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Full Speed Promo! 06/03/2012


From @adamlambert performance at @HoustonMIX965 in Houston today. #Awesome http://pic.twitter.com/ynCbI62Y


Thanks to @GaleChester

Translation of Norwegian Interview thanks to @LambertNorway

Love Meatloaf!

. I want to say this about Whitney -- there are singers who, well, it's like golfing with a world-class pro. They hit the ball and it takes off like normal, but then at the last second explodes and just goes into another dimension, right? Well, I think there are three singers that I have heard that I think have that thing, that jetpack quality to their voice that just lets it take off.

And they are?

OK, ya ready? Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Adam Lambert.

Wow, you put Adam Lambert in some pretty good company!

Have you seen the clip on YouTube of him singing with Queen, in that MTV clip from Belfast? Look it up. He hits overdrive and you may not believe it. What he does is amazing. Top three! I am not kidding. That kid is something else. He's real.


Pictures from today:  Videos coming



Adam Lambert in Denver thanks to @cctexasgirl 

I'm Going!!  :)  And STILL offering Personal delivery for you!.. You have till Friday midnight EST cause I gotta put it together on the weekend!  

Gotta Tell You All Something!

I'm going to be doing another minute by minute tweeting frenzy next Tuesday, March 13th when I attend the Acoustic Cafe in Hartford, CT.  

I received this ticket from an amazing friend who has a connection (alway helps) to the event sponsor.  

Yes, it's true!  I'm going to meet Adam again.  I'm busy planning my strategy and was thinking that I would be thrilled to present him with a package of letters from some Glamberts who have not had a chance to meet him.

So start writing! What would you like to tell Adam (and me)? I will print out all emails received and present them to Adam in a special way (which I will figure out)


Please include your twitter name and put "Adam Letter" in the Subject line.  Also, let me know if it's ok to post your letter on my blog.  Some of them are so inspirational I would really love to share!

And yes, I will hug Adam from all of you... happy to take 

on that responsibility!  LOL!

Barely breathing again!!!!

(I have already received more than 10 20   75 letters... keep them coming and I will put them together into a nice book or folder or something for Adam!)


You can keep sending me your letters!  I got them all organized and can accept more til Friday! 

You guys have a lot to say to Adam and I'm doing my best to read, print and compile your letters into a book to present to him next week!  

A few of the ones I received are posted near the bottom of this page with permission from the authors.  I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts!

(I lost track of acknowleging receiving letters yesterday so if you are concerned, resend with subject line  Adam Letter second time or just trust that I have it!)

You can email me a letter whether or not you are on twitter.  If you have a twitter name, please include it and let me know if I have permission to post your letter on my blog

Also want to say that I have been in tears and choked up so many times reading your letters.  They really are from the heart and I am sure Adam will be touched by your words!

Alisan's Getting Married this weekend!

Alisan Porter ‏ @alisanporter
4 DAYS!!!! instagr.am/p/H1yjoBiyaz/

Yes thats Adam Lambert. Lol just another day at work. instagr.am/p/H1z0NtK61G/




I must repost! ADAM SANG CUCKOO in VAIL (& it was awesome)!! Next single?

 ‏ @lilybop2010
@ladyteti I'm glad you met Adam! Did they sing any new songs?

 ‏ @ladyteti
@lilybop2010 they sang 3 new songs and they were all fantastic!

 ‏ @lilybop2010
@ladyteti Or maybe Better Thank I Know Myself is new for you? Trying to guess the next single. I hope it's Cuckoo, dance song, catchy tune!

 ‏ @ladyteti
@lilybop2010 it was cuckoo and it was awesome!

@ladyteti Re Cuckoo, was the "straight jacket" part repeated? Adam wrote that part. Did the melody, song, stay in your mind after the show?

‏ @ladyteti
@lilybop2010 YES! He said it was a single!!!He's such a sweetheart.Check out the friendship bracelet I gave him: http://tinyurl.com/7gtwbfk

 are you sure it was Cuckoo and not trespassing? :) Adam has yet to perform cuckoo...

 Yes, I'm POSITIVE bc he performed BOTH!


Adam Lambert Was at the Hard Rock, and So Was Every Woman in Dallas



Hello Houston? Can anyone hear me?http://instagr.am/p/H1reQ7C1Lw/

Adam Lambert Chats with Chris


Adam Interview & Performance at KiddTV; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H_4Kz-7t9SM



@RadarEcho @adamlambert @i93dallas were gonna get everything up, interview, pics video later this morning. Our video guy slepted in


LindsayInTheSky: IllyBatBaby lockerz.com/s/189885490

ADAM LAMBERT's "Better Than I Know Myself" advances 27-24 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 chart.

Fab news RT  Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself is #58 in UK TV Airplay Chart Up 17 places from last week

More Adds Yesterday!



If you didn't grab your tix to see Adam Lambert, listen for him on Kidd Kraddick tomorrow morning at 8am on Mix! http://mix965houston.com

Adam Lambert in the studio with us --- hear it at 9:00am! PLUS, We continue playing FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. $1000


March 06: Radio, US. 99.5 Hot, Washington, DC. Listen to win! [More Info]
March 06: Radio, US. 94.7 Fresh FM, Washington DC. Announcement at 6:25am local time [Source | More Info]
March 06: Radio, US. Mix 100 Lubbock, Texas. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning 8am local time. syndicated morning show. [More Info]
March 06: Radio, US. 105.9 Kiss FM Kansas. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning 8am local time. syndicated morning show. [Source]
March 06: Radio, US. 104.3TheParty, Illinois. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Adam Lambert joins us live in-studio at 7:45 CT! [Source]
March 06: Radio, US. Z93 Yuma, Arizona. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Adam Lambert joins us live in-studio at 7:45 CT! [Source]
March 06: Radio, US. 106.1 KISS FM Dallas/Fort Worth. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Adam Lambert joins us live in-studio at 7:45 CT! [Webpage | Source | Tapes March 05]
March 06: Radio, US. 104.1 KRBE Houston, Texas. In Studio Meet&Greet. [Source]
March 06: Radio, US. MIX 96.5 Houston, Texas. Appearance [More Info | Source]
March 06: Dorian Magazine Sweden. [Source]


@kevmokeys What an awesome day spent all over Dallas! So tired...but it's a good tired. Y'all wore me out! :)

Outlaws of Love at Mazda Music Lounge

Whataya Want From Me

Better Than I Know Myself

Important Vote for Adam and BTIKM spin

Tickets on Sale for Moscow Today!

COW, March 5 - RIA Novosti. Tickets for the only full concert of this year, the British rock group Queen, along with lead singer Adam Lambert to be held in Moscow at the "Olympic" on June 30, will go on sale on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported the organizers.
According to representatives of the organizers, home sales are planned for exactly 14:00. Ticket prices will range from 1,750 to 30,000 rubles.
($60- $1000)

Please let me know when you buy your tickets so I can put you on the Moscow twitter list!

‏ @adamFANamber

I saw my grandma tonight and look what she saved for me from the newspaper. She's so sweet:)http://twitpic.com/8sh1fn

Kid Kraddick talks about Adam

Adam Lambert

#1: Adam Lambert

Woah, check out Adam Lambert all suited and booted posing for Fault magazine. We're used to seeing him channeling his inner rock-star, but here he is looking very dapper indeed Plus, he looks WAY HOTTER clutching that cute pooch - aww!


Sauli's Blog

Translation thanks to @moominbert

Latest IS_Tutka:  http://www.iltasanomat.fi/tutkaroadshow/?pos=nav

Translation coming soon

Order Fault Magazine here:

Aww! Beautiful!

By the way, I emailed the result of my poll.  There were just under 2700 votes and these were the top choices.


Adam in Hair ( to go along with the old pictures from yesterday)


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Fan Letter thanks to Toni

Dear Adam,

Like many Glamberts, I was immediately hooked while watching your Idol audition of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Before that, AI was just television entertainment, and while I always had favorites, I was basically ambivalent.

 I was curious enough to do some research and found the videos from The Zodiac. I had the same feeling that you and many of your friends had about your being on Idol. How on earth is middle America going to respond to this guy? 

But I was mesmerized. I immediately knew that you were someone special. It wasn't just your amazing vocals, but the fashion and the entire package of how you presented yourself. A little about myself: I'm a straight female somewhat older than you:}, have always been politically and socially progressive, and as a child of the 70's embraced many psychedelic mind altering substances.

 I also have always had a passionate interest in fashion and my artistic expression is dressing myself. I have had friends say to me, I love your fashion, but I could never do that. My response was the same as yours, "Yes, you can, you just have to want to". I'm telling you this, since so many Glamberts have said that you were life changing for them in so many ways. For me, it was validation that being on the edge was the right way to have lived my life, but a bit mind blowing that this validation was coming from a 20 something man.

 Being a computer geek, I started reading blogs and found that many "women of a certain age" were having the same feelings about you as I did, yet they came from far different backgrounds than my own. I was one of the first to find and purchase Juneau and Xena's book, and they did a beautiful job of putting words to paper that mirrored my own feelings. I attended the Idol tour in San Diego (I'm from SD), and there found more compatriots. Fantasy Springs cinched any doubt that you would become a huge worldwide star and you would do it on your own terms. YAY! There is something so liberating in that for all of us and I congratulate you many times over. 

I attended six Glam Nation concerts and one involved a plane trip. That was a first for me. Not the plane, but actually flying across the country to attend a concert. This community of Glamberts is really something special. It's a great feeling to share this fandom with so many very smart and interesting people. I'm constantly touched by the number of people who have said that you have literally changed their lives and certainly that is one form of love. 

I have yet to meet you, although I was at the barriers in Costa Mesa just inches away. I hope that I can get a Meet & Greet eventually. The Glamberts who have been fortunate enough to have been able to converse with you have all said it was mind blowing. Thanks to Gloria for doing this book, allowing us to say a few words. I hope you can find the time to read our letters. And thanks to you for helping to make all of our lives richer and expanding our friendships around the globe.

In solidarity for helping to make this world a better place, 

Toni  @zydecodancer

Dear Adam,
   You touched a chord in me from the moment when you first hove into view on Idol......have been watching you ever since.  This is not something I have ever done before......watching someone from afar with such interest.  I find your whole being...from voice and attitude... most compelling.  

I have several degrees, been all around the world twice, and have a full life....yet I find time to read any word about Adam Lambert with great interest!  It baffles me,but then I hear your voice and I have clarity.   

You will be the biggest music star to hit the world in ages... mark my words.  You are on your way.  Please come to South Carolina (my home state ) or North Carolina again.  Saw you in Charlotte and had a private table to the left of the stage.  I had just completed Chemo for breast cancer and the manager of the venue arranged the table for me and my friend.  What a treat it was and the vodka tasted so good after a long spell without!  Your music has been a balm for me during all this cancer mess and I thank you for it.    Am now a spokesperson for our world class Cancer Center....the Gibbs Cancer Center...one of the few to be affiliated with MD Anderson in Houston.  Just filmed a commercial for them and asked that Strut be played ,but of course , no go!  Just was fun to ask! 

 Anyway....thank you for lifting me when I needed to be lifted.....all is OK and onward we go......enough words.....weird to write such heartfelt things to someone I do not know......but feel that I do. You do have that power.  Keep using it well.

All my love,

Dear Adam,
I immensely appreciate your talent and artistry,
Your beauty and charm as well,
Luxuriousness and lavishness of your voice the most,
But I would love you just as much without these wonderful assets:)
It's hard to verbalise the sentiment.
From the moment I laid my eyes on you,
I couldn't keep them off of your face,
Watching in awe every nuance and expression.
It told me everything about you, every fear and joy,
All the doubts and certainties, victories and defeats past,
Displayed so vividly for those who wanted to see.
Oh, I wanted to see, dear Adam!
So happy and fulfilled, I wasn't even aware what I had been missing.
You've broadened my horizons. You've brought so much pleasure to my life.
I owe you so much, but there's nothing I can give in return.
It's so frustrating. I try to shrug it off.
Do you feel the love? I hope you do. I know you do.
You were the missing link in the chain of my life.
You've unchained the change. You've awakened me.
What is it, they all want to know?
The music. The charisma. The talent. The honesty.
The sexuality. The hotness. The sweetness.
And Sauli. Omg, Sauli! This love.
The list is long. So long that I don't
 Even  try to answer the question:
"Why do you love him so much?"
Anymore. "I just do," I say.
I want to scream THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, through the cyber space.
You'll hear me some day. Stay strong, you wonderful man.
Keep loving and creating, please.
Until then,
The eternal consumer of your music,
The grateful witness of your magic,
The ardent supporter of all things Adam,
Aleksandra Kostic, Serbia

Dear Adam!

My name is Tatyana (Tanya), I’m your fan from Russia, I’m 25J
Since I’ve I known you and your music a lot of things have changed in my life in a better way. I adore your music, your incredibly beautiful voice, can’t live a day without itJ It inspires me, gives me joy and happiness, that’s the truthJ I made some decisions that would change some things & they had seemed impossible for me at some point earlier. I’m so inspired by what you do in your career and your life as well. You/your example made me realize and believe that impossible is nothing & I shouldn’t be afraid of changing my life, take risk and just be who am/who I wanna be and do what I want to do. Hope I will succeed in what I’ve planned for my future, ‘cause I really want thatJ

I also found a lot of friends all around the world and in Russia as wellJ (I don’t have friends in my small town in Siberia L) Now I have friends in the US, Canada, Europe and even in Australia, I could only dream about itJ Firstly I got on Twitter and found you there and then found all of them in your followersJ It’s just fantastic!:) Even the language barrier wasn’t a big problem, I studied English in the University, but had no practice at allJ Now I have a lot of it and the communication is so easy and very good!:) You even made me speak other language, LOL It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much for that!:)
 And thank you for being there for us, sometimes your small tweet of even two or three words can make my day and make me feel much better if I’m sick/sad/upset/frustrated and If I’m happy, I feel happierJ
I hope I’ll have a chance to meet you in person one day, give you a big hug and just say how much I love you and what you mean to me. That’s my biggest dream!:) You’re amazing, incredibly talented singer as well as a great person with a huge and generous heart.
Thank you for everything you do, for the inspiration and great music! I can’t wait for the new album, gonna listen to it on repeat for a long time!!! LOL
I love you, I support you and I’m so proud to be your fan (GlambertJ ) xoxo Tatyana (@Tatyana27121986)

P.S. Can’t wait to see you perform in Moscow with the Legendary Rock Band Queen, me and my friend gonna be at the showJ It will be great night!!!:) 

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Everytime Adam declares his love for Sauli, this song comes to mind... Hope we can hear him sing it someday!



  1. Hi! When is deadline of letters?

  2. thank you darling you made my afternoon tea a delight what better way to spend the afternoon then herbal tea and a little Adam fix. as always you supply us with only the bet guess that's why we are hooked and keep coming back. may be late visiting tomorrow will be at dr all day but promise to come by to say HI.



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