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Prime Property! 19/04/2012

Adam Lambert thanks to Animated

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What activity should people engage in while listening to Trespassing?

The first half of the album is pretty up-beat and dance-oriented so I picture people out at parties, or maybe on the treadmill or driving. The second half of the album gets much darker and more emotional, so I can see people sitting quietly and thinking to it.

Who were you listening to while making the record?

I’m always listening to what’s current—Top 40 for the most part. One of the things we explored on this album was a funkier sensibility. I was really diving into Prince and Rufus and Michael Jackson, some of his earlier stuff, and then [into] kind of a ’90s world [with] George Michael and later Michael Jackson. There’s a little Nine Inch Nails energy in there, too.

How many times have you listened to your own album?

You don’t want to know. You don’t want to know. [Laughs] When I get involved in the project, I’m in and down the rabbit hole. I’ve been quite obsessed.

Are there any songs that your exes will think are about them?

Probably. [Laughs.]

Do you have a favorite lyric from the record?

There’s a lyric in “Underneath” that goes: “Welcome to my world of truth / I don’t want to hide anything from you.” It’s pretty straight ahead but that sums up the darker material: it’s very revealing. And then “Trespassing” has a lot of lyrics like, “Make their faces crack / There’s no turning back.” I think that’s part of that mission statement; I’m hear to open your mind and open your eyes.

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Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@KrisAllen : Excited to hear you sing Vision of Love tomorrow night!

Jessica Sanchez better sing. Jeeeeeez. That first run was nuts. #futurepopmegastar

@adamlambert Gotta say, ALL these kids are dope this year. Love all the young musicians onstage too. Great energy.
Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert
Sanchez!!! Holy fuck daaaaaaaym
Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@JSanchezAI11 Werk!

Jessica Sanchez ‏ @JSanchezAI11

@adamlambert i love you <3 thank you so much!


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Upon first listen of American Idol alum Adam Lambert's new single "Never Close Our Eyes" off his upcoming LP "Tresspassing", I can tell it's a surefire smash hit.  Of course as per usual his voice sends the track into infinity and beyond, for one.  Number two, the song, which was written by Bruno Mars and produced by Dr. Luke, has every ingredient for radio love.  It's catchy, you can dance your ass off to it, the production is amazing, and it just sounds flat-out, damn good.  The song is about never wanting the night to end, never wanting to close your eyes as to not miss a second with that person you love.  Adam's incredible vocals sour over the entire track and it is a purely perfect pop dance gem of a tune.  I like this song much better than his first single "Better Than I Know Myself", from his new album which drops May 15th.  

Album Preview: Adam Lambert – Trespassing

After listening to the snippets, we feel pretty secure in

 saying that Adam has some prime property on his hands 

here. The songs dive into just about every genre you can 

think of, and every mood you can have. The set is mostly 

upbeat, with songs like “Shady,” “Kickin’ In” and “Naked 

Love” being instant standouts. But the slower numbers 

are far from shabby, especially since Adam really lets 

that powerful voice soar on songs like “Outlaws Of 

Love,” “Better Than I Know Myself,” and the ridiculously 

gorgeous “Broken English.”
Updated: A snippet of “Underneath” has been added. 

WOW! That sums it up.

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  1. I keep listening to the snippets and am just amazed by them. I am like Adam in that I cannot find a favorite- love them all! Maybe my favorite is the one I am listening to at the moment! I am going through a rough time right now, with my sisters and I dealing with our elderly mother and trying to decide if she should be in a nursing home. I think the new cd songs are the only thing keeping me together! And there are three more of them, still unheard, on the delux edition! Wish May 15th were here. Jennifer

  2. I am mad for his voice - that's all


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