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Almost Release Day! 13/05/2012

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Happy Mother's Day- to all Moms, Daughters, Sisters and Friends!

For you!

In honour of the day, one of my favorite Adam interviews!

Video thanks to skeetaro1

 And a beautiful video dedicated to Leila Lambert 

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Adam #1 on Barnes and Nobles Bestsellers!

I can't believe it's almost Tuesday!!  release day!!

@adamlambert I'm looking forward to the rest of the month! Performances on GMA, iHeartRadio, MLB, and Idol on Thursday! Then a handful of RadioShows! :)

@adamlambert JUNE and JULY will be spent in London mostly. I'm so excited to be rehearsing w Queen and being out and about here and there! I LOVE London


Adam Lambert’s new album “Trespassing” is full of dance beats and the singer’s patented over-the-top delivery.


Adam Lambert’s new album “Trespassing” is full of dance beats and the singer’s patented over-the-top delivery.

1) Adam Lambert “Trespassing” The second studio album from “American Idol’s” best singer ever tips in a dancier direction. Yet it’s Lambert’s vocal mix — of the awesome and the absurd — that makes it such a charming hoot.


Good Morning America Streaming!

 Two possible ustream to watch Adam on GMA (May 14th) (hmm..only one here?)

This Week - Adam on Television!

Good Morning America New   ABC Mon, May 14 7:00 AM

Behind the Music - Adam Lambert   VH1 Sun, May 13 3:00 AM

Jimmy Kimmel Live   (repeat) ABC Wed, May 16 12:00 AM


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Tune in next Saturday for a three hour Adam Lambert special!


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Sunday 13th (today) -   9PM EST #AdamOnGMA

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Adam is on sale atTarget!! Yay!!!!


Tomorrow in NYC!

“I’m a firm believer that life doesn’t just happen to you”, Lambert says. “We are all on a journey that we have the ability to affect and change. Sometimes we have to trespass out of our comfort zone in order to evolve. Trespassing was written about the push and pull that we all go through on our quest for happiness, allowing the listener to find their own balance within my world.”

LiveStream of Adam performing at iHeart on Tuesday at 5PM EST

Probably US only but hopefully someone will stream for us!  Stay tuned!


Thinking that we need to compile all the tweets, videos and interviews of celebrities who say they love Adam and put together a video so he realizes how many of them have enormous respect for him!  Anyone? (leave your contributions in the comments or

I love Adam Lambert. Jamming to . Totally meant for BIG speakers :)

Trespassing Reviews  (Lots  more on yesterdays post)

Adam Lambert in Time Magazine thanks to @lambertlust


Lambert’s phenomenal vocals in the past are, as always, the driving force behind this album.Trespassing is his second full-length release following 2009’s For Your Entertainment and sources inspiration from 90s music, disco, electronica, and even a little bit of dubstep (enough to provoke but not to destroy). It’s a consuming mixture of songs, all bright sparks and theatrical flourishes designed with maximum visual and aural stimulation in mind. Lambert’s range allows him to dominate no matter what the song style – his voice an energetic thrust for the flamboyant tracks and a solid, powerful fulcrum for the slower songs. Indeed, it is marvellous to hear how he can take tricks and styles familiar to all in the trade and twist them so rambunctiously to fit his vision. Lambert is a showman above all else, and he provides a sumptuous, all-engrossing experience to go with his stunning voice.

The best moments come when Lambert throws the pop formula out of the window and does what he wants. Shadyfeaturing Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers is an early favourite as is the Pharrell produced Kickin’ In which is perfect for the dancefloor. It’s also what we imagine a Justin Timberlake/Michael Jackson mash-up sounds like sung by Lambert. We also have a soft spot for the energetic electro-squelch of Pop That Lock.
In terms of vocals it doesn’t get any better than Lambert’s vocal on Underneath. He rips every lyric from his soul and you hear the passion in his voice. It’s without a doubt the finest vocal on the album and showcases just how gifted a singer he is.

Thanks to Bobo on Adamtopia!

History is being rewritten!

Thanks to Gabby on Adamtopia!



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


“@ashleydzerigian: Cine: TommyGram #gif” me MD'ing @IsaacTheCarp haha


IsaacGram #cinemagram




Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. Happy Mother's Day Sweetie


  2. So much happening in Adam's world these days. Things are heating up for a summer of epic fun. Can't wait!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Gloria. XOXO
    And thank you so much for the awesome news about Adam! :)

  4. Have to get up before 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for GMA - haven't done that it don't know how long. What I don't do for the boy.

    Love that new lithograph - the boy IS iconic. You know exactly who that it without seeing the features. Just great.

    luv, lee


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