Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rebel Adam! 03/05/2012

Thanks to Scorpios4Music Runnin, Take Back, Nirvana!

Full credits for Trespassing Deluxe

Contest to see Adam in NYC

Thanks to @Adamgasmic


That shoot was a long one!! This video is going to be AMAZING! Get ready!!!!


@milestougeaux @adamlambert wait... you mean youre not going to be in your faux apartment talking to yourself and throwing shit around in this one?


"TP will be available for online listening from next Tuesday, check back for the details." - Sony Music Hungary

UK Two Bonus Tracks  "Map and "By the Rules"


1 – Trespassing
2 – Cuckoo
3 – Shady
4 – Never Close Our Eyes
5 – Kickin’ In
6 – Naked Love
7 – Pop That Lock
8 – Better Than I Know Myself
9 – Broken English
10 – Underneath
11 – Chokehold
12 – Outlaws Of Love
13 – Runnin’
14 – Take Back
15 – Nirvana

16 – By The Rules *

17 – Map *


@lambosessed  Trespassing UK edition w 2 extra tracks inc delivery to US/Can is ~$21 (£9.99 CD + £3.08 shipping) out July 2nd


Adam on Fox5 News thanks to Lisa C

Adam Interview on Amazon

(right side of the page at the top)

On Youtube Thanks to VioletGlitz
Thank Goodness!


My website had a makeover!


Twelve more days til 





My covert pap pic of Adams ad in target loll. It was on both sides of the display!! #craycray


LightLovePhoto YAY!!! Coming soon! (Trespassing ad in my local Target).



Not confirmed but Late Night TV Page Talk Show Guest List -Adam Lambert scheduled as a guest on Chelsea Lately 10th May

Old interview available in only some countries!

Adam Lambert Performs NAKED!


Thanks to @esselsari

Adam Has Moved Up to 5th place in the All-time Idol singles sales numbers

Request NCOE

Type Never Close.... and the name with come up... Click on thumb up!


@ktuphoria Special offer starting tmrw 4 @KTUphoria tickets! Plus something for all u #Glamberts @adamlambert Info at

DON'T FORGET! Tomorrow 10AM New SPECIAL 4 @KTUphoria tickets! You're not going to want to miss this! Especially you #Glamberts! @adamlambert

Sauli's Blog

New Is_Tutka


Do This NOW!

Thanks to RabbitRabbit on Adamtopia

New US test spins because of contests won in:

Request if you are in the area!



You can now vote for NCOE on the Q102 Philly 10 at 10 poll:Thumbs up! lower right corner, scroll to find NCOE:  (it's a bit more than half way down the list)

Vote for NCOE for 6 at 6 on Quebec radio:

For Dallas give a thumbs up & hit REQUEST for NCOEon the iHeartradio 5@5 on Mix 102.9 right)

check Q's list: the top links on: all the stations in your area to request at.


Here are national stations anyone can request at, just write in Never Close Our Eyes:
Sirius/XM Request on
Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits Link:
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>>> This one is an alternate Sirius form (for Sirius subscribers):


Thanks to Gale Whittington Adam Lambert Makes a Return

As an Idol fan, I always love it when former contestants and winners return to the stage where it all began for them. And we've seen that a lot this year, every week it seems. On the May 17 results show, it'll be Adam Lambert's time. His sophomore album, Trespassing, will have been released only two days before this appearance. Lambert tweeted this exciting announcement along with what song he'll be performing: 

Waiting for Trespassing thanks to TracingStars4

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Are you gonna be in the NCOE video? I'm so looking forward to seeing it

TJR: No but the concept for the video is amazing you’re all gonna love it!

Whats your favourite song from Trespassing ?

TJR: It’s hard to say… I love all of them. I love Shady, Cuckoo, Trespassing, Pop that lock and NCOE.

 Omg so happy to see you around here again! We've been missing you! ): How excited are you for this trespassing era? Love you! <3

TJR: Very excited! This albums gonna be huge!


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