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Fantabuloso Plus! 18/05/2012

First part of today's blog covering last night's Idol Performance here:


Adam Lambert @adamlambert

You ready Chicago!? #Fantabuloso




♏ Shaaaady ‏@ScorpioBert
Sang Tp, kickin in, cuckoo, wwfm,shady,ncoe. Kids boppin all over, crowd singing along to Wwfm

Adam in the Chicago Time Out Newspaper
Thanks to @xKimmyx

Oookay, so I know we said @adamlambert was going to be on @nprwatc Saturday, but we had to move it to Sunday... mark your calendars!


Great review!


@Sony_Music CHECK OUT @AdamLambert on the cover of Beat Week Magazine! AND get to know the story behind TRESPASSING

@xWhenLoveFails FINNBERTS' Trespassing Party!!


Superstar @adamlambert talks new album #Tresspassing on @10onTop, Saturday 5/17 at 11:30am ET on @MTV! #AdamLambert @AdamLambertFans


@nikianne08 Yay! Finally Trespassing in Manila! Love it



Adam Lambert on What a No. 1 Album Would Mean to Him (Video)


Recap Jack Black mention of Adam Lambert on #AttackOfTheShow: Tenacious D was on AOTS (on G4 channel) premiering their new video. Host mentioned that their new album is likely to debut at #1 on the Billboard chart next week. Jack Black (one half of Tenacious D) replied 'I know that it's tight between us & the dude from "American Idol." What's his name?' Kyle (other guy in TD): 'Adam Lambert. [And I think he said 'We're fucked' Then host said 'Adam Lambert' but couldn't hear what he said before that] JB: 'Yeah, Adam Lambert. His record just came out... We were just in NY, doing the Lettermans & the Fallons. [On plane] We were getting into our seats, we're sitting next to each other, as always. And I look over & who's there, it's freakin' Adam Lambert' Host: 'WUT?' "Oooooh"s from "audience." (LOL) JB: 'I said "What's up, man?" & he said "Yeah, what's up?" & I said, "You just knocked us out of 1st place on the ITunes" & he says, "I know" & I said, "We challenge you to a Rock Off, right now." He said, "Anytime, anywhere." "I said right now!" & he said, "No. Anytime except for right now." But I was freaked out because I realized The D & Adam Lambert are on this plane & it easily could've become like a Big Bopper situation where the plane goes down. The Day The Music Died. Again. I don't know if the world could ever recover from that crash.' Host: 'I know my heart couldn't.' JB: 'Luckily we landed safely'


Let's get #Trespassing to #1 on @iTunes! Once we get there, I’ll give you a sneak peak of the NCOE video!


@adamlambert BTW nice touch to add your old trademark AI end note riff last night. I'd almost forgotten about that.


Damn @adamlambert you killed it on #Idol!! That last run was SICK! So proud of you babe!



Hey @adamlambert fans! We caught up with him last night backstage at @AmericanIdol - take a look!

@SKINGRAFT @AdamLambert looks sensational singing Never Close Our Eyes in @SKINGRAFT ribbed leather pants Idol



@TrespassMyAss: @LambritsUK Apparently "Playground" is a bonus track for the version in France

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