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Find Me in Nirvana! 04/05/2012



“Why is he so pretty and I look nuts! Video wrap realness!”

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See a pic @adamlambert shared from the set of his new video. He looks like a trendy, fierce chimney sweep!


More Snippets! Runnin, Taking Back, Nirvana 

 Thanks to GlambertRose


Everything I’ve seen twice

now it’s time I realized
it’s pinning back around now
On this road I’m crawling
save me cause I’m falling
now I can’t seem to breathe right
cause I keep runnin runnin runnin runnin
runnin runnin runnin runnin
runnin from my heart
Round and around
And no one wins
when love breaks down we both die
And I would give anything
just to chase the dark away
and start all over again
How do we take back what’s been done, what’s been said?
I fed you a fantasy that you

All the stupid games we’re playing
all the shit we’ve been saying
How do we take back what’s been done, what’s been said?
We can escape to a higher plane
where the dreamers lay
I’ll lay you down lay you down
safe on a higher plane
where the dreamers lay

Thanks to Scorpios4MusicRunnin, Take Back, Nirvana!

Full credits for all songs on Trespassing Deluxe



Trespassing has been sent out to the reviewers... lots of comments coming soon!

Tweets about #Trespassing

: Yes guys, I have the &  albums. I'll do full reviews but please be patient....

@SnowWhiteheartIt's important we support an artist who pours his heart into a truly stellar record. #Trespassing #TrespassingMay15

Alex Goldschmidt ‏ @alexandergold
I'm just happy to see @AdamLambert finding exactly how to harness his talent with an explosive record. #Trespassing #TrespassingMay15

@TheGlamazonPDM Can you describe the song Nirvana? We haven't gotten much information about it yet

1m Pollo Del Mar @TheGlamazonPDM
@finney4 "Nirvana" is a ballad, but it has a little more oomph! than some of the other, more powerful ballads on the set.


Adam' s Day - Jimmy Kimmel Performance




: Check it out! The featuring my interview with  on the cover has arrived! 








Why do people sometimes hold a high level of regard for certain celebrities – people who, in most cases, they’ve never met and only know about on a superficial level?

I find myself asking this question while thinking about meeting one of my favorite singers a few weeks ago.

Adam Lambert was in Atlanta earlier this month as part of a radio promo tour, and I had the opportunity to briefly meet him. Now, I’ve met my fair share of celebrities in the past; it’s one of the perks, if you will, in working in entertainment journalism. I can’t say I’ve ever been quite as excited about meeting a celebrity as I was about meeting Adam, though.

Adam is #9 and the top Male!



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  1. The songs just keep getting better and better. Right now, they're all my favorites. I do have a special feeling for Broken English and Trespassing but I think BTIKM, NCOE, Cuckoo, Chokehold, and Nirvana are special as well. So, bottom line...I'm loving every song. No big surprise there. :)

    I always love the great reviews Adam's work is getting. He totally deserves all the accolades!

  2. Hi Gloria,

    You must be so busy with the media explosion around Trespassing's release!!

    Thank you so much for all that you do...


  3. Adam's voice is meltingly beautiful in "Nirvana" - his phrasing and intonation go straight to the heart. What a musical magician this man is - thank the universe he is with us.
    Thanks again, Gloria
    luv, lee


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