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Good Morning America! Here's Adam!! 14/05/2012

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 There is a UK Trespassing Listening Party Saturday May 19th in 

Central London.  Please contact

 @jeanjenie  by tomorrow if you would like to attend!

Adam singing Trespassing on GMA

same video as above

Set List for MLB Cave Show thanks to @theShiho

Email from Instinct Magazine thanks to a fan who didnt give me her name

May 11 , 2012

We learned a very valuable lesson recently at Instinct

Never underestimate the "Stan" (super + fan)! Our May 

issue featuring gay rocker Adam Lambert flew off of 

newsstands, crashed our server and blew up our 

magazine warehouse! OK, maybe it didn't crash the server 

and set fire to our warehouse, but our dedicated 

subscriptions manager, Ruben, was fielding calls 24/7 

from all over the world for several days—literally—to get 

the (now sold-out) issue into rejoicing stan hands all over 

the globe. But we're equally as happy because it means 

we're delivering the content each month that you all want 

to see. Between our events, our print and digital issues, 

our blog and our events…we got you covered, boys and 

girls. So, color us tickled pink and know that we here at 

Instinct are your biggest stan. 


Christopher Jones

Marketing Director

Here u go @VioletKanian @adamlambert preparing @MLBFanCave live..
Eddie Matta Here u go @VioletKanian @adamlambert preparing @MLBFanCave live.. #baseballisalife #MLBFC  

Adam on GMA interview and singing NCOE  

   Adam Lambert thanks to Billboard


Every so often an artist makes an album that brims over with not so much confidence as the feeling that he has left absolutely nothing on the studio floor. “Trespassing” is one of those efforts. It feels like every bit of Lambert’s heart, soul, ambition and sweat went into its creation.

Oh, that voice. It howls like a banshee one minute and croons like a balladeer the next, sliding its way into a deep, oscillating vibrato whenever a little extra color is needed. During the title track’s bridge, Mr. Lambert even sounds a bit like Michael Jackson circa “Dangerous,” ad-libbing a few lines over squelching guitars and urban dance beats. This is the sort of bombastic voice that deserves to win singing competitions, coupled with the kind of flashy personality that keeps an audience’s attention long after the competition is over.

"We can escape to a higher plane" The album ends on a strong note, with this dreamy ballad. Adam wisely chose to finish with a song about hope and finding a place in the world. It's bittersweet and affecting.

Best Lyric: "We don't need any diamonds or gold. Watch the mystic and cryptic unfold."

Final album score: 4.5 out of 5. Werk, bitch!

Short Clip of Shady thanks to Caribbean Pirat




#GMAAdam #AdamOnGMA


Good Morning America ‏ @GMA
RT @samchampion: Adam Lambert Rockin' Lara's Pop News!

Adam Lambert on Laura's Pop News!! #AdamOnGMA


Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert
#GMAadam !!! So excited!!

@GMA: We're excited you're here! RT @adamlambert: #GMAadam !!! So excited!!






Yeah I'm here at GMA band rehearsing:)

Associated Press Article

Oshi4Real WoooHoooo! TSP must have just dropped in Finland! #1 at iTunes.....Go lookeeee.

@HooplaPF@adamlambert LOOK! #Trespassing #1 overall on Finland iTunes! WOOHOO!...just the beginning...

Retweeted by Adam Lambert




this was a very nice thing tho wake up to, Trespassing #6 overall on Swedish iTunes, #5 in pop:)


@meandmypixie @LambritsUK @adamlambert Trespassing steadily climbing the chart...Now #9 overall on Danish iTunes



.@adamlambert Trespassing promo banner is on the main page of QQmusic (the biggest music site in China)#AdamOnGMA

 Translation:   It says Adam Lambert trespasses into your heart, and steals your soul with his eyes!

Sony Music Singapore ‏ @sonymusicsg

This week on Radio 91.3's Top 10 includes #1D's #MoreThanThis (#2), & Adam's #NeverCloseOurEyes (#5). Keep voting for your fav songs!

Belgian Glamberts ‏ @AdamLambertBE

@adamlambert Trespassing was at #11 in the Belgian iTunes charts!


@JakeDingler  Just had dinner with Adam Lambert and Sutan Amrull.. Fierce!!!!!!!!


Happy Mother's Day to my mom, biggest Coldplay/Adam Lambert/Timberlake/pop fan I know. A role model for how loving music keeps you young!



Watching Good Morning America right now! Waiting for Adam!

May 14: TV, US. Good Morning America. Performance and PopNews co-host 7-9am ET on ABC. [Source | Possible Livestreams]

May 14: TV, US. VH1 Big Morning Buzz at 10am ET. [Source | Possible Livestreams]

May 14: Billboard live Q&A at 3pm ET. [Source]

May 14: Concert New York City, New York at the MLB FanCave 6:30pm ET. [Source | VIP passes via Adam Official | More Info]

May 14: Interview with Celebuzz – look for fan questions. [Source]

May 14 & 16: TV, US. Performance on Jimmy Kimmel live repeat . [Source]

May 14: Trespassing released in Russia.

@billboard We're interviewing @AdamLambert tomorrow! Have a Q? Tweet us and include#BBAdam- Watch:

@SonyMusicNZ #GlambertFlailAlert At 7AM 2moro NZT @adamlambert is answering your questions for a @billboard Live Q&A. More info here

Tickets on sale now for Third London Queen/Adam show


Don't forget, Glamberts! @AdamLambert will be back on #VH1Buzz with @CarrieKeagan tomorrow morning at 10/9c! #GlitterKisses


mmyy9: PIcs from INROCK June 2012 (out tomorrow) on @poochlove2's feed you!





Russian Review- Worldwide Hit!

Trespassing is one of the stronger, more consistent mainstream pop albums to come out in the past year, and with the right push from RCA Records, it could be a big hit. My one complaint? The singles released so far, while good, do not do this album justice. Releasing “Cuckoo” would be a step in the right direction.
Rating: A-

Four Stars


This German TESPASSING review gives it 7/8 - Adam Lambert mit dem zweiten Album ''Trespassing'' @mix1de

James Shotwell ‏ @utgjames
In over 5 years of entertainment writing I have never encountered a digital street team as organized and self-driven as Adam Lambert's fans.


Tuesday at IHeart


Get ready to be reintroduced to Adam Lambert

The guy who stole the show on American Idol Season 8, yet somehow wound up finishing second, returns with his second album this week.
Adam Lambert releases “Trespassing” Tuesday, and get ready for one of the more audacious albums you’ve heard from a former Idol contestant.

Joss Whedon, 'Once Upon a Time,' Stephen Sondheim and Adam Lambert: Pop Ten

Adam Lambert introduced America to guyliner during his time on "American Idol." Lambert has continued his outrageous ways, putting a punk-glam photo of himself on the cover of his latest CD, "Trespassing." The second single, "Never Close Our Eyes," will hit airwaves this month. $17.95, in stores Tuesday.


@adamlambert in BRAVO Romania full article here





Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. hey Adam fans - please sign the group Thank You/Congrats card for Adam . In addition to the online e-card, Adam will be presented with a physical copy of these wonderful wishes from his adoring & grateful fans from all over the world! Please show Adam some LOVE!

  2. Wow - how do you get this stuff up so fast? Amazing.

    He sang superbly and looked glorious - so proud of him.

    Now - go up the charts!!!!!! lee

  3. Just got notification from Amazon that 2 Trespassing Deluxes (one for me and one for my daughter) are on their way to me, and 2 are on their way to 1 in 10 in Phoenix!! On another topic I was glad that GMA could finally work Adam in for one incomplete song amongst all its plugging of their shows and vacuuming cats!! Still haven't forgiven them for banning him! Jennifer

  4. This has been such a great week. I got my copy of "Instinct" mag from Sydney, courtesy of my son. I also bought 2 extras for friends in Texas and Croatia.

    I rang the website from Australia for Adam's 3rd concert tonight and got reserved seating J row. Not great seats but at least I'll be sitting down. I'm going to the other 2 concerts but have standing room only seats. Not happy about that but at least I'll be close. So looking forward to seeing him live again. Visiting my daughter in London and going to Europe and extended my holiday by 5 days when I heard Adam was performing. Shhhh, don't tell my husband. He doesn't know about the extension.

    My Trespassing CD is on its way and I should have it this weekend. So I'm an extremely happy Glambert/fangirl.

    Thank you Gloria for all the great news about Adam that you post here. We couldn't live without this site.



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