Monday, 7 May 2012

Holy Holy! 07/05/2012

This best describes me this morning!

HOLY HOLY *&*&*! 



Thanks to LittledarkAngelpf on Adamtopia!

@3ku1 Woah!!!!  and  has increased in sales by 159%!!! on  UK, Jumping to #14 in top 100 movers and shakers

Amazon USA

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #25 in Music


@studio57 Trespassing has a major banner on pop itunes

Trespassing streaming in Malaysia!

thanks to @alternaterra

SonyMusicMY: We're part of his record label company & this is part of his marketing campaign. US will have its own streaming soon too.

Adam does not feel like this right now!  

Thanks to @LucasVitek

@glam_alidol  Hongkong fans, CD warehouse has US version Trespassing now


100 & Single: Buy An Adam Lambert Album, Strike A Tiny Blow For Gay Rights

(This is great. Leave supportive comments please!  Buy the album for whatever reason you want cause we know the music is gonna win you over!)





@Kathryn17 Look who's going to be on my TV on the 10th(:



Enter now for your chance to win tix to see Adam Lambert at the iHeartRadio Theater pres by P.C. Richard & Son on 5/15!



Quick post and back to the music!  DM or email for info... I have a working link if you need it!

I'm stuck on Naked Love, Chokehold and Runnin  at the moment!


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  1. I am so like pee your pants kind of excited about this album can't wait to get mine and listen to the whole thing over and over again the suspense is killing me but man what a way to go.


  2. I know a whole lot of people want to listen to Trespassing streaming or leaked versions...not me. I'm waiting for the real thing. I'll watch Adam perform his new songs but I want that CD in my sound system, pumped up and rocking the house...the way Adam meant it to be heard. It's the purist in me but I do confess, temptation is strong and I am weak. I hope I can remain true to my plan. We'll see. His music makes me vibrate with joy and excitement...something I crave like an exotic drug. The man feeds my weakness. These are exciting and complex times.

  3. That gorgeous voice coming from that beautiful man is just intoxicating. Can't get enough. lee

  4. Trespassing is going to be aazing!!!!


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