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Today in Atlanta! 08/03/2012

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He played Fever, Trespassing, Cuckoo, maybe Chokehold?

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Adam Lambert this morning!
"too honest for my own good"


Yep, he's just as baller as we expected - and twice as nice. @AdamLambert in studio!

I'm chosing this definition


Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.

@TheBertShow: Thanks for coming in! Was AWESOME. RT @adamlambert: @TheBertShow thanks guys!!!

Podcasts of the Interview and Performance
Screencap from German Interview (below)  Adam Lambert thanks to @lilybop2012

Adam Lambert, former American Idol finalist, who has made a name for himself in the glam-rock halls of fame, is about to return to the scene in a major way. Not only is he about to release his second album, Lambert has been invited to sing with legendary rock band Queen, stepping into the bejeweled lead singer shoes once filled by the man many consider to be the first glam-rocker and certainly one of the most influential musicians in history, Freddie Mercury.Lambert will join original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor in a July 7th concert at Knebworth Park in London, where the band will belt out a few choice numbers for audiences of the U.K. Rock festival Sonisphere.


Today in Atlanta

@tommyjoeratliff Ello, Atlanta :) 

(I'm assuming the  band is there?!)


At 9:00 PM tonight:


Jezebel brings new meaning to sexy with Bigger. Better. Jezebel., an event to celebrate the transformation of the long loved Jezebel Magazine! 
Q100’s Johnny O hosts the fun and glamour on Thursday, March 8th at W Buckhead.  Adam Lambert will be headlining the fun!
Do It NOW or Adam will miss it!
Adam Lambert thanks to

Still Time to Submit your Letter to Adam! (Please don't feel intimidated by the incredible letters below...just speak from your heart and it will be perfect!)

Yes, it's true!  I'm going to meet Adam again.  I'm busy planning my strategy and was thinking that I would be thrilled to present him with a package of letters from some Glamberts who have not had a chance to meet him.

So start writing! What would you like to tell Adam (and me)? I will print out all emails received and present them to Adam in a special way (which I will figure out)  

Please include your twitter name and put "Adam Letter" in the Subject line.  Also, let me know if it's ok to post your letter on my blog.  Some of them are so inspirational I would really love to share!

And yes, I will hug Adam from all of you... happy to take 

on that responsibility!  LOL!

Barely breathing again!!!!

(I have already received more than 10 20   75   lost count!!! letters... keep them coming and I will put them together into a nice book or folder or something for Adam!)


You can keep sending me your letters!  I got them all organized and can accept more til Friday! 

You guys have a lot to say to Adam and I'm doing my best to read, print and compile your letters into a book to present to him next week!  

(I lost track of acknowleging receiving letters yesterday so if you are concerned, resend with subject line  Adam Letter second time or just trust that I have it!)

You can email me a letter whether or not you are on twitter.  If you have a twitter name, please include it and let me know if I have permission to post your letter on my blog

Also want to say that I have been in tears and choked up so many times reading your letters.  They really are from the heart and I am sure Adam will be touched by your words!

Adam for OMG Gif thanks to @illuxxia

IMPORTANT:  Everyone say a prayer that Air Canada resolves their issues and doesn't go on strike on Monday night!  

Promise, the book will get there even if I don't!



How to buy Issue 10 (Adam Lambert cover) #faultfavourites #faultfeatured #faultmagazine

Posted by VH1

TJR_glam_Vamp Close
Adam lambert upcomin release


Supersized Voting picture of Adam!  

 Vote for BTIKM on VH1


Loving @adamlambert on the UK music channels. #ItsAboutTime

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Catch Adam laughing at .50

Here's a screencap thanks to @virg1877

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For all you Glamberts (I know you!) who can't get enough of Adam's face:


Adam Lambert Thanks to @lilybop2010

infernalcrazy: @LambritsUK hey guys, the new issue of Attitude mag is out today, great Adam interview and pics!

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Adam Interview Attitude Magazine ~ While he will talk about being gay in interviews, and allude to gays through his lyrics, and be papped with his Finnish Big Brother winning boyfriend Sauli, when it comes to videos and performances one suspects that Lambert's brush with reactionaries at the AMAs has permanently put him off open displays of homosexuality. No doubt there are plenty of private displays of homosexuality with Sauli, the two are nicely settled despite stories the two were arrested after a fight in Helsinki . He is quick to squash the rumors, " it's the media's job to make things interesting and exciting, and i understand that, he says, although surely disingenuously. " it's not easy, it's a fair trade for what i do, i suppose.

The thing about the whole incident i thought, " gay men will understand this better than everybody else, shit happens ". Adam and Sauli have been together for a year now and he is amazed to have found someone to love in the blinding glare of the spotlight." when i came into the public eye, i thought there wasn't a chance of finding a normal, balanced relationship, but fortunately when i met Sauli, we developed this amazing partnership, we go through the good times and the bad times together and we are very supportive of each other, we're just great, i really love him to death.~ Attitude Magazine.


Fan recap Thanks to JunieMoon
Hi, everyone,

I promised an account of getting to see Adam yesterday at the MIX 96.5 lounge! Many of you have seen the videos. Here is my story. Long so scroll if not interested.

My sister (a huge Glambert too) and I had both been trying to win passes to a Texas event to no avail, but on Monday she was notified that she had won one of the contests on MIX 96.5 in Houston. You can't imagine how much crying and screaming took place.

We didn't even have time to hide under the bed -- too busy dreaming up excuses to miss work and then roaring off to Houston early the next morning! We allowed about six hours for a three hour drive -- LOL.

The setup at the radio station was first rate. I have never gotten to do anything like this and I was so impressed. They had a place for people to wait with benches and people from the radio station were friendly and not at all uptight or anal. We got to chat with some of our fellow Glamberts. People were pretty good about socializing and not just tweeting. There were the "ladies at the front" managing everyone that I remembered from my only Glam Nation concert. I really don't know why they do that, but as Adam would say, it comes from a good place and I didn't let it get to me. Most of the fans were not like that.

This seemed to be one of the larger events of this kind I have heard about. There were about 30 people. The group was mostly women over 30, with a few guys. It was very racially mixed. The Lounge itself was really nice, decorated and with nice furniture. It wasn't just a conference room. Adam later was really funny and said the room was "decadent." We got great seats with a perfect sightline to the stage. I was so excited I almost died.

There was a little warming up of the crowd with a contest to sing an Adam song. We have heard so much about aggressive, crass DJs that I was so pleasantly surprised by Blake Hayes. He was cute, upbeat, and friendly to us. Most of you have seen how he made a "juicer" joke that backfired on him and blushed really hard. He was more or less the opposite of what I expected from a DJ -- nice and funny.

CUTE was the word for Adam's appearance. Light Adam was in the House! He came out in a totally relaxed manner, waved at us and said hello, and took his seat on his stool with Kevin. He was wearing a t-shirt with a big feather on it and ripped up jeans tucked into "work" style boots. His necklace was tucked inside his shirt and he had on a lot of rings. He is *very* skinny.

Adam was adorable, relaxed, and smiled a lot. We got a beautiful rendition of BTKIM. I was unbelievably thrilled. We were allowed to take pictures and I took some, but not during any of the singing. I just wanted to absorb this wonderful opportunity to bask in Adam's presence and voice. Adam's features are very mobile and constantly changing with cute expressions every second. He looks more serious in pictures than he comes across in person. His presence is full of light. He seemed full of joy to be singing.

Just so you know, he looked directly at ME when he sang "So don't let me down" during BTIKM. DED. (moment is from 5:16-5:20). LOL.

His riffing on the song was so beautiful.

(P.S. You could NOT hear the loud fan commentary or laughter when actually present in the room, that must have just been due to whomever was seated next to the videographer. Too bad all that can't be edited out. My sister and I were quiet except for our giggling and can't be heard on the video.)

We didn't get to ask any questions from the audience. Adam was really funny, cute, and quick during the interview. No nerves or uptightness whatsoever. I really felt I was in the presence of a friend. Lots of really big smiles and really funny jokes and repartee. A lot of it was actually funnier in real life than it seems on the video because you could only hear Adam, not the other fans picked up on the microphone. Adam seemed to love being there. There was an energy flow (infinity) that was real. Adam was thriving on being in front of us.

During the discussion of Mapril my feeling was that Adam was as frustrated as we are at this point.

Adam sang a beautiful rendition of WWFM. Adam was very passionate and his voice had a sexy bluesy rasp that I loved. I remembered to look at Kevin a little. I am one who loved M as an accompanist but I am thrilled with Kevin as well and so glad Adam found him. Hope he sticks around. Very sensitive.

I didn't dare hope for three songs but we got one!! Adam gave us a funky, rough, exuberant version of FEVER! Kevin's rousing guitar riffs added to the experience and this was just a killer lagniappe that I felt so privileged and honored to get to hear!

The station was very organized about our pictures. One of the employees told us they did these events all the time and it showed. It was pretty clear that Adam had to keep to a schedule and this was the only part of the day that felt a little rushed. We got to stay in the lounge and talk until it was time for our pictures.

Adam finished with the person in front of us and then turned and looked at us. He was so friendly and kind. I told him, "Adam, you mean so much to me," and he smiled and said, "Thank you." My sister told him that she loved his music and was proud of him. Adam put his arms around our shoulders. I sidled up to him and felt the warmth of his body -- he's so tall! (For the smell fans, nothing to report other than that he smelled nice.) His touch was very light and gentle, no gripping or pressure.

That was it! We were not allowed to get individual autographs but were each given a very cool autographed poster to take home!

Driving back from Houston, we were totally wiped out emotionally. I feel so privileged to have won tickets to this event. I don't see how it possibly could have been better.



Adam on German TV

Swiss Display Magazine

WildflowerGlam Display Magazine scans & translation can be found here now, have fun reading!

Translation and more scans:

On the Street in Moscow thanks to ?

. @VH1Music The @NewNowNext Awards will feature performances by @NeonHitch & Adam Lambert, hosted by MissKellyO


Thanks to @GaleChester

So Cute!  Sauli is leading with around 75%

Translations of two IS_Tutkas thanks to @tiiqqu and @miachihu

Thanks to NiteNurseStat


Vote for NewNextNOw  Superfan site award here:

BTIKM remains at #13 on Canada's number one radio station. Need everyone to sign up and vote once a day cause it needs help to break the top ten next week and get right to the top!

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More Letters to Adam to warm the heart!

Hi Adam!
My name is Bailey and I'm 13 years old. First off, I'd like to tell you that you are probably the most amazing, gorgeous, and inspiring human being that I have ever come across. Even though I haven't met you, I wish to very soon!
There are so many things that I love about you. Your voice, your smile, your personality, your beauty... But there is one thing that really sticks out to me. I love the fact that you aren't afraid to be yourself. You’re crazy, outgoing, and real. And I love that. It is so inspiring, because I know that I can be myself and, even if some of my friends don't like that, there will always be the true ones who can accept me no matter what.
Before I came across you, I used to be so different. I dressed differently, did things differently... I also judged people. A lot. I never really thought much about it while I did it. I never thought about how much it could hurt someone if they found out about the things I said. But once I came across you, that all changed. I stopped judging, and I became a better person. Now, I talk to about everyone in my grade. I am friends with mostly everyone, and I am all about love, not hate. I love the person I've become, because it makes me feel good. I don't feel like such a bully. Even though I never judged people to their face, it was still wrong. But now things have changed, and I couldn't be any happier with myself.
Another thing... Your voice is so magical and amazing; I get the chills every time I hear it. Sometimes I even break down and cry. It has such an effect on me... You have been blessed with a beautiful gift, and I'd like to thank you for sharing it with me! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Trespassing! I especially can't wait to hear the recordings of "Outlaws of Love", "Trespassing", and "Broken English". I know they are going to be amazing! Is it Mapril yet? ;p
So I just wanted to share with you how much I love you and how much you mean to me!!! You are the most amazing, inspiring, fantastic man out there, and I'm so proud to be a Glambert! I love you so so so so much!
(P.S. Even though you don't know it, you know me "Better Than I Know Myself"! ;D Love you!)

Hello Adam,

I admit it’s a bit strange for me to write a letter to you. The last time I did something similar I was 13/14 and heavily crushing on Take That! ;) Now I’m nearly 31 and many people would say that I’m way too old to write to a pop star! And until last year I would have agreed with them!
I’m only a fan of your music since last year and yes, I still find it hard to believe that it took me so long. Of course I knew “What do you want from” even though I’m living in Germany (not a lot media coverage)  and no longer part of the “Bravo” target group, but I have to confess that the radio version is too boygroup-y for my taste. I need more ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (and sometimes even metal)!  And I may have been especially prejudiced in regards to ‘American Idol’, because frankly the German version is really rubbish.
I stumbled across a GNT video (Purple Haze/Whole Lotta Love, Amsterdam 2010) on YouTube by accident and I found my ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (including ‘sex and drugs’J)! Your voice, your performance, your stage presence totally blew my mind! My first thought was ‘That is so Velvet Goldmine’, only to learn later on that you were indeed inspired by the movie.
After that I needed more! So Glam Nation Live was my first CD! And I don’t have enough words to describe how ‘WOW’ this live album is! Of course I also bought ‘For your entertainment’, but to be honest I like you much more live. And I absolutely love you ‘acoustic’! J  Your voice is so unique and beautiful – nothing more is needed! The acoustic version of ‘Music again’ made it straight to my ‘all time favourite’ list. And you not only made me want to listen to (pop) music again, but you made me want to know more about you! I started my research, watch and read interviews and you just always made me smile! I can listen to you for hours and I guess I actually did!
Your performance with Queen at the EMAs was amazing! I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this! Queen was one of the first English-speaking bands I listened, too! And I think they couldn’t have found a better singer to pay tribute to Freddy! I’m really sad that I won’t see you live at the Sonisphere, because this concert is going to be epic – I just know this! J
The last weeks of your promotion tour were pretty intense, don’t you think so? I really admire you working through such a tight schedule! And sometimes I worry a bit about you! But I guess you know your limits better than anyone else. 
The interviews you gave, the photos you took, the songs you performed – every piece is a little treasure for your fans and you give them so freely. I remember  the first performance of ‘Better than I know myself’ on Leno clearly, even though I’ve seen it many times since then – I was so giddy! Your band is great, too, by the way! I love Tommy on the guitar (to be honest I just love Tommy no matter what he plays…J) and Ashley is great on the bass! Isaac really impressed me during your acoustic showcases and Kevin compliments your voice beautiful. And I know I’m way ahead of everything, but I really hope we get an acoustic album and of course a live album after the tour! J
So what is the point of this! I just wanted to thank you! Thank you for bringing out the fan girl in me. You stepped into my life at a time where I needed a reminder of how to be young and carefree. I needed a distraction to make me smiling and laughing! I needed positive music to balance me! And you brought me all that! And I’m really excited for Trespassing with its light and dark parts!
And I wanted to say that I’m happy for you! I’m especially happy that you found someone to love and share your life with, someone to support you and ground you and let you forget the craziness that your life can be at times.
When you come to Germany the next time I will meet no matter what! I want to be completely spellbound by your voice and I want to know if your hugs are really as great as everyone says! ;) But for now my ‘fan girling’ is limited to getting naughty on Twitter, waiting for interviews, pictures and of course ‘Trespassing’! I met some of your Glamberts on Twitter (who make the waiting a lot more bearable) and I guess I’m one of them now! Mind, body, heart and soul! #ProudToBeANaughtyGlambert J Oh, I have to stop now! There are new photos, a new interview and a new video that I have to check out. Being a Glambert is hard work!

Thank you again for bringing love, light and laughter to my life and hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for your tour! 
All my love and many greetings from Germany!
Hugs and kisses, Tanja (@Miss_T2011)
P.S. By the way, when you’re the next timein Germany  I’ll show you personally where you can get your healthy food! ;)
Dear Adam,
Hello! I'm Melanie from Romania and i'm 15 years old. I'm a Glambert since 17th September 2010 when i saw 'WWFM'at T.V and i totally felt in love with your fantastic voice.Well,now in this letter i wanna tell you 'THANK YOU SO MUCH!'.Thank you 'cause you made me proud of who i always give me courage and make me feel stronger when i'm lost in the dark,when i'm soaked in my tears.

    What means to be a GLAMBERT?Well i think that we,all your fans,we're not just fans,not just a team.We are a big Glamily,we love each other and just because you learnt us to be patient,to love and respect each other for who we are.Between GLAMBERTS exists something that dosent exists at other fans and i have no words to describe what...if you're a GLAMBERT YOU FEEL IT!You know what i mean...
      You're amazing Adam,even you heard this so many times before,i wanna say it too!Your voice makes me fly when i'm down,your smile makes me smile when i'm sad.Just because you're yourself...and proud of who you are,i'm happy and i respect you.It's not what you say,it's the way you say it,it's not what you do,it's the way you do it!YOU'RE THE RUNNER-UP WHO SING LIKE A CHAMPION!
      You're my model Adam,my reason to not give keep my smile on my keep my STRUT and be who i wanna be when i want.
      You're different,you have a heart of gold,a beautiful soul....amazing voice and i'm so proud to be your fan and i will always be!In your light i learnt how to love,in your beauty how to make poems.You're always here in my heart where no one can see you,but sometimes i do and that light becomes your happiness...
     I really hope that i'll meet you and i'll see you sing live,but 'till then i am so happy for every GLAMBERT that met you!Sometimes i have glambert fever...i put 'Glitter'&'Glam' before all words!I love that feeling!I love you!You're the best artist for me!I cant wait for 'Trespassing',even you'll not relase it on 20th March,on my birthday,but i'm so happy and i cant wait to hear your voice again,to trespass in your world,to discover your dark side and to be amazed by your ADAMAZING vocal abillites!
                                                For ever 
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  1. Oh -those Atlanta pics are VERY interesting. Adam must be doing test runs of certain songs - lucky people to hear them.

    There are so many gorgeous pics and interviews/audios from this promo that I'm exhausted trying to keep up - but I'm sure doing my best. Lol - it's either feast or famine with our guy. Thanks for keeping up for us, Gloria - luv,lee

  2. Hi Gloria,
    Emailed you my letter to Adam. Hope you got it.
    @Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476

  3. sorry i'm late visiting it's been busy thank you for all the great info and interview footage I got alot to catch up on also a huge thank you for all you do especially delivering the letters you are an amazing woman.



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