Wednesday, 18 April 2012

HARDLY Getting Started! 18/04/2012

#9 on US Itunes!  How Many Are you buying?

: ITunes update. NCOE #16 on Itunes Pop. #37 overall. Trespassing #25 overall and #9 on Pop. Go Adam!



ASony Music Singapore ‏ @sonymusicsg

When Lambert meets Laammbbbert... #Trespassing to be continued...

Trespassing - Box Set

Order from Adam Official Store!  Vinyl version sold out but there is a boxed version of Trespassing!


Thanks to FoxAllAccess

Right Way Up Twitter Party here:

Twitter Party...Read from the bottom up  Thanks to @devenlane

Thanks Glamberts! :) gonna make some dinner now. #popstarsgottaeat

@Dsilb37 hell yeah!! ;) thanks.
In reply to David Silberstein

@adamlambert yooo brotha! "naked love" turned out awesome, super pumped for the album, great work!!

“@AdamzLoverDH: @adamlambert @meganglambert Sorry but whats vinyl?” hahahaha.

“@MeganGlambert: wait............ @adamlambert is releasing a vinyl record?!” yes!! It IS going to be available on vinyl.

“@breathless2: @adamlambert did joy come in and change your vision?” yes Mary... Such Is life. .

“@joannalovesgaga: Who's gonna be the director for your next music video? @adamlambert” I don't know yet but it's gonna be epic. :)

“@Glambert0124: @adamlambert how did the word glambert get started?” I think the media started it during idol? I dunno

“@Canadian_Paula: @adamlambert What is the role of executive producer?” creative overview. Keeping everything within a cohesive vibe...

“@blakkrrox: LOVE ur natural beauty shining thru on ur Trespassing phase @adamlambert ~ Who's doing ur cover graphics?” Cherry Multimedia!

@ChrisVllds thanks buddy! :)
In reply to Chris Valladares

Chris Valladares ‏ @ChrisVllds
@adamlambert You know that you're one of the best voices of Amercan idol, i love your voice, your work and your songs

“@DELeonard: @adamlambert is engineering the music something you would like to learn?” maybe someday. :)

“@P0NDWATER: @adamlambert You were right about the wait” Awww thanks!

“@OblaBerting: @adamlambert did you mess with the sound board in the recording studio?” no. -engineers responsibility. I'm not qualified.

@ShadowGlambert to me, NCOE is about all of US. A community. A movement.
In reply to Ana Aravena

Ana Aravena ‏ @ShadowGlambert
@adamlambert Are u going to have a love interest in your new NCOE video?

“@NICK_COLOSIMO: @AdamLambert do you plan on writing a song with @LadyGaGa anytime In the future?” ask her... I'm down. ;) dat diva fierce

“@Rebecca0313: @adamlambert What song will be the most popular on the radio?” haha I don't have a crystal ball girl, ask the radio? Lol

“@Aquarius_Girl2: @adamlambert What COLORS do you associate with this album/music?” black and yellow honey. Caution....

“@HotLikeHarry_1D: @adamlambert how many songs on the album are written by you?xoxoxo :D” I wrote on 12 out of the 15 tracks. :)

“@MrDomAvalos: @AdamLambert What's your favorite song off of MDNA? :D” gangbang I think...

“@_sheldor: @adamlambert What is your favourite song to perform?” live doing Trespassing at the NNN awards, excited to sing NCOE w my band!

“@BillyCharlesNY: @adamlambert how have you grown as an artist since your last record ? #XOBC” I think you can hear it in the new songs.

“@andrea__DC: @adamlambert how this album different from the previous one?” you tell me :)

“@iDanLadd: @adamlambert What was the toughest song to record? #Trespassing” Underneath is a beast.

“@JennyRunsToo: @adamlambert How much of this album was written based on your real life experiences.” is this a trick question?

“@XxMusicLuvr18xX: @adamlambert Where do you get your leopard pants? Werkkkk!” hahha I think they're old kill city jeans

“@_Tayshell: @adamlambert what's your favorite song on it??” I love them all!!

@hmbscully not sure yet doll. :)
In reply to WendyD

WendyD ‏ @hmbscully
@adamlambert When is the TOUR to support the ALBUM? ;)

Twitter PARTY!!! C'mon ask me bout this album

It's not the kind of slang one finds themselves SPELLING... More of a spoken term of endearment.

@alexanderenrico it's Totally Banjee. I thought it was spelled the other way then a dear old queen schooled my ass.
In reply to alexanderenrico

alexanderenrico ‏ @alexanderenrico
@adamlambert Banjee? Or Banshee????

Glad u all are feelin the track previews on itunes!! As u know, I worked hard on this album--- for all of YOU! :) thanks u all!

Banjee Boys And Dancey Girls get down!


Snippets joined together here:

thanks to @lilybop2010 and AlexandraKv



Adam Lamberts’ new single ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ and his album ‘Trespassing’ are now available to download in many countries around the World.
It is already enjoying success in Finland where the single and album have both topped the sales charts beating out their native artists as well as other big hitters such as Gotye and Jennifer Lopez as well as Adele on the album chart.
If you are unsure about whether or not ‘Trespassing’ is available to download in your territory then check out his AMAZING fan-compiled list here: 


HunGlambert: Screen cap and proof of Adam Lambert NCOE @ #1 onHungarian ITunes


Adam on TV

“The Insider” 7:30 p.m. Friday, CBS; Midnight Fri/Sat, KCAL: Adam Lambert discusses his latest album. (N) 

Adam Lambert was last in Wilkes-Barre in June 2010 to kick off his first-ever headlining tour at the F.M. Kirby Center. He’ll return to the venue in May.
Adam Lambert was last in Wilkes-Barre in June 2010 to kick off his first-ever headlining tour at the F.M. Kirby Center. He’ll return to the venue in May. 


Adam Lambert will return to the F.M. Kirby Center (71 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre) Friday, May 25 at 7:30 p.m. The “American Idol” alum will be joined by special guests Neon Hitch and The Cab for this 98.5 KRZ-presented show.

Tickets are $35-$150 for VIP. The Kirby Member and KRZ online presale begins Friday, April 20 at 10 a.m.; tickets go on sale to the public Monday, April 23 at 10 a.m. via the venue box office and Ticketmaster.


[image] TThanks to peacevehicle

@urgency Because Love and Bad Photoshop rise from the water. And because I have ~feelings about these snippets :')



That's not Freddie! Bands who have replaced their frontmen

This is amazing thanks to @terra_zephead==================================


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  1. Flailing hard over these snippets! I am so happy to see the amazing reaction to this album so far!! Each time I listen ,I have a new favorite...SHADY is now on replay!!!

  2. i bought the $250 edition before it sold out, and i bought from just about every other outlet online. the things i do cuz of Adam. lol

  3. i bought the $250 edition before it sold out, and i bought from just about every other outlet online. the things i do cuz of Adam. lol

  4. Hi Gloria!! I can't stop watching the improved Trespassing from NNN!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Thanks for a great blog - Andrea @Powderpuffnails xo

  5. As much as I want the big box set I know monet wise it isn't happening but i love the CD/DVD set that is available and in my price range so totally doing happy dance for this. Awesome things happening.


  6. Woo Woo Way to Go LambertLust go purchase!
    My daily Adam Crack keeps me satisfied.

  7. Woo Woo way to purchase the best, LambertLust.


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