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You Made Me Believe that Dreams Come True! 07/03/2012

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Adam Lambert hangs out at the Voice
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In August 2011, Lambert announced that his second studio album, Trespassing, would be released on March 20, 2012. Anticipation for its release has been building and is considerable.
Enjoy the photo gallery below:

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

Listen To Adam Lambert’s MIX Live Lounge Performance!


laurabrooks  great meeting you today at our hospital! The children love you, thanks so much for coming.Best of luck with new album


Adam in German magazine via 


I think there are three singers that I have heard that I think have that thing, that jet pack quality to their voice that just lets it take off... Whitney HoustonAretha Franklin and Adam Lambert. Top three! I am not kidding. That kid is something else. He's real.”


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Adam Interview Attitude Magazine ~ While he will talk about being gay in interviews, and allude to gays through his lyrics, and be papped with his Finnish Big Brother winning boyfriend Sauli, when it comes to videos and performances one suspects that Lambert's brush with reactionaries at the AMAs has permanently put him off open displays of homosexuality. No doubt there are plenty of private displays of homosexuality with Sauli, the two are nicely settled despite stories the two were arrested after a fight in Helsinki . He is quick to squash the rumors, " it's the media's job to make things interesting and exciting, and i understand that, he says, although surely disingenuously. " it's not easy, it's a fair trade for what i do, i suppose.
The thing about the whole incident i thought, " gay men will understand this better than everybody else, shit happens ". Adam and Sauli have been together for a year now and he is amazed to have found someone to love in the blinding glare of the spotlight." when i came into the public eye, i thought there wasn't a chance of finding a normal, balanced relationship, but fortunately when i met Sauli, we developed this amazing partnership, we go through the good times and the bad times together and we are very supportive of each other, we're just great, i really love him to death.~ Attitude Magazine.
Podcast from 96.5

Message to Tatiana:  Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.  I am touched beyond imagination!  You are very special too and appreciate your sweetness!  XO  Gloria


Adam Letters!  Can I Just Say that I adore the people in Adam's Fandom!   

Read these from young Adam fans!

"Healing the world, one person at a time by spreading the awesomeness of Adam Lambert!"  So real!

Dear Adam!

 My name is Olga. I am 17 years old. I live in Russia. I so much want to tell you! But at first, I want to thank you! You helped me get rid of depression. Up to you, nothing pleased me, I did not want to learn, I had no purpose in life... But when in my life you came along, everything changed for the better. 

Thanks to you I found a pen friend, Kim  (@motheranimal on Twitter). She Glambert too, as I do. We get the pleasure of our communication, because we are united by love to you! My English is much better because I'm constantly writing and reading on your native language. English teacher at the school, praises me. 

You inculcate to me a good taste. I completely changed my image: my hair dyed a dark color, started to dress stylish and loved to wear jewelry. With the new image, I began to feel more confident. I even think that people began to treat me with more respect. 

You taught me courage, that for the rights must fight and never give up. You helped me believe in myself. I'll take with you an example. I switched to a healthy diet. I try as you eat more fruits and vegetables and less sweets. My values ​​in life is fundamentally changed. I started to appreciate the love and friendship. I started listening to good and quality music.

You are a true professional in your field. You have a beautiful voice. The first song I heard in your performance was the song Whataya Want From Me. I really liked! I love all your songs, and I know them all by heart! I often sing along when I listen to your songs on CD! On my phone as ringtone is the song Better Than I Know Myself. I try as much as possible not to answer the call in time to enjoy your beautiful singing.:)

P.S. I hope I see you  soon. I'm going to come to your perfomance with the Queen, in Moscow, June 30. My biggest dream to hug you and get your autograph as a souvenir. I am waiting with great impatience your arrival. 

You made me believe that dreams come true.

With love, @HelgaGlambert on Twitter.

Hey, Adam.
 My name is Jocie, I'm 15 and I'm from Michigan. First off, you're absolutely gorgeous! And also, I'd just like to say that I love you very much. You've changed me completely. 
To tell you the truth, I used to be a bully a couple years ago. I would make fun of people all the time. I would push kids around. I'd call kids names. I was a little demon child. 
But when I started to become a fan of you last summer, I realized that everyone is different and everyone is beautiful. No one is perfect. You've taught me to love MYSELF. To be comfortable in my own skin. You've taught me to except others for who they are and to not judge them. Now I'm very accepting of everyone. And respect people more than before. 
You've also made me more opened minded about your lifestyle and the LGBT community. I've donated to charities, I did a speech on the unfairness of LGBT marriage. You've changed me. 
I really hope you come to Michigan so I can have a chance to meet you :) You're truly my idol. I hope you see this letter. 
P.s. When you had a twitter party and someone asked for advice on how to get over an ex, I'm that someone :) thank you so much for the amazing advice <3 


Hi Adam!
First I want to say Thank You!
You changed so many things in my life and once upon a time I had never thought that I could love myself and that I could be happy!
Oh I forgot, Hey I´m Luisa from Germany and I´m 14 and I´m a huge Glambert!
I love you but I had never the chance to go to a Glam Nation concert or meet you somehow...
But thats my biggest wish! I hope I´ll get the chance to make it true sometime.
I´m looking forward to the new album - btw Thank you so much for making it for us! - and I will always support you no matter what! 
A few years earlier I was a really sad girl, shy, and I had no friends and almost everybody hated me. Then I had some 'friends' but they didnt treat me as well as they might should. My family is broken and I had nobody after the death of the most important person to me...
When I became a fan of yours so many things changed! You taught me to accept myself and everything about me that is maybe not so good. Now I´m loving myself and I am just proud of who I am! Thank you for that. 
I´m not shy anymore. I just show my crazy me to the world and do what I want and that feels so good! 
And I found a person that knows me better than I know myself! My best friend! She is just amazing and loves me the way I am! She became a fan of you, too. You connect us in a way. We have similiar thoughts and it´s just amazing to spend time with her! I met so many of you fans via twitter and I´m just flattered how loving, caring and nice they are to me!
You made me able to hold my head up and get through those bad times in my life. You cant believe how grateful I am! 
Your music makes me happy - or sad at times. But it makes me feel so strong! I really believe that you are able to make this world a better place! I totally trust you!

I wish you all the best on your way! The success that you deserve. And much love and happiness! you are just a beautiful and amazing person! 
Thank you again for everything that you´ve done! And for everything that you are going to do.

*****Sending Love, Hugs and Kisses from Germany 
Luisa (--> @CrazzyGlambert)

137 Gorgeous pictures by @TimeOfDaffodils!i=1738965632&k=NDG9Rvq&lb=1&s=A


Still Time to Submit your Letter to Adam! (Please don't feel intimidated by the incredible letters above...just speak from your heart and it will be perfect!)

Yes, it's true!  I'm going to meet Adam again.  I'm busy planning my strategy and was thinking that I would be thrilled to present him with a package of letters from some Glamberts who have not had a chance to meet him.

So start writing! What would you like to tell Adam (and me)? I will print out all emails received and present them to Adam in a special way (which I will figure out)  

Please include your twitter name and put "Adam Letter" in the Subject line.  Also, let me know if it's ok to post your letter on my blog.  Some of them are so inspirational I would really love to share!

And yes, I will hug Adam from all of you... happy to take 

on that responsibility!  LOL!

Barely breathing again!!!!

(I have already received more than 10 20   75 letters... keep them coming and I will put them together into a nice book or folder or something for Adam!)


You can keep sending me your letters!  I got them all organized and can accept more til Friday! 

You guys have a lot to say to Adam and I'm doing my best to read, print and compile your letters into a book to present to him next week!  

(I lost track of acknowleging receiving letters yesterday so if you are concerned, resend with subject line  Adam Letter second time or just trust that I have it!)

You can email me a letter whether or not you are on twitter.  If you have a twitter name, please include it and let me know if I have permission to post your letter on my blog

Also want to say that I have been in tears and choked up so many times reading your letters.  They really are from the heart and I am sure Adam will be touched by your words!


@BlakeHayes oh lord. I'm still red. “@QueenBertLinda: @blakehayes thank you so much "juicer" for a wonderful meet and greet today we Glamberts LOVED it”



Kelly Osbourne To Host Logo's "NewNowNext Awards" 2012

Kelly will be joined on the main stage by musical powerhouses Adam Lambert and Neon Hitch. No stranger to risk-taking, Lambert burst onto the music scene with a style all his own and continues to set the pace for up-and-coming artists. A Grammy Award nominee, with over one million albums sold to date worldwide, Lambert's highly anticipated sophomore release, Trespassing, is scheduled for release this spring. Lambert's appearance promises to give fans the dazzling vocal and artistic performance that has become synonymous with the "NewNowNext Awards."


All the clips of Adam hanging out at 96.5 for an hour


Mashup BTIKM and Katy Perry Part of Me by Claire Low


Radio Special in Chile thanks to @GaleChester

@mmyy9 BTIKMミュージックビデオ 日本のiTunesで配信開始 Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself - Music Video now available on iTunes Japan 

@mmyy9 Better Than I Know Myself video is now at #28 in Pop & #96 overall on iTunes Japan


IS_Tutka- Good Morning and Happy Birthday Sangria

@illuxxia lmao "One room had my siippa's face slapped on the wall, good luck to whoever sleeps there"

From the Rolling Stone Magazine  thanks to @mmyy9

Meet Adam Lambert with an Artistic Experience Backstage, Including 2 Tickets to a May 2012 Q102 Concert in Philadelphia

Current bid:  $2002.00


Thanks to Roxanne Desrosiers

Translation of Norwegian Interview thanks to @LambertNorway

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This is Amazing!

On this day of your life, Gloria, I believe God wants you to know...
...that your job, your invitation from the Universe, is to give people back to themselves.

You can do this every day, in a hundred ways. Why not practice it with the first three people you encounter after reading this?

It is really a very easy thing to do -- yet it can affect a person mightily. All you have to do is look for the best in that person, and then show it to them, right then and there. Describe it. Admire it. Thank them for it.

Do this for three people every day and watch how your whole life can change. At last you will realize what you are doing here. All the rest will be just stuff and nonsense.

Thanks Neale Donald Walsch

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  1. I think we should crown you the Queen of Glamberts! What amazing work you do for us everyday. Putting together this book for Adam is such a generous and thoughtful action. I am touched by all the letters I've read. I'm sure Adam, being the person he is, will be very touched by how he has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. I bow to Queen Gloria...long may she reign. :D

  2. Thanks Ana Glam!

    Appreciate the sentiment but all I do is find the best of Adam and the Glamberts and organize it into a blog daily. All the credit goes to Adam and the wonderful fans he has inspired!



  3. Tried to sneak & read your blog at work today. Oops! Got so teary reading the letters I had to close it and read on break. lol.

    Thanks for all you do. We really appreciate the dedication. I often wonder how you keep coming up with new titles to tell you the truth.


  4. Hey! Please tell me when is deadline of the letters?
    p.s you have a amazing blog! I love this! :))

  5. Gloria,

    THANK YOU so much! I'm very touched too. Incredible stuff today, overwhelming. Absolutely loved Adam's interview in Houston. Would love to see him on SNL. I think he is a perfect host for that show. And what about the performances! Fever sounded so funky. Wonder if he ever considered releasing a funk version of that song.

    XO Tatiana

  6. Seriously! Was the Dallas Q120.9 Mix audience the only one who didn't record the chat? I was there, and didn't even do it. I was on the front row, so didn't want to get caught. CHICKEN. If anybody recorded the talking part, please let me and us know. It was a great show, kind of serious compared to the Houston one. But still. I would love a record of all the questions and comments. Please??? Thanks! paula


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