Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beautiful Beanie Boy! 11/03/2012


Thanks to @Scorpiobert

Adam will be LIVE on the HOT 99.5 Facebook page Monday, March 12th at 2:30pm to answer YOUR questions!



@quailing haha! Well I didn't go up to Adam at first cuz I was nervous so my friends stayed on the dance floor, and then I hear Trespassing start and I lose it going "holy shit Adam this is trespassing!!!" and I go up to Adam at the booth and he laughs and clinks glasses w me and I see Sauli laughing a few feet away when he sees me lose my shit over Trespassing lol. I was the only one there who immediately knew the song


Events for Tomorrow

March 12: ArjanWrites: World Exclusive: Adam Lambert “Better Than I Know Myself” remix to premiere on ArjanWrites [Source]
March 12: TV, Japan. MTV Japan “MTV Obizarus #221″ 19:00-20:00 Japan time w/repeats. [More info]
March 12: Radio, US. 97.1 Wash-FM Washington, DC. Win tickets to upcoming event. [More Info]
March 12: Radio, US. 99.5 Hot Washington, DC. Join Adam Lambert for a Facebook Chat! [More Info and Performance Contest details]
March 12: Radio, US. 94.7 Fresh FM, Washington DC. [Source | More Info]
March 12: Radio, US. MIX 107.3 Washington DC. Performance and Meet&Greet. [More Info]


Adam Lambert at Club Cobalt Washington DC

Sincere thanks and hugs sent to all of you!

I'm off this morning to get this enormous book of letters and love bound.  Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and your love.  I am certain that Adam will be blown away by this creation.  

Special thanks to all the husbands/partners who took time to share their experiences.  I will continue to post many of the letters over the next few weeks.  

I will also put up some pictures of the book and it's beautiful cover (Thanks @thefilmqueen!) as soon as I give it to Adam.  

Want to make sure it's a bit of a surprise!


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour thanks to @mmyy9


Last Night at Cobalt in DC.... Adam DJ'ed and played the real versions of Trespassing and Cuckoo!


Thanks Adam Lambert for playing your new unreleased album for cobalt! First club in the country to hear it! You rock.:).

Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, TommyJoeRatliff in Washington DC last night thanks to @RobotronicHeart

Compare the picture above to this!  LOL!

Thanks to @SammieMa



Omg Adam lambert and sauli are at cobalt. Just talked to Adam for a couple minutes. Club loves the songs.


Ok Adam just DJed at Cobalt and played Trespassing and Cuckoo


Cuckoo and Trespaasing sound sick!!! Loved them!!!


Adam had a cutie beanie and leather jacket and Sauli had red pants 

Thanks to @Merrycello.... Adam and you both look amazing! 
Katie & Adam Lambert”



Btw Sauli and Tommy were very sweet and very chummy and hugging

Adam w my friend Adam. I fucking love this!

‏ @CWNewser 

PHOTOS More @adamlambert at @cobaltdc with his boyfriend. #dc
CWNewser: American Idols Adam Lambert is at Cobalt as a patron right now. @glittarazzi


finale: This is @adamlambert leaving @cobaltdc, the gay nightclub that closed at 4. So he's sleeping; u should too

Bye Adam Lambert - my staff enjoyed you !

Back at the Hotel!

Love this and agree 100%

Trespassing Through the Front Door

3/11/2012 byNoAngel

Ever since Adam told us that this era would feature less glitter and less glam, fans of glitter and glam have mourned. Some worry that the Trespassing era will require Adam to dial back his crazy and tone down his OTT against his real wishes. And despite Adam's assurances that this is about #Realness, some fans have expressed concern that an Adam who doesn't sparkle like a firecracker isn't being true to himself.

To me, these ideas imply that Adam is at best being manipulated against his will into an unwanted box, and at worst lying to all of us. I don't believe either is the case. I think Adam is playing a strategic game; a game which should be familiar by now to those who have known him since Idol. He's choosing to put forward a version of himself that he believes will help him achieve his goal, and right now his goal is to position himself as a major pop singer. To achieve this he needs is radio play, which helps drive song/album sales. So he's playing the game—radio gigs, dozens of interviews, silly banter with silly DJs. Pretty much wherever he goes he's left people berting in his wake, and he's done most of it wearing jeans and t-shirts. He's marketing himself as a regular guy—relatable, approachable, normal. And with some exceptions, he's getting fewer "guyliner and glitter" remarks this time around. He talks about his music in a way that makes it clear that the songs and emotions apply to everyone. He talks about his boyfriend in a way that makes people see that they're just a couple doing their couple-y things (albeit with a little more juicing;)).

Rest of article here:


World Exclusive: @AdamLambert "Better Than I Know Myself" remix to premiere on on Monday. Stay tuned!


Bonnie McKee Talks about Adam thanks to @GaleChester

Thanks to @DORIANMagazine


DORIAN Magazine

Sneak preview of @adamlambert in @DORIANMagazine - the Glamtastic Spring Issue is out any day now!



We all need to do this daily!  Just take a few minutes and do as much as you can to help promote Adam 


Improved Sound Versions of Adam's New Songs thanks to Scorptwitr




adamlambert : I'm Glad You Came. ” damn girl saaaang! I think 
I ... came. ;)

Letters to Adam... Husbands and Partners speak!  

(lots more coming in the next few days so stay tuned!)

Since my wife feels that I am somewhat opinionated, she asked if I would share my feelings about how you have affected our lives after we first saw you on Idol. 

The truth is I turned to her after seeing you perform and told her you were going to be bigger than Elvis. Your talent and your presence filled up the whole stage and our t.v. screen. I could see my wife was smitten. We aren’t kids. We were around to witness Elvis’s rise to stardom. And, as is sometimes the case in very long relationships, intimacy very often wanes. 

Now, this is the best part for me. My wife finds you incredibly sexy. So much so, that our refrigerator is plastered with your photos, she has had her hair tipped, she wears makeup again and is losing weight. And, she has found me attractive.

 I think she has dared to see things in a different way since you have come on the scene. So Adam, a big hats off to you for renewing our “private life”. All is really solid on this end! Hoping it stays that way!  


Dear Mr. Lambert,

I felt compelled to write you and hopefully put a smile on your beautiful face by explaining my partner’s undying love, loyalty and attraction to you and your unbelievable singing and personality.  She did not see you on American Idol, but on Ellen and was TOTALLY in awe.  

Since then she has gotten three of your tattoos (had none before), has met SOOO many other Glamberts she can relate to and probably knows your schedule better than you know yourself!!!!!

I myself think you are an unbelievable performer, have seen you once in concert which I will always remember.  You remind me of Elvis who I followed (giving away my age), but I find you much better in your singing range and looks!!!

My partner’s hobby is YOU , my hobby is fishing.  I’m telling you this to explain my new nickname—“FISHBERT”!!  My partner has a new BFFPP—“Best Friend Forever Pen Pal”—her name is Kim.  They met online and I bless Kim EVERYDAY because she is equally taken by you and your singing.  So Robin (my partner) has given me time and space to do my thing while she and Kim go crazy over you.  PLEASE do not be offended in any way Mr. Lambert, but I am just not as crazy as these two!!  Hence the name “Fishbert”.

I love you and your performances, I am VERY HAPPY for you and Sauli and wish you both only the VERY best, but I DO love to fish!!  Will have to try playing your music on the boat to see if it helps make the fish bite—will let know know…..if it does, that would open up a whole NEW world!!

Keep em coming,

“Fishbert”   (Sandi)

My husband doesn’t speak English so he can’t write his note to Adam. Anyway, we were talking about it and he said he would like to send his regards to Adam, because he really likes him and enjoys his songs. And I’m sure he meant it. Not only he was totally amazed when he saw his performance with Queen (my husband is a huge fan of Queen), but a few days ago when we were sitting together in our living room he totally surprised me saying:

“You don’t listen Adam today? What happens?” 

At my surprised look he explained: ”Well, I like him and I miss his voice. Won’t you play his songs today?” 
This made me very happy. And of course, the rest of the evening we spent listening to Adam’s songs. :)

Lis (Shimoli710) 
from the Czech Republic


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  1. I love seeing Adam out w/ Sauli & Tommy having a great time...and playing his new songs---even better!!

    Beautiful pictures today---thanks Gloria<3

  2. @lorraine from comment on 10 Mar '12.
    I am the Gloria who wrote the letter to Adam that you read, who is retired from the military and who has the same birthday as you
    17 Jan. Thank you for your kind words however, I wanted you to know I am NOT the Gloria who writes this blog. We just happen to have the same name:)

    How I wish it was me that was meeting Adam for the second time, but unfortunately not. I am happy for OUR BLOGGER Gloria!! She does deserve to see Adam again.

    BTW lorraine, I actually lived in San Diego for awhile, El Cajon to be more specific.

    Your friend @Gloria476 in Oklahoma

  3. Love seein gAdam and Sauli out and about enjoying themself. Also i love the letter from Sandi and i hope that the fishing is good where you are at as i enjoy it as well when I get to go.

  4. btw the way just wanted you to know i gave you a shout out in my blog post for tomorrow that will go live at midnight


  5. Thank you, Gloria-who lives in Oklahoma. I appreciate your correcting me as to who you are. Still, we are all Glamberts and we all love Adam and who knows-we may meet some day because of our special love of this guy who has touched our hearts. And again, I think your letter to Adam was beautiful.

  6. @lorraine, would like to communicate with you. Sending my email address to Gloria our blogger. We have the same birthday and that doesn't happen often:) If you like, you can get my email from Gloria.
    Hope to hear from you.
    @Gloria476 aka Glambert#476
    Gloria from


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