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Adam Loves Us 11/05/2012



New Rolling Stone interview prob my most personal yet. What a great chat I had w Jonah! Hope it gives you some insight to my reality.

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However, to clarify my quote bout the radio station visits. 'f'd up retail' part ain't meeting fans, it's selling myself to the stations.


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Jay Leno's Joke About Adam

@KumulusKloud Jay Leno joke re AdamLambert 5/10/12


Love this from Norway


Trespassing listening party in Tokyo. 100 will attend tonight and 200 tomorrow. Adam's picture panel will welcome them.


In the excerpt of INROCK June 2012 interview, Adam says he hopes people in Japan will love Pop That Lock from the album



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Adam Lambert in the Studio- 137 Screencaps


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If you want to watch the DVD that comes with the Box Set  about the making of Trespassing, it's here:

I am gonna wait til I get mine


Who did you think the most powerful LGBT person in America is? You voted. We have the results.
This year, when we published Out's Sixth Annual Power List—which ranked 65 LGBT people according to their political, social, economic, and overall cultural influence—we also asked our readers to let us know who they thought deserved to be included. Well, as you might have predicted, it seems to prove that TV and celebrity (rather than politics or behind-the-scenes hard workers) matter most to people, and the poll turned into a bit of a popularity contest. And who topped the list? It was a write-in candidate, and he won by a landslide:
As one commenter wrote: "Adam Lambert has far more followers than just those who discovered him on Idol. He has a large international fanbase and took the gutsy road with his honesty when he became well-known. He is an advocate for human rights, not just gay issues. Not to mention the killer voice." Although Out honored him in the 2011 Out100, it seems that wasn't enough for those Lambertinis.
Although there were desenters. Another voter wrote: "You guys have ruined the 'validity' of the poll. I love Adam too, but come on."
Although it seems that was enough to get him to top of the list with close to 2,000 people writing in his name to declare him the "Moster Powerful LGBT Person in America". 




Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. when will the interview be in rolling stones or did i miss it? also so excited got an email today saying they had shipped my Trespassing Cd with DVD today may have it in time for Mother's Day.


  2. Dorothy @Fairsluvfords12 May 2012 at 11:37

    Becca, I think the Rolling Stone issue comes out May 24, I think that's what I read.

    Gloria, as always, wonderful blog. Keep up the great work!


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