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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Letters! 05/03/2012

Adam Lambert in Fault Magazine


Keep sending me the letters!  I got them all organized and can accept more til Friday! 

you guys have a lot to say to Adam and I'm doing my best to read, print and compile your letters into a book to present to him next week!  

A few of the ones I received are posted near the bottom of this page with permission from the authors.  I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts!

Adam Lambert in outake from Out100 shoot via


Yesterday-Adam in Dallas

@adamlambert is in the house at @maximodal for dinner this evening #LoveTheMansWork! #SundayFunday

About Vail!

Denise Teti

‎Karen Howell Yes! It was so impressive...he did a bunch of hits and also 3 songs off his new album! Just fantastic!

Karen Howell
Adam never fails to amaze, only a handful of artists with a voice like his come around in a generation! He's one of the most genuinely nice people you could ever meet too. Can't wait for his next album to drop this spring and to hear him front the legendary Queen again this summer!


Today's Events

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 Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Adam Lambert joins us live in-studio at 7:45AM CT (8:45AM ET)

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Pictures from Mix 100 Denver!

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Pictures from Alice Radio Denver 105.9


Adam Lambert Calender of Events

Adam in Magazines in Europe

Adam Lambert in Twist Magazine from Germany thanks to Betty

“Adele’s song “Someone like you” is simply beautiful. It goes right into my heart and it’s so inspiring”, the 30-year-old raves about the British singer. He smiles: “I love her music!”

Adam in Marie Clare Magazine UK thanks to @satanicfloret

Adam in Czech Bravo Magazine

Adam Lambert thanks to Listoff!

"I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope.”
– Adam Lambert to Fault magazine on what his fans don’t know about him



@adamlambert I was cleaning and I found this! I remember you!



Michael Jackson music back catalog stolen by hackers

It was recently confirmed that American Idol star Adam Lambert will front Queen when the band headline this year's Sonisphere festival.

Brian May has reassured fans that the band's latest lead will make them "happy".

He said: "Judging by my incoming mail, this decision will make a lot of people very happy. It's a worthy challenge for us, and I'm sure Adam would meet with Freddie's approval!"


Who Could it Be?

New/Old Adam Pictures from Hair Days!
Adam Lambert during his "Hair" days via  


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Letters for Adam

Dear Adam,

My name is Zsófi, I'm from Hungary and I'm a verified HunGlambert since 2010. First of all, thank you for answering my question in the Hungarian BRAVO magazine. I was shocked and amazed when I saw that you answered my question. Wow, you made my week! :)) I feel so lucky! 
@AdamBertDaily gave us the golden chance to give you our letters. I became so excited to have a chance for sharing my thoughts with you. It's so hard to decide how to begin a letter, though I have so much things to say to you, I'm quite speechless right now. But I try to do my best to let you know how you changed my life and how thankful I am for this! 

2010 was a significant year in my life. After the heartbreaks and depression I wanted light and love in my life. That was the moment when you stepped into my life with Whataya Want From Me. After I listened the full album I became your fan, and I'm gonna support and love you for eternity! I try to give back a little love every day, but my whole life wouldn't be enough to give back ALL you gave me. 
First I just loved you, but time has passed and I became a hard-core Glambert, and now I know what means being a fan of someone. Maybe this is one of the most inspiring relationships between two "unknown" person, and I believe this is one of the strongest connections as well. I'm so sad for those people who never meet with this feeling, it gives so much strenght and a permanent point in life. I don't exactly know what real love is, but being a Glambert gives a little taste of it. I gave my heart to you two years ago, you healed it, filled it with glitter, love, light and joy, and it doesn't matter if I ever find true love, a piece of my heart always going to be yours. :) 

What happened with my since I'm a Glambert? Well, I could talk about it for years, because this is The Journey Of My Life, this is my New Life. Boys bullied me, because in their eyes I wasn't as beautiful as my friend. This reason was enought for being the one who had to suffer all the time. I wasn't strong and confident, I believed that I'm ugly, I didn't want to fight against this. I don't feel anger or hate now, I'm even thankful: without heartbreaks and suffered bullies, I wouldn't became a real Glambert. I wouldn't understand what your're talking about. You saved me and you made me realize that I have to change. I became a better, stronger, opened, more confident person who I always wanted to be. I'm not afraid of being who I am, loving and accepting everyone. All of my friends claim that you stepped into my life at the perfect moment, and being a Glambert is one of the best things that ever could happen with me. They are also thankful for saving me. :) 

I was lucky enough to attend one of your Glam Nation Tour concerts, in Vienna (22 November, 2010). Night of my life. Truly. Significant and unforgetable. You took me a ride on an emotional rollercoaster, you brought me to a safe and perfect place which I didn't want to leave. And well, I guess, I still haven't leave, because when I close my eyes, memories flashing through my mind, I can smile and cry at the same time. You created a place in my mind where I can hide if I want, where I can find strenght or solace. I stood in the 3rd row at concert, there were moments when you looked into my eyes. These are the undeletable parts of my mind. 
I always wanted to ask something: after the concert I gave Brooke a Glam Nation Tour map (I made that) which she brought to you. She told me on twitter that you got the map. Do you remember for that? Did you like that? I hope so. There's an other copy hanging on my wall, but yours is the original version. :) 

Sending you GlamKisses and GlamHugs from Hungary!
With love, Zsófi :)

P.S.: Can't wait to see you at Sonisphere Festival!! :)) <3

Twitter name: @ZeffiGlambert

(This is for you AdamBertDaily: thank you for this chance sooooo much!!!!

Hi Adam, 
My family and friends think I am obsessed with you and there may be a bit of truth to that. I am a Glambert through and through.

I am inspired by your talent, your honesty, and bravery. Your voice is hauntingly beautiful and your range is immeasurable. You had me at Satisfaction, it was clear in that moment that you were head and shoulders above the rest and you get better and better every day. 

I saw the GlamNation show three times in person and innumerable on YouTube. I plan to see many more live shows on the next tour. 

You have also changed me. I consider myself a liberal but because of you I have become more vocal and supportive of gay rights and equality for all. 

I am a forty-something African American woman who is seriously crushing on 30 year old pop superstar. I hope to meet you someday soon. Until then YouTube and the adambertdaily blog are my constant companions. 
Is it Mapril yet, I can't wait.
Bree (Neesa) aka @mataunt

Letter for Adam posted with Permission thanks to @glendalou

Dear Gloria, I'm elated you get to go to the Acoustic Cafe. We all benefit because you are the best. I'm so glad Adam knows about your "crack blog". I'm happy to get to send along a letter.
Dear Adam,
 A good number of years ago, around my 30th Birthday, I stumbled on a quote, "He(or she) who catches the joy as it flies lives in eternities sunrise." 
Many people don't get this, but I know you will. I have tried to live my life staying open to unexpected joy and it has made me a happy person with happy kids and Grandkids. Adam you have added more joy for me than I could ever thank you for or express. Except for a crush on Elvis as a teenager, I have never before been a hardcore, passionate fan. I am all in for you. 
I donate to Charity Water, vote, watch more videos and interviews than I can count. I connected to your voice and spirit from the beginning. I play FYE constantly. It makes driving a JOY. I look forward to receiving my 3 copies of Trespassing I have pre ordered. 
I could go on and on, but I wanted you to know how deeply you have enriched my life. I would like to say "I love you", but they all say that because you are so lovable. Oh!
And in one of your interviews you even said you like dachshunds. Mine is one of those joys for me. 
All the very best to you. 
Glenda glendalou on Twitter 
Sent from Grandma's iPad

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Everytime Adam declares his love for Sauli, this song comes to mind... Hope we can hear him sing it someday!



  1. I was flipping channels last night and happened on a reality show (I think) call Kandi Factory. There was a contestant they were making up, wanting a rock star look for him, and the makeover guy said, "We want you to look like Adam Lambert." My head spun around and when done the young man did have that flair with some eye make up. Adam's name is everywhere.


  2. big huge squishy hugs for being just plain AWESOME. love the letters you posted they are all wonderful and inspiring. sent mine to you today hope you got it.


  3. I don't have Twitter so can I sent a letter? And is it possible that you don't publish my letter in here blog? This letter thing is really really good idea, thank you!! I'm from Finland and I hope that I wrote this right, but there may be some mistakes on my text.. :DD


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