Saturday, 19 May 2012

Buy Trespassing on Itunes Now! 19/05/2012

Screencap thanks to 


Ok Glamily! I know ya'll been helping to chart #Trespassing! Thank you sooo much! You wanna see a sneak peak at the video???




Same Adam Interview at KissConcert thanks to @GaleChester


@AdamLambert said he likes to get the crowd crazy and he calls it "Lambdamonium" ! It is "Lambdamonia" here #KC12

Adam's Kiss Performance




Thanks to @monalee62

ClaudeKelly: Go buy @adamlambert's #TRESPASSING! Support great artists. It's sooo worth it. Thank me later



US Top DVD Music Videos: @AdamLambert, Glam Nation Live 48,669.

Only 1300 to GOLD!

thanks to @KabbyPA

Crowd singing before IHeart Performance thanks to MegaGlitterBabe 


Keep Pushin Glamily!! Let's get it back to #1 on iTunes! 

International Fans can help with US numbers here:

mmadamimadamm (@mmadamimadamm)

Posted Saturday 19th May 2012 from Twitlonger

Let's get Adam that Billboard #1 spot!

I'm in Canada and none of my purchases count toward the US sales numbers... but there's a way for international fans to contribute to that Billboard #1 spot!!!!

RT hooplamagnet Fans buying copies of Trespassing to give out to new fans after his sets at this weekend's radio shows! Taking donations via PayPal:)Contact @GirlPhenom, @embracethecray, @kms15423, or @Lindajean139 for details!

These are people we KNOW! This is NOT A SCAM!!!!

And may I add, these girls can buy extras BEFORE Sunday to give out throughout the month of May's radio concerts!!!!! Once purchased before Sunday midnight, they can take longer to distribute them!!!


If you live in the US and would like to receiveTrespassing on Itunes as a gift, pls email me and I will arrange it.

Fantabuloso entire set thanks to @adamsminion

Today in Adam Land!

10onTop ‏@10onTop: Adam will be on @MTV @10onTop tomorrow (sat 5/19) at 11:30amET so check it out! #tresspassing #NCOE @AdamBertDaily #glambert

Adam Listed to start at 5:50PM EST

Remember to tune in to the  "Trespassing" special later today! :)

Fantabuloso post from last night: 


Adam Lambert trespasses into the top spot on the Billboard 200

Adam Lambert will likely land his first No. 1 album next week as “Trespassing” enters at the top spot on the Billboard 200. His previous set, "For Your Entertainment," peaked at No. 3. Read our review here.

The “American Idol” season 8 runner up does so with one of the lower opening tallies of the year for a charttopper as his sophomore 19/RCA is set to sell around 75,000 copies. (We’ll see how the season 8 champ, Kris Allen, fares in a two weeks: his second set, “Thank You Camellia,” drops on Tuesday, May 22.

: SHOUT OUT Gifting for  deluxe addition  iTunes USA DM me email addy if you want one today.   


The album debuted at no.1 on iTunes. How much does success mean to you? Do you need that, or do you value the reaction from your fans more?
I don't think it's success itself that I'm looking for, but the nice thing about success is that it opens up the door for further opportunities. When you have success you have more power, you have more budgets, you have more opportunities to perform on TV, you can get your music out to more people in a broader way. Success is a nice thing to have, but ultimately I'm more validated and rewarded by the fans than critical comments. I've worked so hard. I feel like if people love it, I've done something right.

 is #2 and #1 at this week again YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! YEAAAH WE DID IT!!! Adam is THE BEST!!

Adam talks about Donna Summers


Q. You’re a visual performer. Did you think about that kind of thing when you were writing and recording? 

A. I come from the performing arts. Being onstage is part of what makes me tick and is my inspiration. When I created a lot of these songs, I would think of the visuals in my head: “how would I stage this? what would the music video look like? what would I wear?” Some people create a soundtrack in their head, but I create a movie in my head to my soundtrack.


Sauli's Blog



Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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