Sunday, 27 May 2012

Biggest Album in the Country! 27/05/2012

@TeamJavier Great shot from the Six Flags show today of @Javstwtr @adamlambert & @JermainePaul.

The new 20-story tall roller coaster at Six Flags New England was not the only Goliath at the amusement park on Saturday. A 6-foot, 1-inch tall pop star with the biggest album in the country proved to be a big Memorial Day weekend attraction.

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May 27: Radio, concert. 94.7 Fresh FM Washington DC. FRESHtival 2012 at the Gaylord National Resort, National Harbor Washington DC. 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m EDT. [Source | More Info]

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Sirius Radio (Larry Flick) Plays Adam Lambert


@1045CHUMFM Not only will @AdamLambert be stopping by Tuesday morning, catch him on the Marilyn Denis Show at 10a too!



Broken English Wilkes-Barre thanks to TALCVids

Thanks to NationalGlampoon- the run at 4:20 Broken English

Here's what the run at the end looks like on paper, does all that in one breath, goes for about 17 seconds!

Translation of this music thanks to Cassie

Translation: The first twelve notes (dots) are about as high as most pop guys can sing, and that might be sounding a bit strained. It is also about as long a musical phrase as they could sustain on one breath.

The fifteenth note (Eb5) would have most female alto singers straining to hit. Or most untrained females singers, period. Guys would have fallen out before that.

The sixteenth and seventeenth notes that are above all the horizontal lines ---- stratosphere for females, unheard of in full voice for males (except Adam Fuckin' Lambert)

The white note at the beginning of the second line represents a note held longer. That's where really good singers would have run out of breath and had to stop the riff. Not Adam Lambert. He keeps going.

As impressive as this run looks on paper and sounds live, it is less than half of Adam's total range from low note to high note.

Does that help at all?

No? Okay, condensed version: A highly trained female opera singer would be proud to perform that phrase in one breath.


Adam signing after Wilkes-Barre thanks to iheartjoejonas12


Congrats Adam Lambert!

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Thanks to Lanat

Trespassing Reviews

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Adam Lambert Rocks The Boardwalk In New Jersey

Kirby Centre Wilkes Barre Official Video

 Official Video from Summer Blast =================================
Sauli Fashion Show Video thanks to Adajdamfan


RedHeads who Rock their Locks:  Adam at 6:30


Tommy Joe Ratliff

Pictures thanks to Lanat!

AOL Sessions

Five songs and an interview!

Naked Love
Broken English



We can help make sure millions listen to this album by getting Adam's singles played!

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And, these are the stations you can request from anywhere

Dallas<<< before 2:00 eastern

Q102<< scroll down on Rt and use green thumb



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Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. OMG! I love it! He's still sexy as always, and the day gets better each time I see him. Adam, you've got a sweet soul, a voice as great as heaven itself, and your just so damn cute!
    Keep up the great work! <3

  2. love Adam's look so casual and fun looks like everyone including Adam had a great time

  3. Sharon (aka: ShaBee)27 May 2012 at 13:28

    I Love, Love, Love the picture of the Adam Lambert umbrella from the Six Flags Spring Fling Concert! Did someone make that for themselves or were they selling them there?


  4. This was my last Adam event until the tour...withdrawal has begun:(
    But he was playful and adorable at 6 Flags...great memories!


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