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Trespassing Around the World! 12/05/2012

Adam in Time Magazine


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It's been a crazy few days in my RL and look at all the stories!  I will go through them and edit the list a bit later but for now, here they are:

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Chelsea Lately Video

Adam Lambert on Idol, Freddie Mercury and His New Album

Question and Answer

Interview: Adam Lambert on 'Trespassing,' fierceness, and a memorable fan

Question and answer

Adam Lambert Q&A: On His Surprise Sex Toy, 'Redundant' Media & 'Horrifying' Jail Time

Year in Review: Music

10. Adam Lambert , For Your Entertainment (19/RCA ): Love him or loathe him - and it seems as though there's an equal amount on both camps - the button-pushing American Idol runner-up made a super-fun glam pop-rock-dance CD bursting with pipes and personality.

 With "Trespassing," AL stays in the same rocking-dancefloor vein, (perhaps pushing the edginess a bit too much for my liking on the ballad cuts.)  But with the album's title track kicking it off, songs 1-7 are custom-made for clubs and pool parties alike.  These cuts are what I hope to be hearing all summer as opposed to Madonna's "MDNA."   Highlights are "Trespassing," an infectious, no-brainer that does cheerleading pop much better than "Give Me All Your Lovin'" by Maddy, funky-silly "Cuckoo," current single "Never Close Your Eyes," and the Prince-like "Shady." 

"There's not a blueprint for me to follow. There are female artists I can look at that I find more in common with than the male artists, because they're blending the pop, dance and theatricality . . . but currently there aren't a lot of guys who go there."

Of the last three tracks, the Bonnie McKee co-penned "Chokehold" is hands down my favorite.  This mid-tempo ballad is the perfect showcase for Lambert's impressive vocal range, exposing his vulnerability in the verses before he goes balls to the wall, belting out the song's big chorus.  "Underneath" and the BC Jean (Beyonce - "If I Were A Boy") co-penned "Outlaws of Love" are two beautiful and emotionally wrought ballads tailor made for Lambert's softer side.

I'm impressed with how consistent an album this is.  I'm also impressed with how well it flows together.  Whomever decided on the order of the tracks needs to be commended.  There's nothing I dislike more than an album that doesn't flow smoothly.  Seven tracks for partying, five tracks for unwinding. This is the perfect setup for a dance/pop album. Well done Adam Lambert.

Runnin’ – a stronger drum beat greets us with the introduction of this track, again it feels like a very emotionally charged track from the sound of Adam’s vocals, I love the drum build up to the chorus, it’s a track which you could sing along to after even a couple of listens.  Another potential live anthem, it would be breath-taking to see this track brought to life at a gig.

However, he saves his best for the next song, arguably one of the strongest on the album: “Underneath.” It's so basic and personal that it almost feels like we're prying from behind the curtain right into Adam's soul. His voice soars and descends beautifully, evoking strong emotion – the best way he knows how.

The Truth 

All in all, with “Trespassing,” Adam takes his fans on another crazy yet meaningful journey, one that exposes his bare soul and most intimate thoughts. Here is an artist who is not afraid to express himself and who, just as importantly, has what it takes to do it so gracefully and with purpose. 

“Trespassing” is the best pop release of the year, so even those who don't count themselves as his fans should at least give it a try.

One of the few out voices in the mainstream pop/rock scene today, he is an obvious choice to front four shows of Queen’s reunion tour this summer. “I think there are a lot of Queen fans that are going to be excited to hear someone singing the music,” he says. He’ll bring his signature theatrical performances to the Queen shows, but don’t expect him to try to fill Freddy Mercury’s shoes. “I’m bringing my own shoes to the concert!” he laughs. “And hopefully they’re fierce.”

Adam Has 78% of the Vote

Listen to Never Close Our Eyes

Kudos Mr. Lambert, Kudos. You’ve made me believe.
SCORE: 7.5 of 10 (lose tracks 6,7, & 9 and this jumps up to a perfect score.)
STANDOUT TRACKS: Running, Chokehold, Shady, Cuckoo



TRESPASSING. Rolling Stone done gave it 4 stars... Congrats @adamlambert. These songs feel so damn good.

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@hirokoinkobe: Look this!! @fightthesleep won the Trespassing towel!! #adamlambertJP


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Download all of Nile and Adam's Shady Videos in one!

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Sauli gonna be in Fault Magazine

Yay!  spilled the beans my editorial with shot by  in the Summer Issue. Grooming by 

@joannalizzy Sure! What info would you like? If it's about @SauliKoskinen1 then yes, he has 7 pages in our Summer issue (#11)
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Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. HOW are you keeping up with all these reviews ? Isn't it interesting how different reviewers like different songs ?
    But the good news is that EVERYONE loves the album !

    So excited ! Doesn't get much better does it ??
    Miss you ...


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