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Only Love! 12/03/2012

Adam and Tommy at 99.5

Thanks to MSPanda425 Gibson Guitar Showroom




Check out the Dave Aude remix of BTIKM here! 

Adam Lambert's 'Better Than I Know Myself' Remix - EXCLUSIVE

Listen to Adam Lambert "Better Than I Know Myself" Robert Marvin & Shearer Remix [Exclusive Premiere]

All the remixes can be heard here:




Transcrip thanks to Melissa :) (@)

Facebook Chat with Adam Lambert.

'Kathy- i THINK im doing promo in SD at the end of the month'

'HOT 99.5
haha you're all asking me questions about things that havent happened yet! haha I dont have everything planned so far in advance... I kinda create as i go... ya know?'

(Adam is the HOT 99.5 one)

When is Maypril?
- 'HOT 99.5 between april and may'

Loving the new songs so far, esp. Chokehold. Have you made a decision about next single?
- 'HOT 99.5 not yet'

sleep on your side, stomach, or back?
- 'HOT 99.5 my back mostly'

Hi Adam. How long do you need to learn the lyrics of a new songs and is it difficult for you to remember them after you wrote a new song ?
- 'HOT 99.5 Ive been living and obsessing over these songs for so long that i know the lyrics like the back of my hand'

Who's washing the juicer, Adam?
- 'HOT 99.5 we trade off :)'

I know you're an astrology buff many, if any, of your decisions are based on astrological charts or things like mercury retrograde, etc.: (myhoope)
- 'HOT 99.5 Im not into it that much... I enjoy astrology in relation to people's character traits'

From where you took inspiration to write Cuckoo? It's so crazy!
- 'HOT 99.5 from my own crazy'

what's your least favorite color?
- 'HOT 99.5 not into pink'

do you have any favourite finnish singer or band? :)
- 'HOT 99.5 I remember liking The Rasmus when i was living in Germany years ago'

HI, A! Just curious about the new song from Cobalt--the one with "911" in the lyrics--which one is that? LOVE all the new songs so far. I can see why it's difficult to choose the second single!
- 'HOT 99.5 thats NAKED LOVE :)'

Moi! Who did you Co-write Cuckoo with? greetings from Helsinki! 
- 'HOT 99.5 co-wrote Cuckoo with Bonnie McKee and Oligee and Josh Abraham'

Hi Adam. What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?
- 'HOT 99.5 anything blue. i hate green gum...'

Does the juice taste good or do you just drink it because of the health benefits?
- 'HOT 99.5 sorta an aquired taste...'

ADAM: Can you please share a line from "Broken English" with me? - Kathryn17
- 'HOT 99.5 ‎"Tower of Babel has fallen down again. Information disarray...."'

Adam- How do you respond to your haters? What do you do when you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up? Oh, and if this would encourage you to answer my question, i think you're awesome(: haha
- 'HOT 99.5 I think in most cases, the best response is the silent treatment...'

Have you ever considered writing a book? :)
- 'HOT 99.5 could i sing it?'

Have you ever got inspiration in ordinary situations or places (during shopping, jogging etc.)? What do u do in these situations? Do you try to memorize them or prefer write/record them? 
- 'HOT 99.5 I ALWAYS get ideas while on the treadmill... must be the bloodflow'

Heyy Adam (: Ancient place you want to travel to? 
- 'HOT 99.5 Egypt'


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Picture Gallery 


Adam Lambert Photo by Rose Limb

Little preview of the book of letters you all sent to me. Cover was designed and worded by @thefilmqueen.  Thanks sweetie!  I will post a clearer picture Wednesday.

 It ended up being 115 pages and 135 letters including around 10 from husbands/partners.   I will be tweeting from Hartford tomorrow when I attend the Acoustic Cafe in the evening.  Gonna be crazy good!  Hoping to get some pictures and videos of presenting it to Adam.  I think he will be amazed!

Will report back Wednesday later in the day when I return.

If you did not give me permission to post your letter on my blog and you want to, please email me.  I will continue posting a few every day and all I can say is that every one of the letters made me think and feel and was right from the heart.  Not one negative word was spoken.... only love came through loud and clear.

I had a few letters come in after the deadline.  You can still send them to me and I'm happy to post them but the book is finished.

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform at Jezbel event Atlanta 
Photo by Rose Limb— at W Atlanta Buckhead.


and for a bit of added excitement for me, could Tommy Joe Ratliff be performing too? He is in DC!

Any Tommy fans wanna send a letter do it now!
I will take them with me just in case!


adamlambert:-Martin Luther King

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.


Adam's BTIKM HAC radio update (US): new highs! #23 (#24 last wk), spins 918 (+117 spins), 3.43 MILLION people reached!


Adam Lambert and Chef Delic .at Elton John's Party!

Adam will be LIVE on the HOT 99.5 Facebook page Monday, March 12th at 2:30pm to answer YOUR questions!


Adam Lambert releases ‘BTIKM’ Video in the UK and announces new REMIXES EP


Thanks to @Scorpiobert

Fan Tribute video Thanks to AlexMaison333


Adam Lambert Makes A Special Visit To CHOA!

This was posted but be sure to look at all the pictures!


Adam Lambert thanks to Rose Limb

It's a QUIET MORNING but prepare for the storm later!!!

Events for Today

March 12: ArjanWrites: World Exclusive: Adam Lambert “Better Than I Know Myself” remix to premiere on ArjanWrites [Source]

March 12: TV, Japan. MTV Japan “MTV Obizarus #221″ 19:00-20:00 Japan time w/repeats. [More info]

March 12: Radio, US. 97.1 Wash-FM Washington, DC. Win tickets to upcoming event. [More Info]

March 12: Radio, US. 99.5 Hot Washington, DC. Join Adam Lambert for a Facebook Chat! [More Info and Performance Contest details]

March 12: Radio, US. 94.7 Fresh FM, Washington DC. [Source | More Info]

March 12: Radio, US. MIX 107.3 Washington DC. Performance and Meet&Greet. [More Info]


Adam Lambert thanks to Rose Limb



We all need to do this daily!  Just take a few minutes and do as much as you can to help promote Adam 

Adam with a big lead!

Please Sign up and vote for Adam daily... BTIKM is #11  Gotta break into the top TEN next week on Canada's #1 Radio Station


Improved Sound Versions of Adam's New Songs thanks to Scorptwitr





Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to GlambertandProud

Letters to Adam

 Dear Adam, 

 From the moment I first saw you on AI, I was blown away by your voice, your presence, your incredible talent. As I listened to your interviews and learned more about you, I felt connected to a kindred spirit. A fellow Aquarius, fellow singer, and performer.

 Your story is just beginning, mine is well into its middle chapters. I spent my days going to a boring job, relegated to a life half lived. Since I have been following you, listening to your music, learning more about the uncompromising way you have chosen to live your life, I have been liberated. 

 I sing now. I auditioned for a choral group and was accepted. I am embraced there, encouraged to "find my voice" and let it shine. I have made new and amazing friends, mostly through a fan site of yours. These ladies support me, we support each other, in all our endeavors. Our core group, representing five decades, get together regularly, to share in fun, friendship and, well, you. We talk about your music and you as a person, what both mean to us. How grateful we are that you, however indirectly, brought us together. We live in three different states, our careers are diverse. An artist, a student, a financial advisor, an obstetric nurse, an event planner. And yet we are united by our love and admiration for you, your music, your message. 

 I have been to three Glamnation concerts but have never met you. Several of my friends have. I hope to one day be able to tell you in person just how much you have helped me change myself. How unfettered I feel, in a career that I love, with amazing friends around me, and, finally, singing again. Thank you for sharing your music and, more importantly, yourself with the world. Thank you for inspiring me to be myself, unapologetic, every day. 

In love and light, 


Hi Adam!
I've been putting off writing this letter because I keep getting nervous that I'll forget things I wanted to say or they'll come out wrong or they'll be massively confused or or or… But that's no reason keep from writing, is it? :) Gloria is so amazing to be delivering fan letters to you and I'm excited to have this chance to express how incredible you are! (You might hear that from a hundred thousand fans every single day, but I'm of the firm belief you still never hear it enough!)
And hooboy, I apologize in advance for rambling. Extensively. haha
I learned a new word about thirty seconds ago: "is'ness." Somebody's is'ness is what/who they are, their energy, and they bring more of that to themselves, attracting the things in the universe that have the same energy. "You get back what you put out there" sort of principle. I immediately thought of you, because you're such a positive energy guy and you draw so much positive energy to you. (I got the word from Notes From the Universe, in case you're curious, which is this awesome daily email with little lines to remind you of the connectivity of the universe. Totally love it.)
For me, always when I try to describe you and ultimately what you mean to me, what you reminded me of in a time of my life when I really, really needed it… is inspiration. You're just pure inspiration. You inspire me in so many ways it's hard to count them all. You inspire me to be better, to do what I love, to just be me, and those are all things that, insane as it seems, can be so easy to forget. It's good to remember them, to be me and not be afraid of that.
But you're so much more than that. I don't know… you're you. And that's so beyond enough. That's all you or I or anyone needs.
Musically you plain and simple blow me away. You're one of few artists that thrills me every time, whose songs never get old, whose song – any song – comes on and I just break out into a huge grin. Just makes me happy. Sometimes when I listen to your voice my heart breaks, in a good way. Singing reveals your soul, dance track or ballad; and there is a lot of beauty in that soul of yours. I get you might not see that or believe it – people generally don't when it comes to themselves – but I'll tell you pretty much every chance I get, and hope that many others – family and fans alike – do too, just to make sure you know it and remember it. Remember to tell your loved ones too, because they must be pretty amazing and brilliant too.
Also, QUEEN, c'mon! You're playing with Queen!!! I am trying so damn hard to make it to Sonisphere. It's sort of ridiculously expensive, at least for me, but damn. You and Queen! I need to make that happen. I have dreams about being at that show! So I am super optimistic about it.
And obviously we don't know each other, but you feel like family, if that makes sense? I care about your wellbeing so much. You're right up there in the category of "I just want you to be happy, and that is all that matters," and I hope you always, always follow your instinct (you've got damn good instincts, Adam) and your heart. I hope you always find happiness, love, and balance in your life. Always always always. And I'm being a giant sap, but I don't care. (Do guys like hearing this stuff? lol) I just like to make sure you get how brilliant you are despite all the crazy shit you put up with, and your loved ones as well.
Anyway, fyi, no matter whatever happens in life, you're loved and you're amazing and you've done incredible, positive things, made the world a better one for countless people.
I think I've rambled at you quite enough, wouldn't you say? But remember you are loved a ridiculous amount, by all of us crazy fans, and that's not going to change so keep doing what you do: be you!
Love and crazy mad shenanigans,
P.S. Speaking of crazy mad shenanigans, just yesterday my mom and I realized if you ever get tired of singing (you never know), and acting (it could happen? lol), and threw any fashion line ambitions to the wind (yes, I know I've left the realm of reality far behind), you could make a killer career and exceptional fortune by opening a hugging booth. Everyone wants to hug you. Just think about it: with economic inflation, hugs would be $5 a pop, minimum? In one day you'd make millions. It's a mad, brilliant scheme. Just saying! ;)

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  1. Too bad he couldn't go to Alisan's wedding. It made national news, front page of yahoo online.


  2. Wow! Last night I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by my move to KC and my friend's frustration in trying all week to win us tickets to see Adam here next Monday. I had just come from a Silent Retreat and I was about ready to just give up on trying. It was raining and my friend couldn't go with me to Lawrence, KS to sign up for a chance to win tickets. And I'm leaving tomorrow for five days...blah, blah, blah. So I decided to let it go and feel my way through. I didn't know what this crazy passion is about and I got the internal message, "Adam has made you brave." true--that is Adam's gift to me! So I drove over to Lawrence by myself and signed up. The contest had just begun and a name was called this morning. Then this afternoon I was downloading the remixes and got my call. OMG!! I won!! I get to see my Muse at last--in a private performance!! Wow!! So happy for me!! So proud of my own bravery and my knowing and holding onto the power of love and positivity! This may not be the place for this comment, but this is my favorite blog and I wanted to share the love!! The Universe adores me!!!

  3. Addendum: Wow! Just read the letter from Kaavyawriting--BEAUTIFUL!!! I resonate with every single word! Thanks so much!!!!

  4. I am so proud you included my letter in your book. I loved the part today about "Opening a hugging booth." Isn't that the truth? I am so blessed to have gotten to hug him on March 5. I got to tell him, "Thank you," and he said it back. Of course, he has no idea what all I was thanking him for. But man, all these letters show how much love people feel for him. I hope he understands and feels it. Our DJ Chris at 102.9 in Dallas asked him, "What does it feel like to be in a room where so many people love you?" And Adam threw his arms wide and said, "It feels great! Nothing like singing in front of an audience."

  5. the book looks great and can't wait to hear all about your visit. Also you know you always have my permissionto use whatever I send you. have a safe trip and I have a gift coming your way to say thank you just need to get to the post office to mail it.


  6. MaryS,
    I am so glad that you won the KC tickets(in Lawrence)! Adam has been good for you.
    I tried very hard to win tickets, but it didn't happen this time. You'll have to represent for our group!


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