Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Congratulations Adam! 17/04/2012

On US Itunes!  Thanks to ?


I look forward to being fully immersed in these songs for the next 2.5 years!  :)

Absolutely gorgeous!

Stuck on Underneath right now  :) (and his voice on OOL)

Congratulations Adam!  You have delivered big time!


All the Snippets!

(Click on View in Itunes for Snippets)

All the Snippets!  Pick and Choose


Snippets joined together here:


All the Snippets from Itunes thanks to Scorpios4Music

Trespassing, Cuckoo, Shady, NCOE, Kickin In, Naked Love, Pop That Lock, Broken English,
Underneath, Chokehold, Outlaws of Love


WOW ADAM!! Love every track - this exceeds all expectations - and they were high to begin with! Definitely worth the wait. Absolutely gorgeous, simply stunning - just like you!
OMG! Love this album! I'm drooling over the snippets! Dancy ones are OT great!  Adam's vocals on "Underneath" are out of this world. He's singing from his heart and soul! He will be a legend and I'm so glad to witness this.
Love Chokehold, Trespassing, OOL, NCOE, well all of them. Just can't pick a fav yet!!!!
Right now I'm in a state of total disbelief alone from Underneath - I'm speechless from this alone - the beauty & sheer passion of that song plus Adam's stratospheric vocals make this one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life. Dance tunes or ballads, Adam has hit a grand slam with Trespassing & I can safely say I think he will win so many awards for Trespassing he might have to build a separate room to house all of them! Adam Lambert is the premier talent of this generation!
Awesomeness times a jillion! Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce has landed! Be prepared to have your mind, soul and body invaded by the sheer magnitude of greatness!!!!!!!!!!
  • he made all of the glamberts just proud to be glamberts
  • OMG he got the sweetest voice ever :)
thanks to @lilybop2010 and AlexandraKv

Lyrics thanks to @Kathryn17

NAKED LOVE- http://t.co/rSYYoaKm

BROKEN ENGLISH- http://t.co/ko9KFvXh

OUTLAWS OF LOVE- http://t.co/91A8noEI


Thanks to Wal


@adamlambert store is now open. Chock full o' awesome, dope box sets!



‘Shady’ sounds like Maroon 5 with more edge, while ‘Kickin’ In’ is an ode to a night out — and the booze and questionable decisions that comes with it. While ‘Naked Love’ has sexy lyrics, it’s still pure radio-friendly pop with a soaring chorus and head-bopping beat. ‘Pop That Lock’ is a dance floor anthem that may have other metaphorical meanings behind the whole “lock and key” theme, if you know what we mean.
‘Broken English’ and ‘Underneath’ slow it down a bit, but Lambert’s powerful vocals let the respective midtempo and slow ballads retain their energy. ‘Chokehold’ “brings it on back” to the edgier feel of the rest of the album. ‘Outlaws of Love’ closes out ‘Trespassing’ on a slower but still compelling note.


WHOA!!! NCOE singles #1, Trespassing pre-order albums #2 at Finnish iTunes (overall)http://bit.ly/J3HHDk@adamlambert

(Adam... all us countries want you as our son-in-law!)


Trespassing on Itunes here:

Never Close Our Eyes on itunes here;

Order Trespassing


Nile Rodgers!

Yesterday, I began my journey half-way across the world from NYC to Japan. In the 14 hours I spent up in the air, Adam Lambert's team launched audio clips of his upcoming album, including the track I did with him and Sam Sparro, "Shady." The response is fantastic. Just wait 'til you hear the whole thing!



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner
TommyJoeRatliff: Gettin separation anxiety! @adamlambert @IsaacTheCarp @brianlondon @SincerliOctavia @KeishaRenee


Part 1 of Finnish Interview thanks to @GaleChester

Thanks to AdamLambertHungary

The Voice Australia

This is amazing thanks to @terra_zephead==================================


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  1. OMG!!! This album is amazing!
    Underneath got me thru the heart, OOL sounds incredible with backup vocals, Naked Love is so happy, Shady is sooo funky (love Niles)
    ....needless to say I am lovin this album!!

  2. I thought he had almost 2 million twitter followers now?

  3. I was in the middle of a stress test when I heard the snippets-They wondered why my heart rate was so fast! LOL! Underneath made me cry, OOL made me tingle at the vocals and harmonies, Shady made me dance! I was squeeeeing at the cardio lab-such a great day but I probably skewed the results!Adam has done it again...

  4. Trespassing is going to rule the music world in 2012; nothing will come close to the degree of greatness that Trespassing possesses. Adam could release all these songs as singles and have all hit #1! I want to get my hands on that album already so I can blast it! And I am honored you used my comment today - thanks Gloria!

  5. I just cannot stop listening to these snippets - love the uptempo ones - Shady, Pop That Lock, Kickin In - marvelous dancey pop fun. And then songs like Chokehold, Broken English - so damn beautiful. But Underneath - in a class by itself. The most beautiful song I've ever heard. What an album - the boy should be so proud of his work - and we're so proud of the boy. World domination! luv, lee

  6. OMG this album is going to be Epic


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