Saturday, 26 May 2012

Spring Fling Tonight! 26/05/2012



May 26: Radio, US. Sirius XM OutQ concert special premieres at 4pm ET. Replays all Memorial Day weekend. [Source]
May 26: Radio, concert. 96.5TIC Hartford, CT. Spring Fling at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA. Gates open at 4:00pm EDT ends at 8:00pm. [Source, More Info | More Info]


Wilkes Barre!
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Sauli's Fashion Show- Fan Story!!

Following Story and Pictures thanks to @AdaJohnnson

 So we (all greates Finnberts) went in one fashion show called "Näytös 2012" in Finland 5/25. Sauli were hosting it and we have awsome gift to him lizzard neckless, moomie swimming ring and card (by me). We were öooking were we could meet Sauli. So we go to that same event. Sauli was speaking to camera and we looked at him. He hosted one hour and then we go to give those gifts to him. He was so moved and suprised about everything! He was so nice, sweet, cute, friendly and just amazing in every way!!! So he loved our gifts and card and given a big hug to all. We tall with him about 15 minutes. Then we taked few photos whit him. In the end he haved to leave and we said good bye and he promised to wear that lizzard neckless. 

He is so adorable. He talked about Riff too. When one Finnbert said to him if that swimming ring is too big Riff can try it. Sauli was like "I know Riff would LOVE it!!" <3 He smiled all the time.

Here was a little snipped about that evening. Hope you understand this was so Broken English!!! :D

Adam Mentioned around 4:00

Tommy Joe Ratliff 

 Tommy Cam WB thanks to Tuke18


AOL Sessions

Five songs and an interview!

Naked Love
Broken English



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