Thursday, 10 May 2012

Soooo Happy! 10/05/2012

Sneak Peak of Chelsea Lately thanks to @kathryn17

EXCLUSIVE Listen to Adam Lambert's Song About LGBT Equality


i Mix Megapol Unplugged

If you want to watch the DVD that comes with the Box Set  about the making of Trespassing, it's here:

I am gonna wait til I get mine


RCA Records Promo ‏ @RCAPromo
@Idolator has been listening to @AdamLambert's new album #Trespassing non-stop! Check out their Q&A with him here

RCA Records Promo ‏ @RCAPromo
@AdamLambert's new album #Trespassing is streaming now!!! Listen to this GREAT album before it's released 5/15!!

RCA Records Promo ‏ @RCAPromo

@adamlambert fans make sure your following @RCAPromo & spread the word, u may get something special thru 5/15 RT!#TRESPASSING

Who did you think the most powerful LGBT person in America is? You voted. We have the results.
This year, when we published Out's Sixth Annual Power List—which ranked 65 LGBT people according to their political, social, economic, and overall cultural influence—we also asked our readers to let us know who they thought deserved to be included. Well, as you might have predicted, it seems to prove that TV and celebrity (rather than politics or behind-the-scenes hard workers) matter most to people, and the poll turned into a bit of a popularity contest. And who topped the list? It was a write-in candidate, and he won by a landslide:
As one commenter wrote: "Adam Lambert has far more followers than just those who discovered him on Idol. He has a large international fanbase and took the gutsy road with his honesty when he became well-known. He is an advocate for human rights, not just gay issues. Not to mention the killer voice." Although Out honored him in the 2011 Out100, it seems that wasn't enough for those Lambertinis.
Although there were desenters. Another voter wrote: "You guys have ruined the 'validity' of the poll. I love Adam too, but come on."
Although it seems that was enough to get him to top of the list with close to 2,000 people writing in his name to declare him the "Moster Powerful LGBT Person in America". 


Listen: Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Gay Rights 


Adam Lambert
Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote an open letter to Adam Lambert‘s song “Never Close Our Eyes?” That track is not my jam, but like I said, Lambert still has a room in my heart.
And right now, that room is being rented by “Outlaws of Love,” a spine-tingling ballad from Lambert’s upcoming album Trespassing. I just heard it a few minutes ago, and I’ve already got it on repeat.

Instinct Magazine and Stream


======================= [image]

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn't mean I'm getting married. Lol


Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

Catching some of my album reviews and I have to just say I'm soooo happy folks are loving #Trespassing @RollingStone @lyndseyparker I love u

Trespassing Embedded here:


@melirose89 good morning America on Monday!!


Today! Chelsea Lately

adamlambert  Thank you for having me on the 

show :) (airs 

tomorrow night Glamily)

Chelsea Lately airs on E! at 10pm CT! She usually posts videos to her YouTube account soon after at

Long day at Chelsea Lately taping. Adam intvw was very short but he looked fuckin hot. Leopard star shirt, blue blazer, zipper boots, rings.


Check out all the upcoming Events for Adam Here!


Adam and Sauli - The Story of their Meeting!

@glam_alidol Very cute fan art: Lollipop story between and  drawn by MIHF_DarlingWAY

Calling all American Idol fans—we’re counting down to the finale! Season 11 is down to its top 5 contestants, and we’re giving away an Epiphone SG Special Electric guitar (Ebony) autographed by Adam Lambert to one lucky winner!


@AdamLambert is there any chance for a 3rd single as well?!

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
of course!! Especially if you all get #nevercloseoureyes on the radio!!! Request like mad!!


Third London Show added for Adam and Queen


@glamnut:NCOE @adamlambert #2 on Ryan Seacrest Top 5!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo Adam!!!!

Zeus in a Thong thanks to @SammieMa

@EW Melissa Maerz, FAIL- for only referring to @adamlambert's sexuality condescendingly in an article that's supposed to be about his music

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

@JulianM6 eeeeew yeah she comes across as pretty ig'nant, huh? Haha

Read these letters to Entertainment Weekly and skip the article!


Adam Lambert will be answering fan questions live at 3 p.m. EST on May 14, a day ahead of his Trespassing album release. Fans can submit questions now by tweeting @Billboard and using the hashtag #bbadam. (Billboard)


Nile Rodgers ‏ @nilerodgers
@Kathryn17 We had a great time. If it's not fun for me what's the point? I certainly don't need MORE work. Adam kicks A$$

Trust the Process #2

More videos and languages


These rehearsals have been feeling amazing! All of the new songs are so fun to play. Can't wait for these shows and this next journey.

 ‏ @TommyJoeRatliff
@nilerodgers workin' out 'shady' in rehearsal!the guitar stems are so sick! This is some fun shit

Nile Rodgers ‏ @nilerodgers

@TommyJoeRatliff Hey man! Great to hear from you.Love to all in the AL camp. I can't wait to play with you one day!

‏ @TommyJoeRatliff

@nilerodgers same here, man! That'd be awesome!!!

Nile Rodgers ‏ @nilerodgers

@TommyJoeRatliff I have 21 shows in a row coming up in a few daysbut I'm sure we'll get a chance to link this year


@nilerodgers ill hold ya too that. I wanna see the hitmaker in person! What year is it? Thing sound insane!

Nile Rodgers ‏ @nilerodgers

@TommyJoeRatliff It's a '59 neck w a '60 body. There's a great (way too long for twitter) story behind it.




Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. Wow! So much amazing news--so how could you miss my favorite from yesterday??? FYE went platinum!!!!!! That is HUGE AMAZING news to me!! A lot of new folks are buying Adam's music!! Epic 2012 has begun for our Rock God!!!

  2. Hi Mary..

    I didn't miss it. But I don't think it's true. It was on the RCA site in the morning but the page was taken down in the afternoon. So I'm assuming it's not true at the moment. Hopefully soon!



  3. I have requested Adam's music so much the radio stations are going to have me arrested for stalking soon...oh well Adam is worth a little jail time right?


  4. Adam tweeted and cleared up the f'd up retail comment - means selling himself to the stations.

    Also said the best part of the visits is the actual performing - when he gets to connect with fans in his favorite way - through music.

    Watched Chelsea - OK interview - too much gay again. There's just so much more interesting stuff to talk about - make an effort for pete's sake.

    Thanks for all you do, Gloria - hah - took a look at that DVD - love it. Lee


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