you all the happiness in the world! I have so much respect 

for you and your music and I can't wait for the new tunes. 

Congrats on your success and I know 2012 is gonna be your 

year!! Hope to meet you someday! xoxo

Love your Glambert always
Nicole R <3 :)

Hi, Adam! I am one of your older fans, but age is only a number, right? I want to share with you how you have made a positive difference in my life. I joined your fan club on the very first day ( I have never been a member of a fan club in my entire life), and in a few days I received a friend request. I was happy to accept, although I had no idea what good friends we would become! We started out just exchanging notes through the fan page.....just the normal "stuff' most of your fans ask each other....."did you see.... or  "what do you think...? Then we advanced to email, and finally we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. We live in different parts of the country, but we talked about the concerts we had been to (she was luckier to go to more than I was!) and how it would be so nice to meet one day. As time passed, we shared any tidbit of information we could find about you, every photo, every get the picture!  In December, she told me that she would be coming "South" and would be within 2 hours of my city; could we possibly meet? I was so excited! This year on New Year's day we finally got to meet, and now we talk AT LEAST once a day, sometimes more, still sharing everything "ADAM".  I have since become friends (via telephone) with a lady from the West Coast, who  she met at your Los Angeles concert. So here, thanks to you, we have three people who never knew each other existed, become great friends!  Not only have you given us the gift of YOU.....You have given us the gift of FRIENDSHIP.   Thank you so much, Adam!

Hi Adam, Maybe one day sometime, I will have the opportunity to tell you in person how much joy you and your music brings to me and my life. As a disabled mid twenty six year old, I spent many years trying to fit in with the rest of the world but you helped me to realise that just being yourself whether you are weird, freaky or whatever people say is the most important thing of all. I embrace being a bit kooky and a little crazy yet being extremely sensitive to other people. So thank you Adam and hope to see you sometime soon. I am hoping to see you at the Sonisphere Festival. Much love, Katie W aka @DinkyKt (on twitter) xx

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  1. have fun sweetie and can't wait to hear all about it.


  2. You know I live vicariously through you and right now I'm very excited and feeling good! Can't wait to hear all your news! :D

  3. Hanging here! Lee

  4. Your "friend" is one lucky biatch (and so are you)!!! LOL

    xoxoxo Priscilla


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