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Spectacular Reviews of Trespassing! 08/05/2012

Trespassing Streaming on Adam Official Now!

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Album Review: Adam Lambert, 'Trespassing'

'American Idol' alum is over the top and proud of it, moving in a catchy dance direction

Sound like the fighting words of a righteous activist? True, Lambert’s new lyrics can roil with earned anger on the page. But, once sung, they tell a different story. His vocals exude such confidence, freedom and charm, it makes it seem like there’s no need for the revolution he annnounces. It feels like he’s already won the fight.

Adam Lambert on WhoSay

Album Review: "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert

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I really can’t say enough good things about this album; it’s extremely strong, cohesive and deep, which you really don’t find in pop. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m an extremely harsh critic of most mainstream pop music. I have very high standards when it comes to pop, because so many pop artists skate by with minimal talent and maximal production and vocal enhancements. What I love so much about Adam is that he’s an artist who is not only overflowing with talent and showmanship, but also has within himself the talent and creativity to create an original, unique and meaningful piece of work that shines brighter than all the rest.
Trespassing is undoubtedly the pop album of the year and has raised the standard for everybody else out there. It’s an amazing combination of pop, rock, dubstep, electro and dance, which comes together so organically to form an extremely strong, cohesive album that is enjoyable from start to finish. There isn’t a single uneventful moment on Trespassing; it’s full of energy the entire way through, and even the slower songs and ballads radiate a quiet intensity, making them impossible to ignore. Overall, this album is an incredible work, which may just prove to be the album of the year. TRESPASSING: 9.5/10



It’s been a long time coming for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing album release, but definitely worth the wait! Although originally slated to drop last November, Adam took an extra few months to go in a different, funkier direction and to fine-tune it to perfection. The result shows that he has succeeded in his quest. The album comes chock full of obvious hits, including funky, up-beat dance tunes that rival any pop songs currently topping the charts. There are also ballads that will have listeners near tears, with haunting lyrics and gut-wrenching, soulful cries. All of the songs are relatable, regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.

Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell?

Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing”

In the next track, “Underneath,” Adam has written (NOT?) what could end up being the most breathtaking song of his career. Dark, emotional and atmospheric; it is a lyrical and sonic masterpiece in every way. (“Strip away the flesh and bone, look beyond the lies you’ve known, everybody wants to talk about a freak, no one wants to dig that deep, let me take you underneath…”) Imagine that Richard Marx wrote a confessional song about his dark side in the vein of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album – then imagine it modern. One of the most haunting and beautiful songs, ever. Period.

Here’s the Judgement Day: Scorecard showing how we rated the individual tracks:



Three Years Ago Today!

Adam Lambert Day in San Diego!

tattoojo This made by  Adam's range in Runnin! 3 fucking octaves! 

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Trespassing Out in HongKong!

Teresa ‏ @teresaglitz
omgggggggggggg RT @glam_alidol: Hongkong fans, CD warehouse has US version Trespassing now

Teresa ‏ @teresaglitz
So I just went to cd warehouse and they said Trespassing is sold out already omg

Teresa ‏ @teresaglitz
Btw it's the US edition that they are selling. HK version will be released next Monday.

(Also read that Trespassing is Out of Stock in France)

This is what the leak of Trespassing does does so don't feel bad about it!  Moving up!

Amazon U.S. Trespassing Deluxe

# Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #20 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)

* #7 in Music > Alternative Rock
* #7 in Music > Pop > Adult Alternative

* #18 in Music > Rock


Streaming Trespassing!


Finland on Spotify

France- should work in US too!


HOT 103 ‏ @HOT103Winnipeg
We're encouraging Trespassing! Actually, just listen to Trespassing - the new album from @adamlambert On-Demand now!http://www.hot103live.com/player.aspx?page=3524

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Cannot Wait to Read this!  Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


Adam Lambert-story series 4/5: "Now I am happy"




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  1. Loving all the reviews-Adam must be so proud. Almost as proud as we are for him.And we were all there for him in the beginning!


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  2. Hi Gloria,

    Wow, so much amazing stuff about Trespassing! So this is what Adam's perfection sounds/looks like - definitely worth the wait!

    Thanks also enormously for hosting the link to my new Sound Bath programme - you're an angel!


  3. Isn't this man just the most beautiful human being on this planet, or any other for that matter? It is so strange to feel such pride and love and joy and all those other wonderful feelings. Adam brings every sense alive and makes us want to lift him up and have him honored in some way that should be just for Adam Lambert.

  4. Love LHF1959's post - and it's so true - we want the world to recognize Adam's musical genius. Please, universe, let it happen. luv, lee

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