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Concerts Today! 25/05/2012


NCOE behind the scenes Vevo  

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Q Interview (UK)

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Shady and NCOE!


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Trespassing: not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out bitches.

Cuckoo: yeah that's right. I'm nuts. But damn it's fun, you coming along for the ride?

Shady: feeling loose now, gonna get my swerve on. Feeling nasty.

Never Close Our Eyes: let's all stay in the moment and stay open to all possibilities. We have the power to create our reality.

Kickin’ In: The "she" in Kickin In is about a guy friend of mine. Ya know? That one Banjee fishy queen you all call a she. Mary please. I know Banjee and Fishy are sorta opposites but my fav queens are that glorious half and half. they can just flip depending on the song. But it's totally also about that crazy fruit fly who's always stealing yo thunder by last call. Lol

Naked Love: come on folks! Relax!! Chill! It ain't that deep- take a chance and express how u want. Strip away all the BS and get real.

Pop that lock is about being fierce. Basking in the glow of light you have the power to put out in the universe. That's the key

Broken English: I'm trying to read u.. It's confusing but soooo mysteriously sexy. Maybe words aren't the key. Communication through touch.

Underneath: I'm doing my best. Underneath my best game face it's still not always easy. I have my demons and they are powerful.

Chokehold: your playing games w me and it's putting me though it! But I'm addicted to the heartache and drama. I can't get enough.

Outlaws of Love:road to equality ain't easy. Sometimes we get sad. All the hate because of the love we wanna share. But we are gonna be ok.

Runnin: when I don't follow my heart, i get dark. vicious cycle that only I can pull myself out of. We all have the power to affect change.

Take back: how can we reset how we fell apart? How do we get back to where we started? This was the first song written for trespassing.




Not available for me but 6 clips from today's episode are now up on the Bravo site:

(USA only I think!)

Adam Events

This Morning!  Videos Coming!!  (Wilkes-Barre tonight!)

Adam performed at 95.5 WPLJ at 7AM this morning.  He did four songs:  Trespassing, Shady, WWFM and NCOE

Lots of great comments from fans and DJs!  Stay tuned for more later.

The djs are going wild over Shady one says he will stop on the way home to buy Trespassing.They think all the new songs he sang sb singles.

Here's a bit to download if you can't wait to hear:

Adam this am RT : I got 2nd half of the WPLJ event, Shady & NCOE (m4a DL)  (m4a DL/preview) 

 Thanks to @icebrat515
Thanks to @Kimberley_Dawn_
Adam Lambert crop from INRock Magazine


Naked Love thanks to TALCVids


With yesterday’s news that Billboard named Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” the best-selling CD in its debut week, Sony is poised to knock the king from its throne.

Adam Lambert Scores First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 With 'Trespassing'

MuchMusic Official ‏@MuchMusic
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Star Spotting: Karmin Hang With Adam Lambert, Monopolize The World's Best Hairdos

Adam Talks about Jay Z and Gay Marriage Endorsement

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AOL Sessions

Five songs and an interview!

Naked Love
Broken English



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Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. Those songs at WPLJ are just incredible - Shady is dynamite and NCOE gorgeous.

    And he was so naughty at Bravo with BD - couldn't stop giggling - wonder if the drinks were kickin' in.

    Hope the vids from the station are good - really looking forward to seeing them.

    Thanks again, Gloria - luv, lee


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